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I just transitioned to powermizzou - so much better coverage, you'll be glad you did.
Has anybody checked if Florida's NIL collective actually has money?
Mississippi was looking for a new O-line coach at the time, and that's Johnson's alma mater. I think it was a fair decision to try to keep him around for consistency, esp after the year Badie had. I don't think there's any whispers that he was asked to step down. But maybe he doesn't like Kirby or his scheme, or maybe he Kirby wants to take over the run game and that bothered him, or maybe he just likes walters and wants to reconnect. Tough time to replace an O-line coach, especially for this O-line.
Pujols is retired and never went to college - 4 years eligibility left, boosters, get to it
He signs with miami or florida st he becomes an instant 4 star
he's not in florida, texas or georgia - that docks a star
wolf I'm so confused by what you're trying to say sometimes
it really boggles the mind to think that *when* wins and losses happen doesn't matter for NET. In the real world - where time exists - teams get better or worse as the season progresses. Vandy got better, TN and Arky got worse cause of injuries or whatever. I really feel for A&M and Vandy - that's actually bs. Let's have some actual mathematicians and coaches look at this dumb af algorithm the NCAA thought they were so smart for creating and see if it can be salvaged. NET rankings honestly feels like another desperate attempt by the NCAA to shirk decision making responsibilities. And in classic NCAA fashion, they did just a fantastic job at f***ing it up.
All of the coaches were being filmed the entire game and didn't mind then. And no way that dude would have done that to a fan, and there were likely 100s filming them leaving the court at that exact moment. This was a tantrum. The press aren't your personal PR department - they're gonna report on the loss and everything else that's done on the court. It's how this goes.
Net rankings are so broken, if they're gonna use that they need to retool it 100%
Dixie: Petrino as head coach literally made me vomit in my mouth a bit, please get higher standards. And also we're not in dixie, unless you live in the boothell
idk if anyone can say if kirby moore will put the offense in the right direction.
Idk if billy is good or not, but we can stop putting combine up as proof that a player is actually good at doing anything more than running in a straight line, jumping up in a straight line, or jumping across sand in a straight line. Idc if he can throw a ball far or whatever, if a guy has cashews for brains and can't handle pressure, he's gonna be bad in the nfl. Who uses a first round pick on a work-in-progress? Just pick him up when his rookie contract is out cause he will still not be ready at that point.
Missouri doesn't claim that ish, we def don't claim Kentucky, and we're not in the south. But when it comes to people living in our state, recruits living in our state, money living in our state, and Kentuckians not living in our state, we're doing better than some
Yeah what's with KC journos' hatred of Mizzou? Is the Star's owner a beaker or something?
He had surgery - unknown how much mobility he'll have in that arm once he recovers. Plus, he's missing all of spring with a new OC/QB coach to impress and a (somewhat, in all likelihood) new playbook. He's going to have to do a lot in fall practice to secure that starting role, unless Garcia and Horn flop in spring ball. In which case, god help us
At the end of the day, entering into the coaching carousel would be a mistake for Mizzou. They bought low on Drink - minimal HC experience but had recruiting chops and the personality to engage wealthy boosters. He was hired to be an exec, and he's done very well on that. But it was clear that him wearing HC and OC hats made it difficult for him to do both jobs very well (recruiting taking a slide, offensive productivity going down every year). We'll see if Kirby is the answer to OC, but having a dedicated play caller and new offensive mind in the house is def the right move. It's just gonna take time, as simple as that, which sucks. It's not exactly a secret that the athletics department has had to do a serious rebuild to bring it into the modern era of NIL and super teams. We weren't even well built for the previous era in the big 12. But consistency and strategic planning are important. Luckily our fanbase is used to us sucking so a long rebuild is not gonna really break the bank, so long as they engage the fans like they have been.
words are cheap, all he gotta do is cry in church and make public statements about jesus and all is well? The guy is accidentally letting you see behind his curtain - cynical, win-at-all-cost, and tactless. Whatever a man of faith is, that doesn't seem like it. Also it's not sad what happened to those kids who killed that woman, that's called justice for cold blooded murder.
Re-evaluate yourself if you think this guy should be the defacto spokesperson for your university. idgaf how many points he scored, a girl died cause of what he did giving that gun.
This dude is absolutely on retainer lol that was an embarrassment to watch, even by ESPN standards. Truly ridiculous that they would put that on TV.
Nate Oats, after a Mizzou fan was kicked out for bringing up the murder: "They got him out of there," Alabama coach Nate Oats said. "So for the most part look, coach (Dennis) Gates is great. The administration here is great. Sometimes college students don’t understand the severity of things." Bruh you have straight up just let this dude continue to play without even a breath of criticism and NOW he does this. Who's not taking this serious? Can't believe our AD did his censoring for him. Oats and Miller oughta be booed the rest of the season on live television.
true. But miller's attorney is going to say that, it's his job. But the police testified something very different from his story.
Didn't say completely eliminate, a more oversight would be nice - just responsible gun ownership. Owning a gun doesnt keep you from getting shot by a person who is insane or too dumb to not point the gun in the wrong direction. Let's just try to sort the good ones from the incompetent ones from the bad ones, all I'm saying.
There are definitely good people who carry guns for personal protection, who know how to use a gun safely, who aren't jumpy, and who aren't hammers looking for nails. Those people should have guns. But there are also people who should not have guns, and I'm sure you agree. Those people are obviously bad people, but also people with good intentions but also have no business carrying death in their belt - don't know how to handle a gun safely, their vision is so bad that they have a hard time identifying targets, they have issues with cognitive impairment, etc. Since I can't tell who is who when I'm in the gas station or the grocery store until they start shooting my family, I'd like someone to help me out and register those guns and license people's use of them like we would a car. I'm not saying that the good people who shouldn't have guns can't ever have guns, just that they should check some boxes first before they bring it to the supermarket.
correcting myself, according to police testimony, the gun was Miles'. But guns aren't registered in Alabama so it will be hard to prove.
He did know, he was there as Davis and Miles discussed using it before the shooting started.
That's not true at all. Like at all. In testimony yesterday, it was laid out that Miles *asked* Miller to drive his (Miller's) gun to the parking lot, and that Miller was with Miles and Davis at the crime scene as the two were discussing using it. That's evidence. Not "reports" (e.g. some random dude tweeted this thing). Miles knowingly provided a weapon and was present during conversations about the use of the weapon. He drove it with intention to the crime scene, and gave it to the murderers after they had discussed using the weapon for murder. That seems like accessory.