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will be so curious to see how many redshirt freshman transfer after only one year on the bench. These kids will start throwing tantrums
Really wish I understood the defense of the preseason rankings other than to start hype. Problem is, it definitely impacts how programs finish at the end of the year. Hard for some highly ranked, underperforming teams to drop out completely, making it difficult for good, unranked teams to break in. Also, find it hard to believe that it doesn't influence the CFP committee in some capacity, even if they're trying to not be biased
Highest ever preseason ranking for a team that finished unranked last year.
It's the money man - record still means something I'm sure. But money talks big. Stanford has like six 4 stars committed and they've been terrible recently. But, their donors are rich af. Drink can recruit - we know this. This steep of a drop off is weird. Pittman is a great coach, and a great recruiter, but they also have massive donors
For Drinks class, I think it's pretty clear that NIL is having an impact in a big way. Either we're getting outbid (unfortunately a possibility) or Drink is just gonna load up on transfers (also very likely). If he's saving money to offer more for former 4 or 5 stars looking to change schools, I'm all for it. Reality is: with the current transfer policy, we'll be free to recruit all of these players in a year or two if we want to. I'm more concerned with our ability to retain the talent that we've developed. A nightmare scenario would be what happened to pitt.
Few thoughts on NIL: 1) why would you offer top dollar to unproven talent that could just end up being a bench player? (not depth is bad, but doesn't seem efficient) 2) why would you do it if that same player could move next year? 3) why would you not wait for players to get bigger and faster and then offer them $$$ to transfer? 4) why would businesses invest this money year over year to retain players that just end up on the bench? 5) Why would businesses even bother paying x random player for an endorsement when they could just pay bryce young, hendon hooker, or stetson bennett, or any other superstar (if their goal is to improve sales) 6) why would a business care what school x superstar player is at, when its the athlete doing the actual brand endorsement... I'm not sure which of these are valid questions. But the more I think about NIL the less I feel confident that we know what it will turn into organically over the next several years. Maybe some teams will stop recruiting in high school and purely recruit from other teams rosters. Maybe businesses divest from these collectives and decide to find endorsements on their own. Maybe teams reserve massive NIL deals for superstar recruits, rolling the dice on whether they'll work out
UCONN and Western Kentucky smh whats the running price to have your team mentioned in an sds article these days?
These guys wouldn't write about it anyway, check out that SEC podcast, love that they cover all teams pretty equally
But yes, QB comp was helpful to build depth at the position, I'm sure. This was the right call imo. Drink is still learning
Maybe, but he looked pretty alright in the army game. better than bazelak had looked for much of the season with the injury. Drink said he stopped taking risks that season, relied on easy throws to badie. My opinion: HCED just didn't want to take the risk putting in someone new in games that mattered, even if their ceiling and floor might have been higher
Drink said he wanted experience in the group, nothing wrong with a veteran QB who has seen a lot of ball to act as a second QB coach. I think that there could have been too much placed on the transfer portal debacle - made folks think Mizzou didn't have anyone quality in the system and that any transfer would just automatically start. Supposedly lots passed on Mizzou cause Drink wouldn't guarantee them the start.
Cody Schrader is gonna roll some heads that guy is built. This unit will bulldoze any team that sleeps on them. Ready for the Mizzou upset special - looking at you auburn and florida
rewatched his tape from the army game and the spring game - cook can definitely throw on a line, very accurate. In his 59 pass attempts last year he had 79% completion. Not as many deep ball throws as lock but he looks like he can make throws at every level. We'll have to see if he's a gunslinger when coverage improves in the season but if the receivers are as good as theyve looked, he might have the confidence to make the risky throws. We'll have to see how he does with his reads in SEC play. Actually very excited with this pick. Dont know why Bazelak stayed in the season as long as he did.
The love for USC, ND is actually disgusting. How many times do these programs have to prove they're pretenders before folks just give up on them like they should have 15 years ago? Will give you credit for leaving Texas off the list. honestly would USC actually beat Ark if they played them this year? Would notre dame even put 3 TDs on kentucky? cmon. Show some respect for your own conference at least
Player development can be a real good option, but I think it might be a little early to assess his ability to develop players, right?
Lol Auburn fans wishing they had someone better than calzada, better be careful throwing out the word bottom feeder. See you week 4
respectfully, yall (or at least your boosters) don't have the patience to let a coach figure things out for 5 years. I think that would be the smart move, but it's not gonna happen. If TN, Fla and AU had a little patience, things would improve. But winning now is more important than building sustainable success
Second half of the season, 1/4 of their starters on D will be injured. Why any defensive players would want to sign up for this system is beyond me
ESPN continues its warpath to kill everything people like about college football
So much desperation for these teams to be good
I think major would assume that we know that this dude was gonna ball out. Setback? absolutely. K-state game two and then a gauntlet of tough games to follow after week 3. No way of knowing how Tollison plays, but he is a redshirt freshman in the SEC. It's very helpful to have experience at that position. Hyrin white is already out for the first part of the season
Florida fans have said "that was an historically bad season for us" like 5 times in the last decade - its not really historical if it just keeps happening. Let's just assume you lose the games to the teams you lost to last year cause you have a new coach and talent is just about the same - so Kentucky, Mizzou, LSU
Well if that's the case, I'm out. I'm fine with school/athletics separate. But the state of Missouri is already slowly choking out the university. Siphoning off money for athletics would be suicide. Lobby the state to increase funding
Look you can't compare this season to any other season in football history in terms of recruiting. Ark has one of the largest NIL collectives backed by Tyson and Walmart. Miami has a billionaire handing out over $7 million in contracts to athletes. Meanwhile Missouri's laws prevent Mizzou coaches from helping these collectives allocate funds until late August. I don't think a coaches ability to recruit can actually be evaluated this year when it has more to do with how many billionaires you have to recruit for you - look at A&M, it doesn't make sense they're so behind. What's different? NIL. Does anyone know if kroenke is still mad about the rams lmao cause we need his cash
So in that sense, Drink kinda gets our brand, which is why his seat is not hot - we're willing to poke fun at our selves cause we know where we came from, but we also just have this itch to punch up and give a middle finger to tradition and history ;)
No I actually know exactly what you mean, I grew up watching pinkel contend for a national championship in 2007. My dad got me into Mizzou even though he suffered through decades of horrible ball. I'm a cardinals fan so I am guilty of throwing out "history" like it means something, but the reality is we all want to see a natty (or WS) in our lifetime. On some level, history isn't that important to us other than giving a sense of identity. Mizzou's identity comes from the rags-to-riches story Pinkel gave us. We dont have any big trophies, but it's fun punching Oklahoma or Texas in the mouth. We want to be good (we're not Vandy, no shade), but we'll be patient to get there so we can do more mouth punching lol
Ok I'll be more specific: head to head, TN and Florida have performed worse or equivalent to Mizzou. Why would we be "jelly" of TN? Idgaf about records, I want to know how we've played against you. Reality is we're pretty even head-to-head. In fact, we've enjoyed whipping Florida several times. Mizzou does not care about historical success because weve had none, so bringing up the past means nothing to us
Lol this guy lives in your mind rent free. Have you noticed the only people who complain about him are fans of SEC teams with big names but who have performed worse than mizzou since they entered the league? who's butthurt