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Well that was uplifting. Christ, you're a douche! Ha!
Kongbo, don't read this crap type article. Play your game, learn as much as possible, and unleash hell! GBO!
Sutton, Hurd, Kirkland Jr, & JRM out is about as bad as it can get. Go VOLS, next man up!
I lived through 3rd & Chavis as a young fan, UT student, and Alum! TA&M enjoy those heartbreaking 4th qtr loses, you'll have plenty!
Good point. Playing from behind doesn't benefit a designed running game. With that said, the OL has to control the line early to establish the running game. Control the line, create short yardage downs, and control the clock. Easier said than done in the SEC.
So true. Preseason polls are such bs. Until you win the "big games", nothing matters. This UT team is gritty, nasty, and hungry. With that said, you got to play the dang game! AL owns us all until dethroned, like it or not...just a fact.
Kicking is so mental. He has the leg, no doubt!
Todd Kelly Jr will start at Safety. Led team in int last year.