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I think one of the critical factors in this game at least from bulldogs perspective is MSU’s depth. We have a strong second/third string rotating in to keep the team fresh. Also Fitz’s passing consistency will be a huge variable. If he is on, MSU could have a strong offensive showing - difficult to defend his running/passing and good rbs. His passing consistency is hardly a given though - still not convinved he’s 60% as yet lol. I just heard today that MSU is second in the country in converting on 3rd down at 61% - I know that was earned vs easier teams but if that continues...keeping drives alive is also huge.
I think mizzou gonna take that game - you guys scored 28 pts vs ugas defense and racked up a bunch of points vs a lot of opponents - I think you win by at least 10
Funny how this bozo and others seem to assume that any success a bama opponent has vs them is a bama problem as opposed to maybe the opponent has a little something. He even seemed to hint that maybe bama doesn’t deserve to be #1 because msu did pretty well vs them. I understand ala wasn’t 100% but even with that and the final score, msu played a really good game - no mention of it. But he enough space here to write a small paragraph on Mullen’s goof lol
You guys have hit a stride - hard to see you losing the last two
But we will probably end up above you in sec standings after you lose to uga and Bama. So unfair! lol
I don’t think we would win easily. I think it would be a good game. I’m glad to see lsu getting their legs. Still think it is kind of odd that lsu is ranked and state isn’t. I don’t necessarily feel we should be above you but if a team with 2 losses to unranked teams is top 25 a team who only has 2 losses to highly ranked teams should be in. This decision seems to be based on more than results to date.
Big of you to say so. I think this is a pivotal game for both teams. Everyone is starting to settle into who they really are -we will both learn a lot after Saturday.
Some people - get a taste of temporary success and they become delusionally pompous :)
Pretty kooky logic dude. KY may have a chance to win but it won’t have anything to do with what happened last year between you and Louisville lol. We barely missed beating you guys last year, at ky, with a 5-7 team. Both our offense and defense is better this year. What are you basing your confidence on? Not nat’l rankings: Total offense: KY 113th (just below FL you’re only loss), msu 54th. Total defense: KY 60th msu 10th. You supposedly have a good run def. Our run game is 3rd in sec, so we’ll see how that goes. On paper we should win easy by 14. But this is college football :). Fitz is flaky, but if he has a good passing day it could be a long day for the wildcats in Starkville.
He'll have to get his passing under better control. He's not there yet. His running is very encouraging.
Agreed. The important point is whether wrongdoing was done or not, not who brings it to light.
Absolutely. It's how they justify their existence a lot of the time - create some plausible myth and then pat themselves on the back if its turns out to be true, or if not how the team "failed" to live up to expectations, usually the expectations they created :)
Well at 5-7 I'm not exactly proud about MSU going to a bowl. But I'm not embarrassed about it either after such a tumultuous season, and all the razzing we got from the media, fans, opponents. And Mr Laney the bowl bid was not obtained just because there were available slots as the article says - the teams academic rating got them there also - tied for 2nd in the country I believe. Good luck to all SEC teams in bowl games!
And one of their six wins was blowing out San Diego St (42-24) who blew out Houston in the Las Vegas bowl. And yes as an MSU fan I want to make S Ala look as non-zero as possible lol!
How could MSU having a fifth D.C. in as many years be a bad decision? The last two quit - that wasn't MSUs decision. Though I do agree that the lack of continuity on defense has hurt us.
Georgia Tech ate us alive with the triple option in the orange bowl in '14... though our D.C. had left us and I think that had something to do with it. I don't know if it has anything to do with if you do it or not - it's whether you've faced it or not
Well this season was nothing to brag about. But it was so gratifying to see them finish 2-4 the last four games and win the egg bowl in dominating fashion, after such an on/off season. A feeling that Alabama fans will likely never experience when you win all the time. So happy for these young guys and the seniors who were berated all year. Crista wasn't that far off, though there was some luck in his prediction - just a couple of plays and we would have 7 or 8 wins. It would have been interesting though to have him write this article :)
Ouch lol It took a real mental giant to come up with a comment like that. Hate MSU much? Get a life dude.
Yeah I thought the 80% win projection for OM was high and could have gone to MSU as well, but i couldn't say that before the game, we've been so inconsistent lol. Shea did pretty well - you would have gotten more points but our secondary finally stepped up and made some plays. And you guys had some dropped passes.
SB Nation projects MSU vs Navy in the Armed Forces bowl.
Like this better than the gold look - bad luck I think lol
Agreed surprisingly high - assuming both defenses are equally bad, I think Fitz has the advantage over the unproven Patterson. But anything can happen - gotta love college football!
This is the first egg bowl for both qbs. Should be interesting to see how each responds and performs.
Lol MSU not any better. I think I give MSU the advantage only because Fitz has more sec field hours than Patterson. But whoevers defense shows up for this game will win.
I don't think he was slamming hurts but maybe pointing out some things where Fitz maybe should be getting more credit. He is a good runner but his passing is inconsistent - either laser sharp or resembling a bottle rocket :). Could be Sophmore jitters. And a theory I have about his inconsistency is that mullens play calling is so questionable at times I think it's hard for Fitz to follow through with confidence. I think that's the reason why msu didn't do better with Dak too - look at him now. Sure would be an interesting experiment if we could interchange qbs with different teams - fitz at ala and hurts at msu...
Looks like they have a good chance either way as long as there aren't enough 6 game winners.
Yep - LF only got 35 on 17 carries. It's sad really, the things MSU is forced to celebrate this year lol
Yes only the super rich or the most passionate of fans would dare :) Could be a close one or blow out
Hoping for a good game. Depends on which MSU team shows up. If Arky run defense is weak you can be sure they will be shoring that up, so we can't count on that. Fitz will need to be on his passing game as well. Our defense can be very inconsistent and will probably allow points to be scored, so Mullen better have a good offensive strategy so we can do the same.
Great point. I guess everybody being closer doesn't sell, whereas magnifying and sensationalizing differences does lol.