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I can handle seeing UGA or LSU's odds higher than SC (they're traditional powers), but Ole Miss?!? It's like they haven't finished in the top 10 the last 3 years and had a very young team last year. I think past tradition of SC plays into this
"If the Gamecocks somehow beat out the national powers"... SC has finished in the top-10 3 years in a row. At what point are they considered a nat'l power? C'mon.
Not a fan of Mel Kiper or Todd McShay??
Wow. Never saw that. Thanks for the post. I didn't expect it to be a woman in her late 30's attacking some frat kids in the stands! classy
Sam did not look quick, strong or athletic in the workouts. Surprising for a guy who had a lot of production this year. Was it taking advantage of some weaker ROTs and single coverage b/c of Ealy on the other side?
Had no idea that Jaylen was Sammy's brother...
If G Robinson is a "road grader" in the running game why do the scouts question his strength?? I also never understood why having a 300 lb man bench press 225 was such a great way to determine strength at the combine...
The best was when Lane Kiffin told Alshon Jeffery that he'd end up "pumping gas" if he went to SCAR. He is, into his brand new Mercedes, on his way the Pro Bowl. Guys need to recruit the right way. You hear about any negative recruiting b/w them and Clemson or UGA, which is good.
Surprised to see Easley on there and no Quarles. No doubt Easley is a 1st Rd talent but I thought the injury concerns would drop him. Quarles had tons of production this year and no injury concern.
Don't get too excited just yet. I remember a year when USC had 34 commits and a top 10 class (and were not very good the next year), it usually means you have a lot of holes to fill and not a ton of scholarship players present. In 2 years from now, oh yeah, you guys will be looking a lot better.
Trey Metoyer at OU---- What do you have to do to get 2 felonies for indecent exposure? Felonies. Crazy. I'd call that a bust though for sure.
I was thinking that too. Even Clausen to an extent, he put up great numbers but their D couldn't stop anyone back then.
Why didn't Arkansas have 5 of the top 10 freshman? Probably b/c there are 13 other teams in the league and they finished next to last.
Dyer was not a bust. He helped them win a NC and was MVP of the NCG. If only playing 2 years is considered a bust then a long list of great college players are busts!!! - sidney rice, johnny manziel, larry fitzgerald, michael vick, etc.
I'd just put USC, Mizzou and UGA as 1A, 1B, and 1C. I can see UT get back up there in 2015.
I get Kuoandjo (or however its spelled) being a higher nfl prospect than Gabe Jackson. No way would I say he was a better college player though. Jackson was as good as it gets as a college OG from what I saw. OT is always the highly-drafted postion factoring into it?
They finished the year at #4. UT has beaten 1 ranked team over the last 3 years. It's not the 90's anymore Vol fan.
Is Dan Mullen wearing WR gloves in the pic above? Or are those golf gloves? Either way, why is he wearing those?
great season that is
Mizz had a great, could go either way really. However, It's not just about your losses, it's about who you beat. SC beat 5 ranked teams, 3 of which ranked in the top 10. Mizz played a very weak OOC schedule and SC had the Clemson and UCF wins.