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Danny White hired Josh Heupel to fire him. He runs a clean program and can put up points while they are under probation. Once they are out of probation White will hire a real coach. Heupel will then bounce around the Big 12/Pac 12 as an offensive coordinator for the rest of his career because he can't recruit.
They had 10 opt outs on defense, then dismissed 4 more starters during the season for breaking curfew and cussing at cops.
History repeats itself. Gus is basically going to follow the Bobby Bowden strategy of playing nobodies for 9-10 games a year and then beating a top 10 opponent in order to get into championship consideration. SEC schools are better off playing him now rather than letting him build a powerhouse of fresh players that only have to get up for one or two games a year.
Boise isn't getting an invite to any P5 conference. PAC12 is the closest conference and that will never happen. B12 is the most likely to expand and UCF would get an invite to the B12 before Boise based on market and recruiting.
I know all about the HBC. In 1990, he was not considered a great coach. If he wasn't alumni, he would not have gotten the UF job in 1990. If you compare what SOS had done in his career in 1990 to what GM had done in 2020, GM had accomplished more in that stage of his career. My overall point was that a change in scenery can change the trajectory of your career and your "greatness".
"respected" And what has that gotten them, nothing. UCF gets way more press than Boise could dream of and trending upward.
I was anti-Malzahn as well a few months ago, I thought he was a re-tread looking to retire but he's a household name in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. UCF couldn't have found another coach with as much cache. He's also impressed me with how involved he is with every aspect of the program. This is HIS marketing idea, not UCF's.
What's the point of firing a coach after the first game? You basically are giving up on the season.
Heupel is terrible. Can't recruit, can't inspire but you'll throw the ball around a lot.
Gus' shelf life is 5 year. He stayed at Auburn too long.
They must have forgotten about the McElwain, Muschamp and Zook years.
Recruiting rankings are meaningless. They are manipulated so that P5 fans will beat their chest in February. We've seen players gain a star when committing to a top P5 program (Alabama) and lose a star when they commit to a G5 program (UCF).
It's all about the dollar. White's responsibility, just like Mohajir's is to build the UCF athletic department and that means bringing in money. 2 for 1's don't bring in enough money. You make more playing FAMU or Bethune at home. Also, Moharjir didn't say he was open to a 2 for 1, he said his idea of a 2 for 1 is a home, home and neutral game. If you want 2-3 for 1's call usf or F_U.
He ran out of options and he was too stubborn to hire the guy (Steele) who was already on staff. Heupel is a disaster. Tennessee did UCF a favor by taking him.
Get use to the coach speak. "sound in all 3 phases", "want to be multiple", "play for championships". Thank you so much for taking him off our hands.
He just ran out on last "family" and didn't even bother to call them. "Family sticks together".
UCF isn't a good fit for the SEC. I want SEC money but not the road trips. Too bad the metro conference never made it. A conference of city schools with good airports would be fun!
Percy Harvey is an editor and that Gata don't like you. Gradulations.
You do know that adding OU and OSU moves Bama and AU to the east? Not sure you want those problems. :-)
The SEC flirted with WVU. I think they would have been a better fit than Mizzou. Plus it sets up the potential poaching of VT and NC State. Mizzou is more of a Big Ten school and should have been added to the B10 with Kansas. Syracuse is also a good B10 fit. There was no way that the liberal Pac 12 was (or will) ever add BYU.
A simple search on Al Gore's internet would show you that UCF is far from a community college. 2018 average Freshman profile (from the school's websites) Florida SAT: 1360 ACT: 30 GPA: 4.4 UCF SAT: 1328 ACT: 28.3 GPA: 4.12 UCF is also the most applied to school in the state.
For a sport that is suppose to bring joy and entertainment on the weekends, you sure do seem angry buddy. Not sure if you are aware that the recruiting services rate players so that they can make money from subscriptions. Routinely 2-3 star kids with no offers from P5 programs suddenly become 3-4 star players once SEC schools become interested. It's so that at the end of the recruiting cycle guys like you can puff out their chest and say "We have a top 10 recruiting class", a 2 or 3 star will reduce those averages. A lot of those top rated kids never step foot on campus due to grades or other issues. Rating 16-17 year old kids is an inexact science, what's more important is their development over the next 4-5 years. With that being said UCF has more commits this year than ever with multiple (10) P5 offers. Nobody expects UCF to compete with Bama or Clemson in recruiting, especially in just 2 years, but Rome wasn't build in a day either. UCF develops their players well and will continue to get better players in the future, so the future is bright.