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Just wait til next year. The Auburn mantra finds it's way to Arkansas.
Ha ha. LOL. I would love to see a kicker that was just money every time. I hate that point in every game when a field goal comes up.
He said nothing that was not true did he. If you want to be the beast you have to do what the beasts do. You have to remove everything from your life that detracts from your goal, and work at least as hard if not harder than others to earn your spot. Most of the guys on the team were some of the best players in their schools, states, region etc.
What competitive advantage does Tua have? Working harder, keeping his nose clean, studying the game, film? Manziel was a mess. Had some good games and was certainly fun to watch but he had issues beyond football.
And, that was the lat time UT was relevant. Kind of like Auburn, the fans think they somehow deserve something as they are all time football powers but in reality not so much. The SEC really has only 1 team that could be considered an all time power and that is Alabama, going back to the 20's. Winning the Rose Bowl, the only post season game in those days, was huge for southern football in general and showed the rest of the US that the south had players too. LSU is another one. Searching for that feeling of being relevant again.