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My prediction is LSU covers the spread but loses. 31-28 Gonna be a great game
We hate to lose you. But best of luck in your future! Go with what feels right for you.
An easy way to determine is ESPN is correct is to see what the ratings were for the first 15 minute increment of each of the games vs. the first 15 minute increment of last year's games. Neilsen measures in 15 minute increments. If the ratings fell off after halftime, then ESPN is correct that the blowout was the root. If they were lower up front then NYE is a bad time to air these games. I suspect that the number of homes using television (HUT's) were lower since people actual like to go out on NYE. I would personally like to see them on NYD myself.
As an SEC fan I wouldn't mind it at all. But what's going to happen when two SEC teams meet in the final again? Are we going to need to develop another format that Is more fair to the Big 10 again?