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I agree with this..or maybe it’s wishful thinking. Lol
Swedish Fish?!?! Who the heck did they poll that said, “hey I’ll have some more of those delicious Swedish fish please.” Lol
Way to represent little man! That is the definition of a true fan. I know you’re going to score a ton of gear...good job VOL nation for taking care of one of your own.
Pretty cool...good job young man! And good job Tigers...represented well!!!
This guy nailed it. Not trying to justify any wrongs but the NCAA seems to just pick and choose when they want to impose penalties. It’s not right that some schools get hammered while others barely get a slap on the wrist. Basically if you want to get out of it just follow North Carolina’s example and deny everything...pretend it was all just a typo. Worked out well for them. Hope you guys are able to get this appealed. Good luck Mizzou!
Florida...you need to put baby brother in check. If you don’t discipline them now they’re going to be that annoying little Univerisity that no one can stand being around.
He’s not going anywhere....but if he did it would be a huge blow to Florida and the SEC to lose him.
Not a Vols fan...but it’s pretty dang cool what Barns has done there. Definitely love and respect the “old school” vibe that I get from this team. Not that it matters, they have my vote over Duke.
Saban has how many championships? Yeah nobody would want those nasty things at their school. Gross!!!
I’m completely fine if they just left us out all together. Top 25 is a dangerous place to be and virtually uncharted waters for UK!
Come on man...it was a great win but slow down. Let’s just enjoy the moment before we put the cart ahead of the horse! lol
I’m good with this! Lol. Regardless it should be fun for both teams.