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I've heard NONE of the things you're describing and I don't know where you're getting your info from, but that doesn't seem remotely close to what I've heard about Pruitt. It seems you're literally describing a completely different person.
Now that's not only untrue but not at all representative of Vols fans. Having high expectations and wanting to see the program turned around doesn't equate to expecting a title soon and I don't any UT fans (and I know a helluva lot of 'em) that believe we're anywhere close to being a contender.
James Stewart was in fact homegrown, he was born in Texas but moved early in life to Morristown, TN, just about 30 miles from Knoxville and played high school ball for Morristown West.
Good post, MattyJ. I just have a hard time understanding choosing to do criminal acts, drugs, just stupid stuff, when you're getting a free education, playing for a high end program, and playing for a national title.
Just not smart. Why these kids cannot get it into their heads that they are so lucky, so privileged to get to play football and get a free education and they only have to not do drugs, not commit crimes, and go to class, is beyond me. Is it REALLY this hard for some people? Is it really hard to not break the law?
Why? Because we didn't hire a guy the media likes but everyone else hates? Schiano is a jerk......a huge one, and for every Dan Patrick or Kirk Herbstreit that thinks we made a mistake and should have been happy to have him, there's five others that say we dodged a real bullet and the reaction was appropriate. Maybe you shouldn't talk about things you don't understand.
If SchiaNO was #1 on our list then Currie needs to go.