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The problem with the major networks is that for years they were allowed to get fat with no one and nothing to keep them in check. The disruptive forces from the various online sources is exactly what these networks need to bring them back to reality. What will really be a game changer is when someone comes out with a "pick and pay" service where you only pay for the channels you want and aren't forced to pay for a plethora of channels you care nothing about.
I think they got the Knoxville choice way wrong. The Flying Saucer is a chain, and should never be mentioned in such an article/list. The Downtown Grill & Brewery would've been a much better selection.
Smart play by the hogs. Will give them more time to prepare for TCU before the bye week, and should be plenty rested for Texas A&M after. I see a potential 3-0 start in their future.
I wasn't referring to Watson. His target Rebfrow would be the person I'm referring to
I think one of the young linebackers for LSU would've been a better choice, or maybe even a receiver.
Careful with those kind of statements. A walk-on to Clemson tore up alabamas defense in the championship game. Recruiting services don't always get it right, and you never know who could end up being a real difference maker.
Would it be fair to say, that it's new Rhoads ahead for Arkansas? (Puts on sunglasses as "yeah" portion of won't get fooled again plays)
ND isn't a very good team right now, so it's not exactly a marquee match-up. UGA should handle them pretty easily. Brian Kelly has that team trending in the wrong direction, and will likely be out after next year.
Can someone please point out the "brutal shot" for me? Oh, there isn't one? I see. Just some hack using shock headlines as click-bait. The truth is 'bama has beaten LSU consecutively for 6 years now, had won 3 BCS championships, and have played in the CFP the past 3 years, winning one. His statement was the truth, not brutal.
I think even if Fournette were a sophomore he'd sit this game. He's legitimately been injured since fall practice because he hasn't put in the proper time to rest. The fact that the media (and many others) are trying to make such an agenda of what he's doing is a bit sickening. Of course no one know's the true details except himself and those close to him.
What they came up with truly is the best scheduling scenario for fans of college football. I'd love to see my team play every college at least once in a 4 year span, and have the opportunity to watch my team play at each venue more than once every 20 years. The current scheduling system implemented a few years ago is garbage for the fans and the players. Of course, getting rid of the permanent cross division rivalries would help solve this as well. Just have AU/GA or AL/TN play an OOC game when they don't meet and it helps the ability to schedule each SEC team in a 4 year span much easier. An extra conference game wouldn't hurt either.
I didn't even read the article because the title was so outlandish, i just came for the comments to see others thoughts on this gibberish.
Maybe big, maybe not. The kid has had some major injuries over his high school career that will surely affect his college & potential NFL career if he makes it. Due to those issues, he's not someone i'd want to build a class around.
I'd much rather listen to him than Gary Danielson, that's for sure.
While Cam Robinson was still decent this year, i'm not sure i agree with him getting the Jacobs Trophy
As simple and easy research will quickly point out, it was in fact LSU that beat A&M 41-24 in the 2011 Cotton Bowl.
I have to agree with you. Most all LSU fans i know don't see A&M as much of a rivalry at all, including myself. It's just another game that happens to be during rivalry week.
While the game is played during rivalry week, I wouldn't call LSU vs A&M a rivalry game. It's just another game to most LSU fans.
I wonder what it's like to be able to do hallucinogenic drugs and still be able to have a job. No way there's any truth to this.