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Joe Brady isn't the offensive coordinator..... that's still Ensminger.
You either forgot to add the link, or it doesn't show on mobile.
Agree with your statement on flawed logic.
I think that's just an atlanta/Georgia thing, since there is an actual Southern University in Baton Rouge that most folks that follow football know about. Going to continue with GSU for now ha.
I'd say LSU's is up there with USC's as the toughest based on last years result. You never know what a team will be in the new year, but UTexas, GSU, and Utah State will each be tough outs. I don't think any will be first half wins, and each could go into the 4Q.
I think the College Gameday intro that's a mix of several people i have no clue who they are and the atrocity that is big & rich should be up there. I mute everytime that's played.
This is like the second or third time i've seen this. Pretty poor proofreading and checking on the writers part. Overall decent article though.
They each made accurate and valid points that I've also made to folks. Outside of things going downhill for an extended period, he's the man there until he decides to leave. Maybe he makes the same mistake as spurrier and saban though in unsuccessfully trying their hands at the NFL. That's yet to be determined though.
While strange to send that way and possibly for something illegal, there's no substance for the authorities to stand on. The smell of drugs could have come from one of the mail handlers.
Derrius Guice is an often forgotten one. People forgot he was a beast with high expectations before his injury in preseason
A little early of the "Orgeron on the hot seat" articles don't you think? That's pretty much how this got summed up with the "if it doesn’t succeed, he’ll be held accountable" statement at the end.
It's media. do you really expect for them to do anything other than incite the general public to their current mission. It's funny how many of these bama fans forget that Collin Sexton is also caught up in this. He may be gone, but no chance he signs with that team without money. Bama has little to no basketball tradition.
Totally agree. Get rid of permanent cross division rivals so that each team gets a chance to see each other every 4 years. If theres one series that teams want to continue, on years that they aren't part of the SEC schedule game, let them play as an OOC game. The current scheduling system is trash and needs to be updated.
Can't agree more. I feel as though I should apologize to the TAMU band because I thought it was them the whole time. That tune is God awful
Washington also lost to Auburn in the opening game.
The only way LSU and Alabama makes it, is if LSU beats Alabama and each wins out. Which would also put LSU as a higher seed. While LSU has arguably the toughest schedule in the nation, and has navigated it somewhat well so far other than the stumbling against UF, it'd have to be a lot of chaos for a 2 loss team to get in.
There must some booster(s) not happy with kirby right now. 3 reasonably high profile recruits in 1 week? Money bags were pulled
He's just mad ole mich is garbage
I just hope the DB's can hold up, they're my biggest worry. I suspect ole miss to get 5-6 big plays in the passing game at least. Probably going to be a close one if they do. If LSU can keep them from that, big win for the tiger's.
Something that makes it harder for LSU is that 3 teams left on its schedule has a bye week before LSU (MSST, AL, and ARK), after already playing LATech who had a bye and were able to prepare decently. Only adds to what was already the toughest schedule in the nation
And to his point, the media are the ones who spun the narrative it was about Auburn, when most of the general public had a stronger opinion (and accurately so) it was about the media
I love how you went back and changed the title haha. An apology to coach should be in order as well