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I'm all for competition, but I don't see LSU as really going after him or that even really being in play. Brennan has everything needed for the current system they have implemented. Arkansas is my bet.
They should move it to after the CWS so the kids will just be focused on that.
Hopefully some of those DL recruits will be able to go both ways early to provide depth. That's one of the biggest areas of need. Evans would be a huge get as you really need 4 RB's minimum for depth. 5 is more ideal.
The only appropriate response to saban is "Ok boomer".
Exactly. They are annoying to some degree, but not a rivalry. Teams they are behind: Alabama Arkansas Ole Miss Florida Auburn Georgia Mississippi State Kentucky This is just my list of order of rival.
No chance UF has the year they have without Franks getting hurt and Trask balling out the way he has. It's really been impressive what he's done.
Not mcelroy.... he's just awful to listen to. LSU has earned better this year.
Finebaum has never been a great sportscaster. Only bama fans enjoy what he has to say because that's his congregation. Lately, he's really been falling more into the Stephen Smith/Skip Bayless brand of sportscasting and getting even worse. I really wish all 3 would crawl back into the cesspools from which they came. Baseless claims and accusations like this are bad for the sport and have no place in media with larger reach.
The SEC should do away with permanent cross division games.
Can someone elaborate on the drama around this kid that no other family has ever been through?
When a troll forgets to swap accounts when responding to himself HAHAHA
Yeah, Memphis has some good BBQ, but Gus' Fried Chicken is better than any of it. Then with Gibson's Doughnuts next door, that's a hard combination to beat.
Good! I had when top teams don't play at full strength
All recruiting sites only have LSU with 22 commits, not 24
I was at both games against Wisconsin. They definitely can't out drink us.. they are up there though!
I think it'll come down to health. Each team has had a ton of injuries this year and so far been able to overcome them. Should be an entertaining game no matter what though
While I hope they are able to keep him around, I definitely see a few teams pursuing Brady. I doubt it's as a HC though. I'm sure uga will be looking for a new OC, as well as several other teams around the country.
LSU has by far the best wins in the nation. No reason they shouldn't be #1 in every poll that takes into consideration this year only.
Can someone point me to the trash talk mentioned? It seems SDS writers have their own definition of what it means, and it's a very liberal one if so. JJ just made comments about last years game and how they intend to play hard this year
I've not seen any trash talk from either side yet. Just SDS trying to stir the pot
Didn't realize LSU plays troy this weekend....... If you're going to be in journalism, at least get the small easy facts right
Spot on. The current cross division scheduling format is bad for players and fans. There should be an opportunity to play each team from the opposite side at least once every four years
If LSU didn't jump to #2 after beating UT Austin away, then I don't see uga doing it after beating a highly overrated Irish team. Especially if they dominate like they should. As for AU getting so much love against a&m, I don''t see it. Each are pretty comparable in talent level, but i think the home crowd and Bo Nix inexperience could be too much for them.
I'd have to update this list based on rivalries alone. 1. Iowa/Iowa St 2. FL/KY 3. Pitt/Penn 4. NC/Wake 5. Washington St/Houston 6. KS St/MS St 7. HI/Washington 8. AL/USC 9. AZ St/Mich St 10. tx Tech/AZ
So they've got before and after, what about during? I feel like an exhaustive search would yield those results as well. With today's HVAC systems in buildings, it's all run by software that can adjust it at the click of a button. The report yields little to no evidence of conditions while the Tigers were there.
It'd be less if they quit the BS of not scheduling OOC in state teams...