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I think it'll come down to health. Each team has had a ton of injuries this year and so far been able to overcome them. Should be an entertaining game no matter what though
While I hope they are able to keep him around, I definitely see a few teams pursuing Brady. I doubt it's as a HC though. I'm sure uga will be looking for a new OC, as well as several other teams around the country.
LSU has by far the best wins in the nation. No reason they shouldn't be #1 in every poll that takes into consideration this year only.
Can someone point me to the trash talk mentioned? It seems SDS writers have their own definition of what it means, and it's a very liberal one if so. JJ just made comments about last years game and how they intend to play hard this year
I've not seen any trash talk from either side yet. Just SDS trying to stir the pot
Didn't realize LSU plays troy this weekend....... If you're going to be in journalism, at least get the small easy facts right
Spot on. The current cross division scheduling format is bad for players and fans. There should be an opportunity to play each team from the opposite side at least once every four years
If LSU didn't jump to #2 after beating UT Austin away, then I don't see uga doing it after beating a highly overrated Irish team. Especially if they dominate like they should. As for AU getting so much love against a&m, I don''t see it. Each are pretty comparable in talent level, but i think the home crowd and Bo Nix inexperience could be too much for them.
I'd have to update this list based on rivalries alone. 1. Iowa/Iowa St 2. FL/KY 3. Pitt/Penn 4. NC/Wake 5. Washington St/Houston 6. KS St/MS St 7. HI/Washington 8. AL/USC 9. AZ St/Mich St 10. tx Tech/AZ
So they've got before and after, what about during? I feel like an exhaustive search would yield those results as well. With today's HVAC systems in buildings, it's all run by software that can adjust it at the click of a button. The report yields little to no evidence of conditions while the Tigers were there.
It'd be less if they quit the BS of not scheduling OOC in state teams...
The tailgating was meh,and the stadium logistics weren't exactly up to par. I was expecting way more from UT, and it fell flat all around.
Not sure I've ever seen anyone say Go Bayou Bengals. It's appreciated though hah.
Joe Brady isn't the offensive coordinator..... that's still Ensminger.
You either forgot to add the link, or it doesn't show on mobile.
Agree with your statement on flawed logic.
I think that's just an atlanta/Georgia thing, since there is an actual Southern University in Baton Rouge that most folks that follow football know about. Going to continue with GSU for now ha.
I'd say LSU's is up there with USC's as the toughest based on last years result. You never know what a team will be in the new year, but UTexas, GSU, and Utah State will each be tough outs. I don't think any will be first half wins, and each could go into the 4Q.
I think the College Gameday intro that's a mix of several people i have no clue who they are and the atrocity that is big & rich should be up there. I mute everytime that's played.
This is like the second or third time i've seen this. Pretty poor proofreading and checking on the writers part. Overall decent article though.
They each made accurate and valid points that I've also made to folks. Outside of things going downhill for an extended period, he's the man there until he decides to leave. Maybe he makes the same mistake as spurrier and saban though in unsuccessfully trying their hands at the NFL. That's yet to be determined though.
While strange to send that way and possibly for something illegal, there's no substance for the authorities to stand on. The smell of drugs could have come from one of the mail handlers.
Derrius Guice is an often forgotten one. People forgot he was a beast with high expectations before his injury in preseason
A little early of the "Orgeron on the hot seat" articles don't you think? That's pretty much how this got summed up with the "if it doesn’t succeed, he’ll be held accountable" statement at the end.