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Exactly what I said it would be. If I were a player in their shoes I'd do the same thing.
His best chance is a running back in the nfl
Not impressive. Just means he's not a real qb
Do you think Hugh Freeze tried that with any of his hookers?
No one calls University of Louisiana Lafayette just Louisiana. Louisiana - Lafayette sure, or even Uh La La, but just Louisiana is confusing and inaccurate. I had to look up if it was uh la la or ulm tamu is playing.
It's actually headed in a more northward direction, with a slight lean east for the time being. NOLA is fine and makes perfect sense.
Dallas is already experiencing flooding in parts of the city from Harvey, NOLA is not. Dallas is not a better alternative. There are a lots of evacuees in Dallas so with the UF/UM game being played, the infrastructure will already be stressed and won't need another game to deal with.
The lack of touchdowns aren't entirely on Jarvis. The dude has made catches and put up yards with the best of them in the league over those four years with a pretty respectable YPC. Even if he hasn't been getting the touchdowns, he's been responsible for putting them in position to score.Also, your article doesn't mention his punt return for a TD, or his rush TB. If you're going to tell a story, it'd be best to tell the whole story.
Not exactly uncommon for BYU. Just look at the bowl game against Memphis a few years ago
Mark Ingram played at Alabama. You did leave off Alfred Blue (Houston Texans) for LSU, who'll likely be the starter. I'll leave off the other LSU RB's that aren't major contributors but are still in the league. And isn't Trent Richardson out of the league?
Southern Lab is basically a private school to Southern University. What i'm hearing from friends in the area is that he recruited a few kids to play there, like most private schools do.
Its a terrible configuration the way it is now. Players and fans should have the chance to have interacted with each team of the opposite division after 4 seasons. If the 2 rivals above need to be maintained, play the games as OOC games when not part of normal division races
I doubt Narcisse plays much this year, and wouldn't be surprised if they gave him a redshirt. He has major injury problems and is likely still recovering a bit from last years. Redshirt him to give him the best recovery possible to be a solid backup next year or someone who could even potentially take the reigns once healthy
Because people really respect anything that come out of pauls mouth..... -_-
He commented during recruitment that he was more of an athlete that wanted to play multiple sides of the field. He'll likely hop back across the fence full time at some point in the future.
I wonder what's brought about this change of attitude. He's pretty vocally voiced against more games in the recent past, as well as being for the cupcake games.
Dan, all we as readers want is journalistic integrity. Do that and you won't catch all of this flack for a lack of it in the comments section. Some of these were very obvious misses that could've easily been checked with proof reading. This is what you've chosen as a craft to make money from, you should want to do better.
Dabo has built Clemson into a machine. That's a lot harder to do there than at Alabama, who already had a storied program before saban got there. Dabo is still young in the game, and has won a championship at an earlier age than saban at a much less prestigious school. To not give credit to Dabo for what he has done, and where he has done it is to make a fool of yourself.
Marcus Maye played at florida. As someone else mentioned, La'ell Collins from LSU is still with the Cowboys, and Delvin Breaux for the Saints is also LSU
Was about to say the same thing. LSU went from 9-3 to 11-2.
I'm going to disagree with having the Super Bowl in for the Best Game category. It was a pretty boring 3 quarters, followed by an exciting 4th Q. The college national championship game between Clemson & Alabama however, was pretty exciting all the way through.
There was friction between AU & Tuberville before saban got to tuscaloosa, so even that can't totally be attributable to him.
how are J'Mon Moore, Calvin Ridley, or Christian Kirk going to be poised to break out? They've each already had breakout seasons. A better choice would've been the option #2 for those teams that would contribute significantly, or possibly even surpass those 3.
Small thing to note here that should have an asterisk next to it in your article, Alabama played in 2 more games than any other team in the SEC. Therefore, yards per game would be a more accurate statement when comparing players such as Fitzgerald to Hurts. When you look at it that way, Nick threw for almost exactly 1 more yard/game than jalen, and ran for nearly 40 more yards/game than jalen.If you are going to do comparisons, at least do them in a way that's more apples to apples. Otherwise you're just doing a bad job at it.
I'm not sure I see alabama doing it with jalen hurts unless they make it to the championship game again, which is doable, and even still he may not be a 3K yard passer. While he may have made progress this spring, i don't think he'll ever be a great passing QB. The 2780 last year took all of those games to achieve, 2 more games than most teams, and there's no guarantee they make it to the SEC or NC games.
Lots of teams other than Tamu would block Texas from joining. Alabama recruits and depends heavily on the state. Arkansas as well. LSU does great in TX. Add in the longhorns and a lot of that may go away from those schools.
I'm looking forward to making another trip to Neyland for a better game than the one in 2011. The place was pretty quiet then.One stadium that's surprisingly not that loud is Bryant-Denny. Every time I've been it just hasn't been as loud as it could be.
He never played a game in Death Valley, so for him this makes sense.