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They really need to add 4-6 if this move happens. Just a few that make sense for reasons more than just football. Houston ULaLa Memphis BYU Tulsa Col St. SMU
Got to love the Texas fans asking about an original hand sign haha. The its so stupid a bunch of those tx schools all have one and deserve to be made fun of for it
They kicked drake Davis off the team once his issues came out. He continued to be a pest around campus unfortunately. As for Guice, definitely mishandled.
LSU had the most draft picks last year at 14, tying the all time record for a draft set by Ohio st.
Why do so many analysts year in and year out continue to S the tamu D? I just don't understand it. They are a middle of the pack team this year and that's it.
I get there was more attrition than any team could handle and covid affected ability to pick up on the new scheme, but i was never a fan of the hire. Defenses continually got worse while he was in BR last time around
Here's how i'm thinking they are thinking it will help. Each conference is a bubble and by keeping all teams in their respective bubbles, you lesson the risk of contaminating other bubbles.
Pretty sure none of those schools make money on football, and the PAC12 organization is in debt I believe.
The best of these is probably Ryan Clark. That high energy on an early morning football show to kickoff the day would be great for the show. I'd be more likely to tune in for sure. I rarely did in the past because of finebaum, so glad to see that dismissal. It'd be fun to watch Clark give Rodgers hell for the wind possibly causing havoc with his hair.
Let me fix the title. NFL analyst has lazy take on Joe Burrow
I could see a team using him a lot like Taysom hill. Very similar all around
Right? Immediate blatant error in just the 3rd sentence. Brady was never the OC, just passing game coordinator. It's something that is well known unless you just don't follow CFB.
LSU has been doing this for over a decade now. And really did it a bit through the start of this century
This series was announced a few years ago though??
Tyreek Hill's college progression: Garden City CC Oklahoma State University of West Alabama (where he was drafted out of) When did he play for TCU??
LSU Athletics, which is technically separate from the school, makes a ton of money and is one of only a few athletic programs that brings a profit with no money from the state. They can pay whatever any other school can pay.
I feel that Bo is past his prime. Even then his defense was suspect. Hopefully the geaux a different direction.
I'm all for competition, but I don't see LSU as really going after him or that even really being in play. Brennan has everything needed for the current system they have implemented. Arkansas is my bet.
They should move it to after the CWS so the kids will just be focused on that.
Hopefully some of those DL recruits will be able to go both ways early to provide depth. That's one of the biggest areas of need. Evans would be a huge get as you really need 4 RB's minimum for depth. 5 is more ideal.
The only appropriate response to saban is "Ok boomer".
Exactly. They are annoying to some degree, but not a rivalry. Teams they are behind: Alabama Arkansas Ole Miss Florida Auburn Georgia Mississippi State Kentucky This is just my list of order of rival.