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I do. My only concerns are recruiting and the Auburn power brokers who meddle way too much. They absolutely must get out of the way or Auburn will flounder under their bloated opinions of their ability to influence college athletics at a P5 school. (I’m looking at you Bobby Lowder and Jimmy Rane.) As for recruiting, I think he will be fine. (A tip of the hat here to one Mr. Nick Saban.) He is, after all, the king of recruiting. And he is not a southerner. (West Virginia is NOT a true Southern state.) He started out playing/coaching in Ohio and Michigan before coming to Louisiana and, eventually, Alabama ... and did just fine. So you don’t have to have southern connections to recruit the South. Just be a darn good recruiter like Saban. We’ll see if Harsin is. But, he does have experience as a head coach and has been successful. Also, he was the OC that called the Boise St. vs. Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl that will go down in history as one of the most exciting endings ever. So we know he’s got the guts to make the big calls to win ... and make the calls look really fun in the process. That said, he may stink it up in the long run, but for now I really like the hire.
It is a shame. I hope that Gurley can pay the money back and learn his lesson. Gurley is an amazing athlete and a legit Heisman candidate. Besides, win or lose, I want Auburn to play against Georgia's best. Here's hoping he's back! IMHO - The agents/brokers should get tarred and feathered.
The best nickname HAS to be "Booger" McFarland! Especially since he managed to get SECNation to call him that! I also like Alton "Pig" Howard at UT and Mr. Vincent "Bo" (short for Boar) Jackson! You could have a best Pig nickname category. Pig, Porkchop and Bo are three to begin with. War Eagle and God bless!