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And yes he’s no Nick Saban. Many coaches have tried and all have failed. But he’s building this program in a different way. He knows his weaknesses and is filling them with great people and staying out of their way.
Record before Burrow meaning his Interim games and one season when he did all his recruiting?.. I understand the sentiment but Coach O went and got Joe Burrow off the bench at OSU, he went and got Joe Brady from the Saints. They didn’t fall in his lap. He has proven that he can recognize talent and puts people in a position to do their best. His salary shows that he prioritizes getting the best coaches and letting them do their job. Obviously I’m biased but putting all our success on one player, as incredible as he is, is ignorant. Especially because Joe Burrow last year (with no time in the program) and Joe Burrow this year (a season into the program) was a Significant difference. Only time will tell for sure. But let’s not pretend Coach O happened upon this. He built this!
Next man up? Haha but seriously. This could be a good fit for him, he’s been a blast to have at LSU, if he wants it and it fits I get it. I’m happy with the place we are with Orgeron and Woodward. I think the program is in an excellent place to reload and the powers that be are #AllIn
Man I hope so. It would be a real shame if his actions jeopardized what those men achieved last night.
I think it’ll be a hell of a game. But I think saying LSU won’t have a chance is WILDLY off base. Burrow hasn’t folded all season. He will definitely be tested tomorrow but he’s cool as a cucumber.
I second that! Really like UGA and their fan base. Y’all have a hell of a team. Excited for this game!
I agree. It seems to have gotten out of hand this year. Obviously a sensitive issue if someone is actually hurt, but there should be some repercussion for something this egregious. At least a lost time out.
Thanks for the Love Bamaheel. I agree with Geaux Long. Tua is an incredible kid and player. He has made the last couple years of football a lot of fun and is the kinda guy you love to see succeed. Hope he has a full and timely recovery!
Sloppy defensive performance for sure. Maybe we let up too early. But it’s a win. Through my frustration tonight I had to take a moment to enjoy the fact that we get to complain about only winning by 21 to an SEC opponent?! It’s been a hell of a season and I’m loving the fire that our tigers have this year. Now to shape up that defense and keep pushing. Geaux Tigers!!
Let’s not play that game. It was a hell of a game. Congrats to your gators on a hell of a night.
And the spread was covered so Vegas knew something... but I’ll fall for anything.
Tell me more about this Joe Burrow you speak of. #Chomped
I dunno man. There’s been a ton of Gator cockiness too. Especially coming on the road to a higher ranked team. It’s gunna be a slugfest but let’s not pretend the cockiness is one sided.