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I agree with GS, only UGA and Alabama will "out talent" UK this year. They are loaded and thats what some astute media members are picking up on. UK will be competitive in every game they play. Lets look objectively. One of the best OL in the country. One of the top DL in the SEC. Defensive secondary rated top 15 in the nation(PFF). Tight end projected to go somewhere before the 5th round. Number 1 punter in the Country. 4 SEC caliber running backs. Their only question marks are Terry Wilsons return and Wide receiver? Thats the objective breakdown on UK this year. One last thought. UT is going to be really improved as well. They are another team nobody's going to want to play before the season gets to old. They return a bunch of really good players and there youth is strong. The SEC East will be very enjoyable to watch! JC
Kentucky and maybe Tenn are going to be problems for the SEC.
Well I must admit I do not think Penn State is some juggernaut. 2019 played 4 ranked teams and split 2 and 2. 2018- 1 and 3. 2017- 2 and 2. I maintain my op that Penn State would struggle mightily in the SEC. I just can not find recent "ON A ROLL" wins. I still believe they would have lots of trouble with the top 8 or 9 sec schools.
Kentucky already beat the Great Penn State, VaTech teams the last two years. This is potentially the best team they have fielded sense 1977. The only Big 10 team that would definitely beat UK is Ohio State. I do not think any Big 10 teams would be a prohibitive favorite over the top 8 teams in the SEC except maybe Ohio State?
UT is definitely not more talented than UK! UK manhandled UT in the trenches last year. We return arguably the best ol in the Country(PFF). UK 302 yards rushing to 83 FOR UT. TOP Was 41 to 19. There is only 2 teams more talented in the east this year. UF and GA. Now will UK beat UT in Knoxville. NO. As one other poster noted nobody in the east will overlook UK. The surprise win for UK this year will be at Auburn. 6.5 wins. Take the over.