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It was Florida and Iowa's third time playing in the Outback Bowl too. Time for some free blooming onions tomorrow lol
She does make some good points. Just her voice kills me.
Having to listen to Beth McAnnoying's voice for the Georgia game, pretty much sums up our season.
Man this thread is on fire. Where's the popcorn!?
DUI/Underage drinking. Kids been in rehab as well. Best thing to do is pray for his well being.
Georgia would be pretty darn good if the receivers could catch the ball.
Agreed. All of UGAs other receivers have hands of stone.
It's gonna be a good game. I hope UGA's O-Line plays better than its been playing.
Let's all agree, we are all glad Beth McAnnoying Voice isn't calling any SEC game.
Smart doesn't have anything to do with who goes on what ticket.
Eaglebuc, Vol Train Conductor gives you Tennessee fans a good image. Good luck against VT.
Gotta agree with you on that one. I figured the UGA vs Nicholls High School would be a 1 GA Dome.
Tennessee didn't land anything. ESPN would have been at this game even if it would have been two high school teams playing in it.
Beth Mowin's voice is why everyone doesn't like her.
I remember the commentators saying South Alabama was a 3 touchdown underdog.
Lmbo. "Media picked us 7th in the West". Might as well say they picked us to be the worse team in the West, not sugar coat it.
Holyfield was nursing a hurt ankle from the week before and didn't get many reps during the week.
Well I mean, Mike Bobo is the HC and did recruit him to Georgia while he was the OC there.
Only the first game of the season. Georgia, Tennessse, USC jr, and Florida overcame adversity. Should be a good season this year. If things don't change for any of the East team tho, Chubb is gonna lead Georgia to an East Championship.
Jordan Akins, the UCF WR, visits South Carolina, not Georgia. Unless they take a bus, then yeah, they'll go through Georgia.
Ok Brad lol you went from saying Alabama lost to LSU to now Alabama lost to Alabama . You are making it too easy now.
Yalls defense needs to be on point. If so, y'all will hang again.
I'm really surprised a Bama fan hasn't commented about this yet, BUT Bama lost to Ole Miss, not LSU.....Brad.
Quit being a yuppie Brad. The kids these days need this. I remember in basic, getting chewed out like this. It works. Especially for penalties like that, throat slashing.
What the heck is Boise State doing in the Top 25?