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Trolly, rivalry week won't be diminished. Top teams need to win to remain 1-4. Fringe teams need to win to make 5-8. 2019 was a perfect example - with Expansion, Bama likely would've made the CFP (assuming 6 or 8 teams). But the fact that we beat them in the Iron Bowl they dropped completely out. Nothing insignificant about that.
IMO expansion helps. Since the committee consistently fails to pick the 4 best, expansion serves as the "auto-correct". A team in 5-8 will expose the imposter in the prelims thereby setting up a real semi-final with the 4 best teams.
What a joke. That’s the tip of the ice berg. Kirby can’t manage RB talent. This kid will wash out exactly like Pickens.
It all starts with play calling. Give our playmakers a chance to make plays.
Father was a UF grad so I learned to hate UGA early in life. Live in Atlanta surrounded by UGA grads/fans. A victory this Saturday (happens to be my birthday!) would be a perfect way to celebrate. Angry Dawg fans are the best. Kirby = Richt2.0
Can't overhype what Burrow/Brady have shown this year. Credit to coaches to let Burrow sling it - even more credit to Burrow for executing with precision. He's made the throws when it counted.
DJ showing great promise. Glad to have another RB that tips the scales over 200 lbs that can actually run North-South. So tired of the undersized scat-backs we continue to recruit.
Agree with your Bama weak SOS argument ... but Saban/Tua move the ratings meter. CFP will do everything possible to include them if EOY rankings are close. I'm pulling for an LSU win this Sat and an Auburn Iron Bowl win - that guarantees Bama is excluded.
Problems in Starkville > problems on the Plains. Gatewood's departure disappointing, but AU not suffering because of Nix. He's a true freshman who's made some big plays & some costly mistakes. Moving forward, I'll take Nix over ... umm, wait - tell me again who the QB is for MSST?
Vegas isn't reacting to anything written on SDS - trust me. That said, several pivotal games remaining & plenty of opportunities for someone to stumble. Chaos happens on the field - not because of some random sportswriter's opinion.
No surprise here. Steele, Gardner and T-Will have shown they know how to develop talent. Wish I could say the same about CGM and our QBs.
Agree - wish CCGs carried more weight, but sadly that's not how CFP selects the four "best" teams. If LSU/Bama game is close, the loser - assuming they finish with only 1 loss - will still have a strong argument to make the final four. See Bama 2017. Not saying it's right... but CFP is subjective.
Amazing how the media overlooks regular season games. Most talking heads already had their CFP bracket filled out in July. An AU win keeps AU in the mix for another week. Nothing more. Huge games remaining at JH vs UGA & Bama. Hoping that dark cloud over Houston makes its way to Baton Rouge by Saturday. Burrow = Verlander
We have @Sheabooskyy and @DrunkAubie on Twitter. Can't match that.
Gators (Trask) took advantage or our secondary. Igbinoghene struggled in coverage (multiple PIs and several “out of position”). Fully expect Burrow to throw in his direction. AU has to limit LSU receivers’ YAC. Can’t overlook Burrow as a runner – he can move the chains with his legs. Similarly, AU must take advantage of LSU’s secondary. LSU gave up 409, 229 and 311 yards through the air against TX, Vandy and Florida respectively. If Bo/Gatewood can avoid INTs, I like our passing attack
Verbals are great but we all saw George Pickens flip last year. Until I see Bigsby breaking tackles in JH, I'm not getting too excited.
Great weekend of playoff baseball. It's mid June and AU Baseball is still in the mix. Wow! Keep playing hard. WDE
TMI my friend - Paris is now scouring property records across Duval County in an attempt to triangulate your location. Keep your head on a swivel.
I disagree. Taking the Bama job is not a dip down. The pressure to win in T-town is far greater than anything he'll ever experience in Cleveland. I think Bama could easily lure him away from the NFL. If Nick likes Kitchens, he and Byrne will put together a package that will be hard to turn down. Kitchen's wife is also a Bama grad. As long as the money is right, would they rather live in Cleveland or come home to Alabama? They also have two small daughters -- there's the family thing to consider as well. If I was a Bama fan, I'd be rooting for Kitchens to win in Cleveland.
Odd photo choice for this article - isn't that from two seasons ago? And can someone get Kirby a jacket that fits ...
You're missing an obvious current NFL coach - Freddie Kitchens, former Bama QB (93-97). If he wins in Cleveland, he'd be on my short list. Just looking at his talent - Mayfield, Chubb, OBJ, Landry, Callaway - I believe the Browns will contend in AFC North and could challenge for the Conference.
I'll date myself with this reference, but I see Dabo taking the Vince Dooley path. Dooley played and coached (as an Asst) at Auburn, but once he took the HC job in Athens, he never left. Even when Shug Jordan retired in 1975 and Auburn offered the job to Dooley, he turned it down. After a highly successful 24 yr coaching career, he did another 25 yrs as AD.
Road win at Auburn was a positive sign - but Pruitt got zero traction from that. No one thinks Pruitt is ready to take the Bama job tomorrow - besides, Nick isn't leaving anytime soon. The article suggested Pruitt "looks" like a guy who might be ready in 3-5 years. Let's say Pruitt wins 8 games this year and then posts two 10 win seasons ('20 & '21) but loses to Bama & UGA both years. Would that be good enough in Tuscaloosa?
This is fake news. Kirby is a clip-on guy
don't you mean "in a bounce-around" career JUST like McCarron? No one knows Stidham's upside. He'll get snaps pre-season and have a shot to become QB2. Beyond that, we won't see him - barring injury to Brady.
The trifecta makes it an easier choice - but what if all he does is win the East once or twice, but never beats Saban in regular season and never wins the conference - is that enough?
What does Pruitt have to do in the next 5 yrs for Bama fans to say 'Yes' to the hire? Beat Bama once or twice? Win the East? Win SEC?
Willis is a huge question mark for me - his sample size is small and many of his reps were Wildcat/Trick play formations when he was expected to make a big play. I believe Willis is a capable QB but my $$ is on Gatewood at this point.
Standing by for the Herbert -vs- Fromm debate. Since we don't have any Oregon fans on SDS, maybe TruVol(Dawg) will volunteer to represent the Ducks and defend Herbert.
I like Stidham and wish him well, but he def regressed from '17 to '18. Blame Gus ... but there is plenty of game tape where his decisions were too slow or he flat out missed seeing wide open receivers. His demeanor is extremely mild mannered. I don't need a hot-head or cheerleader, but even Brady shows his emotions from time to time. Great opp to study/learn from the GOAT ... but very tough place to play. Boston's fanbase has grown accustomed to winning -- anything less will bring out the boo-birds if/when Stidham gets to play.