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Darth, pls elaborate on any current feud brewing between Tide & Tigers. I'm not tracking anything other than the normal 24/7 "your Momma wears combat boots"
While UGA fans were busy throwing bricks from the balcony of their glass house ... this just in. BREAKING NEWS - Georgia recruiting program coordinator Dacia King has been fired, and director of on-campus recruiting Lukman Abdulai has been suspended for a month without pay.
On the subject of your WR mystery, here’s an update on “He Who Must Not Be Named”. Graduation is a month away – word is he’ll earn a diploma. He’s scheduled to take SAT on June 1st – results will be out around July 10th. NCAA DI uses a sliding scale, so based on a final GPA of approx 2.25, he’ll need to score around 900 on the SAT. Was told based on his 1st attempt last fall, 900 is a stretch goal. In the category of “It Might Mean Too Much”, a bit of irony here – since he snubbed both Alabama and Auburn, some tutors have been less than enthusiastic about working with him.
Very impressive indeed. For the last 11 seasons, the SEC has had 7 different teams win or finish runner-up in the CWS. That's absolute dominance.
Hope the weather is good and you have a great time. College baseball is such a great atmosphere and Foley Field is really nice park. I'll be in Auburn the following week (10 May) to watch your Dawgs battle AU in Plainsman Park.
Fair enough. Fromm is a very good college QB ... just not ready to compare him to a 4x SB winner and 1st ballot HoFer. The red jersey is the only similarity I see.
Momentum can't be measured. Get off to a good OOC start and grab a road win at the Swamp ... and suddenly Knoxville on that first Saturday in October (hosting UGA) becomes the epicenter of college football. The GameDay crew (Herbie, Pollack, Corso and Desmond) would certainly be on hand for that match-up.
Darth - no offense taken. CFP selection process is better than BCS but still inherently flawed. Was ND a better team than UGA last year? I say not. But the committee punished UGA for playing (losing) in the SECCG. Sankey's recent remarks about expansion - "Four works" - is Commissioner-speak for "we want to maintain as much control over the playoffs as possible". By keeping it at 4, the CFP can hand-pick the match-ups they want. With expansion, you introduce the potential of lower seed teams knocking off favorites. That's a game of chance the CFP (and Sankey) will never support. CFP is about $$$ first; a level playing field is a distant second.
Montana??? SMH - I'm just glad you didn't say Steve Young. Of course, if Fromm continues his post season 0-fer streak, can we label him Jim Kelly?
Ha! If Gus is still at Auburn when Saban finally steps down (5 yrs?) it's only because he's figured out how to beat Bama & UGA and won the SEC at least twice during that period. I'm eternally optimistic but not holding my breath either. On a serious note, you gotta think Freeze gets a P5 job after a few years at Liberty.
Before we lose our minds over Kylin Hill, let's acknowledge Moorhead had two EXTREMELY talented backs in Chase Edmonds (Fordham) and Barkely (PSU). Both are in the NFL today and both are very productive. Edmonds played in the Patriot league - of course his college stats look like fantasy numbers. Barkley was/is straight-up elite. Putting K. Hill in the same conversation is hasty.
Darth, the argument for CC auto-bids started when Ohio State got in over PSU (Ohio State didn't win the Big 10 and lost to PSU during the regular season) and when Bama got in without even playing in the CCG. That pi$$ed off a lot of fans across college football.
207 and he chose not to run. He was on a steady diet of Popeye's and Haagen-Dazs for over a month. Wasn't even close to his playing weight
10 wins is tough to repeat in SECW ... but he should be safe for at least 2 years. One thing that could get the buyout-buzz started is if someone other than LSU dethrones Bama to win the West. Especially if it's TAMU. Woodward would use that to say "Look how smart I was to hire Jimbo; now let me do the same in Baton Rouge." Orgeron's buyout is chump change for the Purple Jacket Mafia.
High praise from GMac. With an experienced NFL-sized O-line, Fromm should rarely get dirty.
I'd like to see the Vols get some traction in the SECE.
Auburn has 4 SEC series remaining - Vandy (away), Bama & UGA (home), LSU (away). Offense has to do a better job with RISP. Bullpen is what it is ... Let's get hot Tigers.
I'm warming up to the idea of JG, but need to see more before I push my chips to the middle. A-Day was impressive... but it was only A-Day. I'd like to see him start vs Oregon and get significant reps, but Bo needs some live action in week 1 also.
Fromm deserves to be in the pre-season convo - but your point is valid. A big performance early in the year vs ND will be important to fuel the narrative. Tua and Trevor are obvious favorites. Where raw stats are concerned, don't overlook Herbert (Oregon) and/or Eason (Wash). They could post big numbers in the PAC12. Ehlinger (TX) is another one to watch. He threw for ~ 3300 yds last year ... the national love affair for Longhorn football is well documented.
OOC P5 games help/hurt SOS depending on what year it is. UGA, SCar, UF and UK all have permanent OOC P5 rivalry games. UGA rarely blinks vs GT. UK faced Louisville and Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson just 3 short years ago. Gators faced eventual NC winner FSU (Jameis Winston). With permanent rivalries and other games scheduled years in advance, there's nothing premeditated to SOS.
A 4-star (Gatewood) and 5-star (Nix) battling for QB1 is hardly a dumpster fire. A question mark - Yes ... but def not doom & gloom.
No one questions Gatewood's ability to run. Assuming he starts / plays the majority of our first 2-3 games, what do you need to see to convince you he's our QB1?
Ok - I gotcha. I don't know your depth chart so can't comment on WRs ... but rare is the year when LSU doesn't have someone on the outside that can smoke a defense. I like what I saw from Burrow last year. He can make all the throws. Too early to predict win totals ... but your home/away schedule is fairly balanced.
I'm sure UGA is doing everything possible - but there are certain minimums even athletes have to meet. Kid is a gifted athlete, but school work is not his strong suit. Folks around Hoover HS say he has an army of tutors working with him around the clock.