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I'm glad exposed the idiotic mismanagement of a scholarship athlete. I was/am a big fan of Asa and believe he could've contributed at a high level this year ... but Gus/Chip put the run game into the hands of Whitlow and a few 175lb speedsters. Martin and his family have every reason to be pissed - a season lost for nothing. The iceberg that is Gus Malzahn is much larger than what appears above the surface. When they burned the red-shirt, I thought "okay, now you're going to finally give this kid some carries ..." But nope - he saw very little playing time in the final
AU win big? Houston, did you watch any Auburn games this year? If Malzahn ever discovers that his laminated play sheet is actually two-sided, we might stand a chance. Watching Auburn's offense is like listening to Top 40 radio - its the same 5 songs over and over and over ....
Bo is like a Jordan Speith. He's physically gifted and has worked his butt off to get to this point. He has a huge support system and together they have a road map. So far, he's right on track. His allegiance to Auburn is obvious. That said, you can bet that Dad has a voice in some of the hiring discussions and Gus can't afford not to listen. This kid is way too special to waste in a flawed system with no development. If I was Dad, I'd tell Gus that he & Bo are a package deal. Put him on staff as QB coach and let him continue to shape him. Dad has done a very good job to this point.
Agree to an extent - QB position in NFL has become 'plug & play' - Newton, Winston, Trubisky, Mayfield, Mahomes, et al ... teams expect kids coming out of college to be ready in year one. Hard truth is few NFL scouts are drooling over Jalen's arm strength and accuracy. Hanging around for another year of college is simply delaying the inevitable. I'd bounce and start getting paid while I continue to develop. But that's just me.
I said earlier I think Hurts' draft stock will be fairly high after CFP and he can develop more under NFL coaching vs opting for another year of college. That opinion was met with disagreement here. Idk what Hurts wants or what he needs to get to the next level ... but you're right - Auburn would be short-sighted if we didn't engage him. I think we're a huge long-shot.
Brother I hear ya ... a LOT of Auburn faithful are worried that Gus will destroy another talented young QB. I'm generally opposed to Father-Son coaching arrangements ... but I'm almost to the point where I'm ready for Nix Sr to tell Gus that he and Bo are a package deal. Dad coached him his whole life (along with some private coaching too) ... but if they have a healthy Father/Son relationship, then let Dad leave Pinson Valley and join the staff at Auburn. Not saying that will happen, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if it does.
No doubt Fromm is a rare talent and appears very mature (I don't know the kid). My point is Nix has rec'd very high praise from everyone, his Dad was a QB at Auburn and coaches him in HS today. Nix has been "around" the game his entire life. Barring some kind of Todd Marinovich-esque "crash & burn" scenario, I think he'll be a stand-out for Auburn. He may not start next year, but he looks like the future ... and if we can surround him with some RBs and an OL, he could be the real-deal.
Not ready or not in his best interest to enter the draft? Two very different things. Prior to the Grad transfer rule, Jalen wouldn't have an option to jump to a new school and play immediately. Physically, his body isn't going to mature anymore. Skill-wise, name a college where Jalen would be the starter that has an OC or QB coach who can offer him anything in the way of development that he can't get in the NFL.
No argument ... I prefer to say Malzahn has never hired a QB coach who can develop talent. I don't expect my HC to be that guy - but I do expect my HC to hire assistants who can
President and BOT have made a huge mess of this dating back to the overpriced extension. However the above story is old news - it was part of an attempt to force Gus to pack up and leave - it failed. Moving forward, the Confederacy of Dunces (Harbert & Leath) have put restrictions in place - but nothing is iron-clad. Everything is open to negotiation - if Freeze wants a multi-year deal, they'll consider his offer. They just won't allow CGM to do a deal without their approval.
if Pappoe was going to flip, it would've already happened - or he wouldn't have tweeted that out. The cloud over Auburn has been there for months -- this kid is well aware he has options. He has a personal relationship with Travis Williams (LB Coach) and he trusts him. And he believes he can be a dominant player at Auburn. Right or wrong, he's signing with Auburn.
Depending on Tua's health, Jalen could see more playing time in the CFP. If he gets significant snaps and performs as he did in the SECCG, what else does he have to prove in college? I see him in the NFL next year. Development-wise, he'd be surrounded by NFL coaching and would back-up a starter who he can watch/learn from ... assuming he goes to a decent team.
Starting a Freshman QB is not the kiss of death. Fromm had a great season as a Freshman - granted he had Michel/Chubb in the backfield and a dominate defense. But he was clearly better than Eason and won the job. I'm clearly bias (and optimistic), but the high praise for Nix comes from a wide cross section of scouts - not just Auburn hopefuls. The kid is talented and appears to have the necessary skills to make an immediate impact. Biggest problem for AU is lack of a QB coach who can develop Nix (or anyone else for that matter). Until that vacancy is filled, the QB position will remain broken.
Wish him the best - hope he has a back up plan. Coaching and play calling aside, saw a lot of errant throws and missed reads this year. Maybe with the right team and some coaching, he can develop into a next level QB.
Yep, lot of those haters were right here on SDS. When Jalen said no one on the Bama staff asked him what he thought might be best for his future (transfer or stay), he got attacked for being a selfish cry-baby who was pouting because he lost his starting job. He displayed tremendous character all season. That's the type of team player every young athlete should aspire to.
CFP is very specific - they want the 4 BEST teams. Going undefeated doesn't establish a team among the 4 best (i.e. UCF). If you're not impressed by ND, then why include them? I don't like the current 4 team format, the method of selecting teams or the prospect of a rematch between UGA/Bama in less than 4 weeks - but the CFP format is the system in place today. To that end, follow the process, select the 4 best and let the chips fall where they may.
I tend to agree OU gets in ... but I believe UGA is a better team. OSU is slightly above average - def not top 4
Bryant is a "run first" DT QB. Offensive scheme and supporting cast are a coin toss. His chance of success at either program is about the same. I think we'll hear Bryant describe some intangible that swayed his decision when he finally announces.
The committee has a tough decision to make. Georgia showed they belong in the top 4.
Hard to believe Bryant remains interested in Auburn. The coaching drama alone would be an absolute deal breaker for me. Assuming comparable talent on both teams, path to Atlanta favors Mizzou in terms of schedule. They host UF and UT with only one tough road trip to Athens. On the other hand, AU travels to Death Valley, The Swamp and College Station … and then wrap up against UGA & Bama (albeit at Jordan Hare).
Every pair comes with an autographed picture of Colin Kaepernick
^ But I did see where UCF beat Alabama last night on the hardwoods. Avery Johnson LOL
Gus is in full blown "Fight or Flight" mode. He's under attack from every direction - if he agrees to the revised contract, I'd say it's 100% ego driven. Only reason to stay is to prove everyone wrong... but I don't see that happening in 2019. AU program won't recover until Gus is gone - and even then it may 2-3 years under a new HC before we can consistently recruit the talent required to compete in the SEC.
Little to do with Lindsey; more to do with taking the check book away from Gus. Gus can hire/fire his coordinators as long as it's cost neutral.
You've obviously never heard of a Prop Bet. The score at halftime was beyond any bettors' wildest dreams
I think UGA is def one of the top 4 teams "today". Assuming they play Bama well and lose by less than 10 pts, I'd vote them in over OU (given the current method of selection). If it's a 2 score plus game, no-can-do. Plus, I don't like the idea of a December rematch. As to the Clemson scenario, a loss to Pitt should absolutely penalize them. You can't excuse a CCG loss as a "trap game". Everyone knows what's on the line ... this is the time teams should be peaking. To lay an egg in December is inexcusable IMO. As long as CCGs continue to exist, you can't lock the top 4 after week 12. I don't like that ND gets to chill while others have to continue to run the gauntlet - that's a major problem in my opinion that needs immediate attention if we want any semblance of fairness in the selection process.
^ Ditto. Between Leath & Harbert, they've brought nothing but embarrassment to Auburn and wasted a ton of money. I don't care how many buildings he's built on campus - it's all his Daddy's money anyway. Too bad Harbert didn't spend his inheritance on fast women and cars when he was younger... instead he's trying to micro-manage a D1 football program. Jimmy Sexton makes his living off guys with big egos and fat wallets. Harbert is nothing more than a wanna-be Jerry Jones. And we all know how well things are going in Dallas. SMH