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Relying on the bipolar FF13 to lead the Gators is a risky bet. The 4-win finish last year was against mediocre to awful teams. Mullen may turn the program around, but the 2019 road schedule is no cake-walk. I put the Gators at 9-3.
Interesting metaphor. I'd hate to see your Search History. Every team can claim a Murderer's Row at some point in the season. Schedule tweaks are a normal way of life.
McGriff interviewed w/ FSU in January. Glad he was still available - we need to improve our secondary.
How does this happen? In the final minutes of the NFCCG no less? Not a Conspiracy Theory guy, but this smells bad ...
Wish Jerry Jones would pony up the Auburn buyout and hire Gus. TBH, Malzahn could probably do well with Prescott and Zeke.
Share your view on Willis - but haven't seen him tested either. He saw limited action last year and most plays were designed runs. Nix? Looks very promising but way too early to label him the next Fromm, Lawrence, et al. Sandberg - a total enigma. Gatewood - size, big arm ... At least we have some talent to choose from.
Try reading the article. Writer picked Flowers over Hightower (see #7).
Jalen's transfer - hands down. Interested to see how other transfers pan out in 2019 - Eason (Wash), Bryant (Mizzou), Fields (OSU).
@Bruce, the multiple NCs Bama has notched is impressive but all the same unpleasant. Saban rarely loses ... so yes, I celebrate every time it happens. I'd probably get along with more Bama fans if they'd could actually find Tuscaloosa on a map. Just sayin'
@Kirby - gotta give Nix a serious look. He "looks" like he can become a special QB. High praise at every elite camp, a proven winner in HS, big accurate arm, decent size for an 18 y/o. But HS kids don't always pan out. Can't overlook Gatewood. He's bigger (more durable?) and big arm. I'm also curious to see if Cord Sandberg (ex baseball player) can challenge. Should be an interesting spring camp.
Don't follow the Ducks much, but 7-6 win in the RedBox Bowl? That must have been like watching paint dry. Glad I missed it. QB questions on the Plains will dominate Auburn headlines. Hope we have a clear QB1 after Spring. Don't need QB controversy headed into 2019.
Malzahn is still available. Buyout is a little pricey but I'm sure Auburn would meet you in the middle.
if goal is CFP, avoid ACC/SEC. FSU/Miami aren't knocking off Clemson next season; Vols are a long shot to win SEC. Maryland/Locksley connection is an obvious choice. He can square up against Justin Fields at OSU. PAC12 is best opportunity to throw up Fantasy numbers IMO. He'll have to contend with Eason at Washington for headlines. My gut says Terps
Neil, you played 3 crappy teams to close out regular season. Enjoy the bowl win but don't bet the farm on next year. FF13 is still a headcase.
Surging? Big losses to UGA and Mizzou followed by a narrow home win against SCar and wins vs Idaho & FSU. That's high praise for a easy end to the regular season. The bowl win was nice - and cause for optimism, but way too early to assume UF is turning the corner.
Village bicycle? Tough criticism for a guy who was integral part of UGA's turn-around. JC called 3 flat games in last two years. Road game at Jordan-Hare ('17), Road game Baton Rouge ('18) and the recent loss to Texas. He called two very good games against Bama (CFP 17) and SECCG (18). UGA lost both due to defensive struggles and bizarre special teams play. Easy to 2nd guess certain calls after the fact. Vols could've done a lot worse
Ted, your sarcasm actually hits to my point. Last time we saw Clemson in the CFP, they got trucked. This season they play a weak schedule and struggle against TAMU & 'Cuse. Yet they cruise against ND and dominated last night. No question about their talent - they looked amazing in every facet of the game. But there are 2 or 3 teams got left out that if they'd played Clemson's schedule this year, they most likely go undefeated and make the CFP. So, are we giving SOS too much weight or too little?
LSUSMC, classic - you answered a question with a question. Do you believe the CFP got it right this year?
Hail, you jump to the wrong conclusion every time on this board. I'm fine with Bama - they absolutely deserved to be #1 all year. The question is how much weight should SOS receive?
Easy to reel off names of impact players AFTER the fact. No one saw 2010 coming. And no one saw 2013. Unknown players became household names in one season. AU has plenty of returning starters and incoming Freshman who could start. If CGM can build a game plan around the available talent, we'll be contenders.
Is SOS still valid as part of the CFP selection? Clemson's SOS was on par with UCF this year. Two close wins against TAMU & Syracuse. And yet they played flawlessly tonight and embarrassed a team most believed to be Saban's best ever. With hindsight being 20/20, did the CFP select the 4 "best" teams or 4 "most deserving" ?
Gimme a break. AU is one year removed from SECW champs. Championship aspirations aren't unrealistic. 2009 AU finished 8-5; following year 14-0 National Champions. 2012 AU finished 3-9; following year 12-2 played for NC. UGA 2016 finished 8-5; following year 13-2 played for NC.
Doesn't really matter that the defense couldn't stop Philly and the offense struggled. Fans will only remember the doink. Parkey just earned Stever Bartman status with Chicago fans - he should leave town NOW. Seriously
Apparently. Too bad no one proofreads these before posting on Twitter. "Ability's" And this kid is a college graduate? Go figure? SMH
Living rent free in your head. You're so pitiful
@BT welcome to the grown-up table. I stated facts based on comments from Bama fans I know personally and the ease with which Saban replaces skill players and coaches and yet continues to win. Until those departures begin resulting in losses, you'll never understand what UGA, Auburn and others feel. Don't split hairs with me about the number of players lost to the draft. Auburn starters leave early every year. Kerryon Johnson, Kam Pettway, Carlton Davis, Jeff Holland, Jarrett Stidham, Jamel Dean, Darius Slayton ... just to name a few recent players.
@atnvol, you do realize that Ouija boards aren't real, right?
A very sane perspective - well said. The new normal for top tier programs