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I ask because even with a close loss at BD Stadium...I still see LSUs resume as the best of the two, but Bama gets the nod to be ranked higher. I can see LSU barely losing against Bama, win out, and meet Bama in the CFP club...similar to 2017.
You're good, man. Just trying to separate myself from the trolls...
Check out the rapid reaction from last week...pretty decent reaponses including one from myself. Not much to talk about with a bye week, btw.
I don't get Coach M. KT is a better QB than Stevens. If Stevens started against UK, Ms State would have another L in the record books. Coach M ruined a good run-first QB in Fitzgerald, ruined a decent up and comer in KT, and refuses to completely acknowledge how much better Schrader is than his PState golden boy Stevens. Ms State has a talented offense with a run-threatening QB who gets first team reps...it should be Schrader or KT. Send the coach back to that other conference, I laughed at him last year when he ruined a good team and I'll laugh on his way out the door.
Good thing "good games" only matter on the field... Good game, WILLFERRELLSNOTTHATF*NNY
Trask has guts. Sprained MCL is nothing to wince at...that QB should be a legend now. Not trying to add insult to injury, but Franks's slight ability to scramble did not outweigh Trasks's ability to throw the football...Trask should've been out there the whole time.
O-Line didn't show up in the first half for the run game. Florida put the game on Bo and Gus didn't help his freshman with playcalls. Turnovers. If Mullen had not have played the fake punt, the margin could've been larger. Auburn's field goals possibly wouldn't be on the board either if not for UF fumbles. D-Line showed its dominance again for its context.
Hate it for Kyle, that guy has waited too long to make an impact as a Gator. With that said, Mullen calling Marlon's play dirty and protesting it out on the field when the jumbotron here clearly showed Forsythe held Marlon and guided him down into the tackle is just immature. Here's to a full recovery for Trask. He's UF's best QB since Grier...
Eh...I have a sense of humor. If you can't laugh at yourself, have you really ever lived? (goes for everyone) Everything gets settled on the field at the end of the day and our only gain is entertainment. Don't take stuff or yourself seriously and humor becomes even better.
How so? This isn't trash talk either, it's trolling and borderline meme'ing. How is this not funny?
It was called the Reggie Bush Act for a reason sponsored by the assembley people over the districts where USC, Stanford and UCLA reside... #fakenews
You can only talk natty when you get to the CFP. You can only talk SECCG when you get to ATL. You can only talk winning the west when you've won it. We're 5-0, stop talking.
I don't know if UGA could've gone into Austin and did what LSU did. I have that as #1 win, NDU as #2 and the neutral Oregon win #3. Auburn certainly has the overall right now with two ranked wins away from home. TBD for the rest of the season, but it looks like one of those classic Gus's Magical Seasons brought to by The Hot Seat.
I understand the projections...we do have the toughest road ahead. But who else has the better resume up until now?
Funny reading OSU Twitter and Facebook comments about how the Huskers win validates them to have finally played a worthy opponent...this same Husker team who struggled against South Bama and the Illini, wasn't ranked and lost to Colorado.
If Auburn cannot manage a NY6 bowl or CFP slot this year...pray for the team against us...Purdue 2.0 with the team we have...
To clarify, Blake Barnnett wasn't stupid in the film room or out on the town. The comparison was for three highly ranked QBs coming out of High School who couldn't cut it. The dialogue box to type in is too small to really see what you wrote...
What do you mean by develop? Are we to expect a "developed" QB to go undefeated or have a higher win total or have better stats against tougher opponents year over year? Cam had a better year at Auburn than he did at JUCO...I think he won a Natty and Heisman in his only year as QB1 at the D1 level too...Developed by Gus. Nick Marshall had not taken a snap as QB at the D1 level (threw 20 Ints in JUCO), came in and led Auburn to a Natty appearance with much fewer INTs (better decisions) and a much higher QBR. The following year, he got better with an even higher QBR. Developed by Gus. JJ and Sean White too stupid in the film room and at the bar...kinda like Blake Barnett...remember him? Jarrett Stidham product of a non dual threat in a dual threat shaped offense. This one is on Chip Lindsey for only allowing bubble screens and skinny posts in the passing game. Bo Nix...6/19, 51 yds, 2 INT in the first half against Oregon...(currently #7 total defense, #11 pass defense, #19 rush defense)...since then, 930 yds, 7 pass tds, 2 rush tds and 0 INTs against tougher competition any other true freshman QB has faced in many many years. Let's not rush to judgement quite yet...
Vegas odds makers havent gotten Auburn right in SEC play so far. Home crowd wasn't a factor at Kyle. Remember, the spread is only set to attract balanced money to the bookies...nothing more.
True freshman QBs showed out tonight. Tommy Stevens is done as far as Moorehead's job security is concerned. In 2013, I was at the MSU/AU game at JH Stadium and a little known QB came in and ran the system better than the starter...my good buddy, Dak Prescott. Schrader runs the system better, he is the future.
Nix is getting better every game. His freshman moment already happened when he was 6/19 with 2 INTs in the first half against Oregon. Zero INTs since, just needs to protect that ball and himself when running. Rushing and blocking is good. Defense needs to shore up short passes and dual threat rushing. Overall, pretty good performance.