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They can bring the flag down, but that does not solve the problem of racism. Racist will be racist even without the flag flying. So, how many people are ready to do away with the Clinton Library because it makes me cheat on my wife? Do you see that the flag does not make people any more or less racist? Just like the Clinton Library in Arkansas does not make me commit adultry. Until we change the views of the racist, the flag is the last thing that should be a concern. I dont care what they do with the flag one way or the other.
It is a big boy violent game. As an LSU Tiger fan, if you dont think there is anything wrong with this, please then tell Les Miles to stop complaining after every game that people are taking shots on Fournette. Everytime he talks about Fournette, it is about how people are taking "cheap" shoots at him. The newspaper in Memphis was trying to please the Memphis people and sell more newspapers is all, but still tasteless!
I would agree as REPORTED that this did ot warrant a shooting. But to say "Shooting someone is never the answer." That is just stupid. Let someone pull a gun on me or my family, or rape my daughter or wife, and they will be 6 feet under.