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LET'S pack his bags tomorrow morning, Saturday will be worst than the Tennessee game!
We may be back in the Croom Era, but he did put a Defense on the Field every game!
Mississippi State's Defense has not graded better than a D- in 3 games! Better learn the Defense Line on how to tackle, going have to stop Running Backs before they reach the Safeties! With Mississippi State's Offense Performance in the 4th Quarter, would knock them down to a C-, have to play a 4 quarter game, both sides!
And the Suspensions are the Coaches & Athletic Department's Fault, all of these Players, should have been thrown off the Team & out of School! One is in School, to take their own Tests, Yes this Leadership is very Bad for Mississippi State!
Moorhead was handed a Team that should have lost 1 game last year!Alabama should have been the only lost, but I will still think, if we ran the same Offense Scheme, that was used on Auburn, Nobody could have beat Mississippi State, 3 Running Backs & a Running Quarterback in the Backfield at the Same Time, Nobody knew who would be Running the Ball! Moorhead probably destroyed Aries Williams Pro Career too! Now on Defense, where is the Defense Line hanging out, the Other Team Running Backs are making to the Safeties, before Anyone gets a chance to try to tackle, have seen this in all 3 games! I see Talent all around Moorhead, but he's showing he doesn't know how to Use it! Do believe more Croom Years to Come!
If a Player can not take their own test, should have been kicked out of School and off the Team!
What I seen, Mississippi State's Poor Tackling, made Louisiana look good, last year State tackled. It was the 1st game, One needs to hit so hard, it'll make the ball pop out! Mississippi State has always had a Great Defense, step it up or Southern Miss going to make you look Foolish, for sure!
Mississippi State's Strength has always been Running the Football! Moorhead hurt the Team last year, by not using Aries Williams more, it has also sidelined Williams on a Pro Career too! Will take a while to Forgive Moorhead too!