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I've been watching college football for over 50 years (I'm 70), and that was one of the worst cheap shots I have ever seen! It's one thing to be fired up and quite another to take a running start and try to injure an opponent. I have no doubt that was the young man's intention. He should be kicked off the team!
The key word being "almost." A W is a W, whether you win by 7 or 107. App State will win a lot of games this year, but no other SEC team had the guts to put them on their schedule, especially as the 1st game of the year.
That remains to be seen. Games are won and lost on the field, not in social media commentary.
I'm willing to chalk this one up to 1st game jitters, but Josh had better make a drastic improvement, and soon! He displayed a lack of judgement on too many plays, and the Vols were fortunate that Jalen Hurd was in the right place at the right time to recover Josh's fumble. He may have a winning record as a starter but there have been way too many close games under his leadership. Dormady and Guarantano, one of you guys could be seeing a lot of playing time soon if Dobbs doesn't play a lot better against Virginia Tech next week.