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Uhhhhh I'm no UGA fan but..... No.
After next week they'll be switching UGA and South Carolina.
Another flawed opinion of power rankings. Let's wait until week three or four.
You're high. They've been talking smack all year. Chubb this, Swift that.. oh look there's Michelle.. Last time Carolina played a number one, they won.
They're too ignorant to understand hate. UGA is two plays away from falling apart..
Nikki Haley is an idiot.. Most of those Troopers are working voluntary overtime at those games so she wouldn't be pulling anyone off the streets.
I don't see and edge for MSU anywhere. If it comes down to it, we have a better kicker. I think you'll see the Cocks win by 17. One game doesn't make a season unless its again a non-conference lower tier team, then it means everything..
You guys barely beat App State.. and you're thinking about winning more than 6? Give me some of what your smoking..
I love all the Gamecock haters on here... good luck this year, we're coming for you..
I love the early assessments. No real knowledge of either team. You can't give the edge to Vandy on Defense and then give the edge to Deebo as a WR. It makes no sense. Overall Vandy has a year of playing experience as a team over Carolina. I don't think that's going to make much of a difference. You can look for a totally different, much improved offense, against Vandy and when the dust settles, they'll have lost another season opener.. Not to worry though, they'll always have Kentucky..
I love being the proverbial "underdog." Makes victory all that much sweeter.
LMAO... WOW.... just WOW! This is why I don't read any sports articles during football season. They're worthless...
Another worthless poll/ranking. They do this every year and it never turns out to be correct. Basing a teams strengths and power on a few positions is ignorant and immaterial. The fact is, there are a lot of good players on every team that haven't had a chance to show how great they can be either because they haven't had a chance to play or they haven't been there that long. How about we just wait it out a few weeks to see what happens..
So, you've won one in the past 14 years... and???? eyeroll..... Every year you're supposed to pound SC but alas, it's gone back and forth... let's just wait and see if you have any players eligible by week 6..
I want some of whatever you were drinking when you wrote this, Or was it supposed to be a comedy? Either way, that there is some funny stuff..
LMAO.... ummm. Riiiiiiight.. their first mistake was picking LSU to win the West, then they picked UT to win the East? I'm going to Vegas
Yeah.... Not buying a lot of this Wishful thinking on UT's part. UGA won't win more than 8 LSU top of the West? Riiiiiiight.... heard that way too many times..
OMG They're dreaming... I'll bet $10,000 that South Carolina wins 7 minimum and UT taking the East?? Sorry folks but that won't ever happen again...
I agree.. UT? They'll be lucky to get six. UGA might win eight.
That's funny... when you consider they both have the same number of National Championships in the past ten years.....
At least our will be cost effective... Enjoy sitting out those next three bowl games...
What kind of meds were you on when you wrote this? I want some....
Alabama is played out.. they'll drop three games this year..
So, do all of Michigan's teams get to travel to the sunny south for early training? Seems to me if school doesn't provide this for the women's teams etc, it could be a Title 10 violation.
Really? I know you won't bet on those predictions. Laughable at best..
Jumped ship? He left because you had idiots like Brandon Wilds and Lorenzo Nunez thinking they could play when and how they wanted. Or not play at all. Outspoken players should be benched period. They're just tools, not coaches and in this case not even leaders. There's a reason the team is 3-8. It's called stupidity and ego.
Damn Perry Orth did better in one half than the rest of these guys did on a game and he's not on this list? 13-20 179 yards 65.0% comp 8.95 y/a I wish he would have thrown 52 times like Prescott or that we would have played teams like Tennessee Martin and Fresno State..