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I think a sleeper would be Oklahoma at Mizzou. I’m biased obviously, but if they’re both ranked highly going into the game it could be a big seller for ESPN. I don’t believe we’ve hosted it since OU was 1 and Mizzou was 6 back in 2010. I worked that game, atmosphere was incredible.
Kind of been a wild 24 hours for football, hasn’t it?
He may be doing fine with the 49ers, but he fell flat on his face at Mizzou. He is happy in the nfl, and I am happy he is almost as far away from Columbia in the continental US as you can get. There is no defending that season’s defense.
I wouldn’t leave out the fact that Baker’s family connections to the area. Getting paid more and being closer to family are tough to beat.
The greatest coach in CRB history, bar none. It is going to be strange not seeing him on the sidelines. Congratulations coach on an incredible career!!!
Trust me, we have not forgotten Steve Wilks at Mizzou…
I hope he chooses us, but I wonder how much losing Baker hurts us here. Hopefully we name a new DC soon. One NOT named Steve Wilks…
You talked garbage about Mizzou all season long, so allow me to call “I have a fond spot for Mizzou in my heart” Grade A BS…
Florida State doesn’t have a leg to stand on. What was it, 28 sit-outs and transfers because life isn’t fair? They showed their true colors, and it isn’t much to look at…
I think I went with 38-28 Tide or 28-18 Tide, something like that. I expect the tide to win in convincing fashion, but I don’t expect a blowout. Tide is peaking at the right time, I expect them to take the NC.
I need to addend this a little…not many opted out of those teams.
The problem isn’t the bowl system, it belongs to the players and teams. They chose to quit because they can’t be number 1, they can’t be a national champion. And making excuses for them saying this or that game “doesn’t matter” is insulting to the game of football. Team players see it to the end. You’ll notice Georgia players didn’t opt out even though they just won back to back NC’s, I don’t recall any Ole Miss players opting out, and Mizzou players didn’t opt out. Spare me the excuses.
Not every game will be a barn burner. Both teams played solid defense with some miscues in offense, but second half Mizzou put it together. This win is huge for the program, we got a tough opponent in a premier bowl game and emerged with a W. M-I-Z!!!
Calls not going our way is par for the course…still doesn’t come close to the 5th down.
Maybe I’m an SEC homer, but I’m picking Bama. They’re battle tested whereas Michigan’s played an horrifically overrated Penn Stste team, OSU and a pretty weak schedule for the rest. Bama is peaking at the right time, I think they win handily, but not a blowout. 37-27.
This is far and away the best response I've seen to this buffoonery yet. Well done, sir.
Trust me, it’s going to be insufferable as it is…
I’ve got Bama over Washington. Primarily because I hate the Longhorns and their self indulgent “we deserve all of the championships ‘cause Texas” fan base. But I think Bama takes it. Peaking at the right time, well seasoned in a tough division/conference, and having a coach who has won multiple championships before cannot be overstated.
It has never been “fair” in college football. It’s the only sport that I know of that does not have a true structured playoff system, until next year. Think about the pre BCS years—NC was crowned based on the AP poll. This is the same poll that ranks ND and USC in the top 15 every year “‘cause Notre Dame and USC.” Seems the undefeated Auburn team from years ago (someone help me out please) has just as big of a gripe as FSU this year.
*Who’s gonna want to coach there*. Come on SDS, it’s 2023, how about an edit button?
I’m not convinced they want to actually build a program, I think they just want to win now. Saban did not build Alabama overnight, Smart did not build Georgia overnight, yet it seems like the A&M boosters just want to throw money at it and make it win. Fisher wasn’t working out, I get it, but man, shows gonna want to coach there if they’re looking over their shoulders and waiting for a pink slip the whole time?
And in other news, gagatorlakelife does not like Billy Napier…