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Misery...I get it, because it sounds close to Missouri! That's clever man, just brilliant.
I did absolutely nothing to you but you chose to insult my alma mater with your scratch off lottery comment. "Little invested, little gained." I bleed Black and Gold buddy, whether we're 10-2 or 3-9. My heart and soul is invested in my school, so don't give me this BS about "little invested, little gained." So I'm glad you're not a fan anymore and don't want to watch college football, it makes more room for the rest of us who are passionate about our schools. Go watch water polo.
Quit feeling sorry for yourself...no one here does. Suck it up, buttercup.
If this broke you as a football fan you've had it too good for too long. Go have some REAL bad years like going without bowl games and getting your rear end handed to you every week, and then get back to us about how hard it is.
Congrats on the win, but let's not get too carried away yet...
I think you’re both right. Texas will try, and Kirby will pass.
I’m not sold on Heupel to OU. He and Stoops clearly did not leave on good terms, and who’s the interim HC? It will be very interesting to see how it plays out.
You know I never blamed him one bit for wanting to move on to a HC position, but the way he did it has always bothered me. Say what you will about Sark, but when Texas gave him the call he stayed with Bama, finished the job there and then went to Texas. That's integrity right there.
Spurrier and Tom Osborne are the only alumni coaches I can think of that lived up to their school's expectations that I can immediately think of. Kirby gets that NC and he's in there too. There's probably a few others, but so many examples of that failed experiment, and a handful at my own school. The other thing to remember is that Bob Stoops fired him after an unsuccessful season-that is probably on his mind as well.
I guess if you're gonna go down might as well go down in a blaze of glory. Enjoy your football pariah-dom.
Gene Chizik says hold my beer…
84 Orange Bowl vs. Miami. Would have been a National Title for them if they had won.
I seem to remember Tom Osborne doing something like this during Nebraska’s heyday and losing a big game. When he was asked if he thought if he should have tied it he said something pretty similar about playing to win, not to tie. Someone can help me with what game it was.
Clever. Why don’t you focus on beating us for the first time in over 5 years.
I found it on another article… “I’ll say it right now, the Big XII does not want Iowa State to lose this game.” And then “Bob Bowlsby, you need to answer to this. This is ridiculous.” That was the start of it, but they continued on for quite a while. It appears to be referring to an obvious interception they ruled as an incomplete pass. I feel like with the quality of officiating across the board being as poor as it is right now this reaction should have been seen coming.
So instead of fixing lousy officiating you silence those who call it out? Sounds about right…
Good for him, it sounds like he needed a change of scenery. But despite our struggles this year I’m not going to pretend that his defenses at Mizzou we’re spectacular. I’m happy he is finding success.
Yup, I would agree with our assessment, and hopefully it sends Martin packing.
Well that ought to be enough to light a fire under Drink’s seat…
Martin had better be on the hot seat, and quite frankly I hope he’s gone at season’s end. The season’s ending meltdown from last year was unbelievable, and that’s 100% on our coaching staff.
I think I’ve just grown to accept the fact that ND will always be in the top 10 because “Norte Dame.”
There will be movement for at least 2 of those teams in the top 5, so it’s definitely still possible for them to get in. But I’m sure Ohio state will still find a way to get in.
12. Missouri: Steve Wilks’ NFL experience will reinvent the Missouri defense. Yup, it has been "reinvented" alright...
Your handle terrifies me, because I'm scared to death that's where we're headed. It took us over 20 years to dig ourselves out of that hole.
He is firmly on the hot seat for sure after today's outing. A convincing win might have bought him some time, but this year has been a meltdown of epic proportions.
This is Georgia’s year. I think they take home the NC this year. Whatever big 10 team makes it into the playoffs will be out immediately, OU has no defense, so I guess that leaves Oregon as a real threat, but I think Georgia’s defense will handle it. Wishing it for you all anyway!
Honestly? I see one game we should win. I see one game that's a toss up, one we will likely lose and two that we will probably get destroyed in. That's me being highly critical, and I hope that I am proven wrong. The problem is (and has been stated multiple times by myself and all others on here) is defense couldn't stop an NAIA team, so my expectations are very low.