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Really wish they would quit force feeding this rivalry on us. You can’t force a rivalry like Mizzou vs. Kansas or Arkansas vs. A&M. They take years, or in our case a war.
Personally I like the hire. Solid resume, a very obvious up-and-comer that would have been snagged away by somebody like Michigan in a few years when they decide they’ve had enough of Harbaugh. Make no mistake, he’s got his work cut out for him, but it seems he got the fire to make something happen. Looking forward to Mizzou football in the fall.
Agreed, seems like a very solid hire. Not necessarily the flashiest hire, but I’m not interest in flash, I’m interested in substance, and this guy has coached with some great people. I feel so much better about this program than I did a month ago.
I wouldn’t think there’s too much to read into that, but then again, it is Lane Kiffin. Tennessee fans, want to chime in on this one?
In fact, they are opening up an aquarium in St. Louis in a couple of weeks...
This would actually be an ok fit in my opinion. SEC experience, honestly has had pretty good HC record despite his last season at Florida, can recruit and we know what our rebuild will entail and will give him the time to build up a solid program.
All I can honestly think with this potential hire is “meh.” Seems like a Pinkel equivalent. Better than we are now for sure, but could he take the next step? I’ve been watching a lot of boards and I know this isn’t looking a popular hire with the majority of Mizzou fans.
God these crack me up every time.
You’ve got the best coach in college football, you pull top 3 classes every year. Yeah, I’d say you’re still poised for a solid future.
Clearly this is a troll, or this guy is so high on meth his hearts about to have a coronary. Thought he was just stupid until the “Mizzou’s the reason the SEC has a national network.” Wow.
It is a brutal business. But as a head coach you’ve got to know what you’re getting into. He was in over his head. I can’t wish I’ll upon a fellow alumni, I hope he gold so a group of 5 position and gets the kinks worked out. But this had to happen, I haven’t felt so bad as a Missouri fan in my life as I have this past week.
I’m cautiously optimistic. Clearly we had a coaching problem, but the question is what the AD does going forward. We wanted to play with the big dogs, now it’s time to act like it. Most critical higher of Sterk’s career at Mizzou, make it a good one.
Well, that’s a bummer, but regardless of their decision this team had the opportunity to make a statement and dropped the ball. I had hoped for an us vs. the world kind of attitude, but we didn’t get it.
I agree with most of it, but I know Moorhead is incredibly unpopular and they want him gin. As for my school, will the boosters do the right thing? This feels like a bigger free fall than when Pinkel took over. But when Pinkel took over we had a 20+ year losing streak to Nebraska, not once did we even compete for a division title. Odom has done less with more than Pinkel ever had to start with, so this “apples to apples” comparison doesn’t work.
Absolutely this. I remember before Yost resigned I thought Pinkel was going to go down with him. Loyal to a fault.
Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty much how we’re looking at the team and coaching staff at the moment. Need a change.
Looking forward to see what we do this year. I feel like we’re going to be a much more balanced team this go around and now we’re really going to see what our coaching can do.
Yeah, I’d agree with our assessment. Really hope the boaters go shopping for a coach instead of what’s convenient.
Don’t think that was too bold, and I honestly didn’t think we were going to win. Didn’t expect it to go that badly, but oh well.
Congrats, you all controlled the game and deserved the win, no doubt about it. I hate to admit this, but after last week I had this chalked up as an L for Mizzou. It’s beginning to look like we’re about one more blown season away from 1980’s Missouri football, which nobody wants to watch, believe me.
It’s a shame we can’t get a decent coach at Mizzou—we’ve been on the cusp of taking the next step multiple times, but decide to “play it safe” or lose an awesome coach to ND (and yes I’m bitter about that). Mizzou was never out of the running until the 80’s, and look how long it took to get us out, if you can say we’re out of it at all. Mizzou can succeed, but it’s going to take the right guy. All I know is Odom isn’t it...
I would love to can him because I can see where this is heading, a decade of mediocrity, almost’s, only if’s. That being said, my biggest fear is...honestly who could we get to take his place?
There are no pieces to pick up. I mean, good lord...this makes Wyoming look like a good loss.
I think Ole Miss can absolutely pull the upset. That one is isn’t too bold.
I quite obviously can’t speak for the rest of my school’s fans, but I had a good laugh at the Wyoming joke.