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Sankey’s statement was literally in the last article about Texas and OU requesting an invitation to the SEC. This article added nothing to the conversation.
Like the uniforms, but please get rid of the circle tiger helmets and bring back the Block M and the large tiger logo. This are awesome, the circle tiger looks terrible in comparison.
I get it...because "Misery" sounds almost the same as "Missouri." That's pretty clever. You must've be the star of your class in school.
The founding members?!?! Texas and Oklahoma didn’t “found” anything anymore than Iowa State and Colorado did. God I can’t even put into words the pure hatred I have for the University of Texas…
I know they ultimately won’t, but they will expect to be treated differently, and their fans are the worst in college sports.
Texas is a conference killer. At the time we left the Big XII they were receiving 40% of the total revenue of the conference, because they’re Texas. They expect preferential treatment, again because they’re Texas.
We’re here. We like it here and we aren’t leaving. Get over it.
Texas destroys every conference they touch. Stay away.
I was at the Middle Tennessee State game and remember it well, and I'm stunned that no one has mentioned that one. My family and I got up and left at halftime, the effort was garbage, they were playing horrible football and I couldn't watch it anymore. It was homecoming and they acted like they hadn't played football before.
Wish KC had a shot at Bolton, it’s a position of need and he’d be a great fit.
@junebaby01 want to give us a source for that statement?
Solid pickup. You can never have too many linemen. Welcome to the ZOU!
We went down that “proactive” route and got taken to the cleaners for it. Never cooperate with the NCAA.
Well, it reads like a strong hire. Time will tell.
Yeah, I understand how the business works and agree a smooth transition is best. Illinois can take him, I have faith in Drinkwitz, he’s a good judge of character and talent, he’ll find the right guy for the job.
A lot of my friends here who are Illini fans were a little dumbfounded that they fired Lovie, not even so much that he was let go but that they turned around to hire Bielema. To which I have to agree, his success at Wisconsin seems to be a fluke more than anything.
Our defense leaked like a siv, not sure who that is on, but a change of pace will be beneficial for at least Mizzou, maybe Walters. Living in Illinois (unfortunately) I can get tell you there is much lower pressure job, but this is certainly not a move upwards for Walters, much less a lateral move. And with how quickly they canned Lovie Smith may not have any more longevity to it. My guess is the writing was on the wall and this at least saved his dignity.
Solid pickup. Now if we can get a real DC we’re going to be going places.
I’m not going to lose any sleep about this...