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I remember, and agree with your sentiment. That’s why I’m holding my judgement one way or the other. No hype, no negativity. Time will tell if this was a good move or not, but I’m anticipating Horn will transfer regardless.
I’ll reserve my judgement on this move for a few years. I still cringe remembering the Kelly Bryant hype. Not that he wasn’t good or a good person, but that team fell flat on their faces and really fell short on expectations.
Very probably it is commotio cordis—a direct hit to the chest at an exact point in the cardiac cycle that causes a lethal arrhythmia. Absolutely terrifying, prayers for a full recovery.
Drink can’t coach, and we have to sit through another season of this BS. Great work Mizzou…
I know it’s the home opener for BBall vs. Kentucky, but I WANT this matchup to happen. I want to curbstomp those red-legged, cheating, lying chickenhawks all the way from Memphis to Lawrence. Kansas is garbage.
Hey look, another 13 year old posted his first comment in a forum! Congratulations on this key moment in your life!!! Oh, the places you will go!!!
I want to shake my head at this comment, but I’m afraid it would fall off.
Yeah, you aren’t the only one…I will continue to support him because he is our coach, but he is on thin ice.
There were other calls, but there’s no point in pontificating on it now. I’m more interested in his explanation of why we’re wasting this incredible defense on an inept offense. That is solely his responsibility…
If it’s a long kick I like our odds. If it’s a chip shot, might as well just hand the game to UK now…
There’s a reason he’s on the short list of hiring schools ever year. I can only see him ever leaving for one school (Iowa), and even that’s a long shot. He’s loved at UK and has built an incredibly successful program. Great coach.
Something tells me after reading that incoherent comment, someone “told you” the Bible, because you sure aren’t able to read it…
Can we please get mizzou gold back please?
I mean, as much as I like to see the raiders suffer, my question is: what would happen to the average Joe who is not a professional athlete in this situation? Would they get charged, or would they leave it be?
I didn't even have to read this to know who he was going to pick. Article read for confirmation.
Let me rephrase this—your frivolous garbage posts are an embarrassment to our fan base. If you knew half of what you tho got you know about football, you’d realize this is a talented, poorly, poorly coached team. And that falls on coaching.
Solid no from me man, sorry. Not about to sell my schools soul for a winning season. Petrino I can somewhat get, Meyer is just slime.
I’m 100% done with this clown, especially after calling out the fans this week. Problem is, who is going to be interested in taking the job? I can’t imagine a very long list, let alone proven coaches.
Congrats to Auburn for the win. I hope the jet leaves Drink to walk home.
If he’s willing to do that to a human just imagine what he’s already doing to plants behind the scenes. So much for cruelty-free.
I think he’s burned a lot of bridges with his fans on Twitter comment, but we’ll see how it goes. I agree. His absolute inflexibility to give up the reins on offense shows he stubborn, stupid, or both.
Hey buddy, win some games, and at least put up a fight, and fans won’t be so critical. You’ve officially burned out your grace period.
I can’t imagine Stoops leaving for any school outside of maybe Iowa. And Pittman isn’t going anywhere either.