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Solid pickup. You can never have too many linemen. Welcome to the ZOU!
We went down that “proactive” route and got taken to the cleaners for it. Never cooperate with the NCAA.
Well, it reads like a strong hire. Time will tell.
Yeah, I understand how the business works and agree a smooth transition is best. Illinois can take him, I have faith in Drinkwitz, he’s a good judge of character and talent, he’ll find the right guy for the job.
A lot of my friends here who are Illini fans were a little dumbfounded that they fired Lovie, not even so much that he was let go but that they turned around to hire Bielema. To which I have to agree, his success at Wisconsin seems to be a fluke more than anything.
Our defense leaked like a siv, not sure who that is on, but a change of pace will be beneficial for at least Mizzou, maybe Walters. Living in Illinois (unfortunately) I can get tell you there is much lower pressure job, but this is certainly not a move upwards for Walters, much less a lateral move. And with how quickly they canned Lovie Smith may not have any more longevity to it. My guess is the writing was on the wall and this at least saved his dignity.
Solid pickup. Now if we can get a real DC we’re going to be going places.
I’m not going to lose any sleep about this...
“It’s unclear if Duncan blames Missouri for making him miss the precious four Christmas’s with his family.” This. This is why I love being in the SEC.
Disappointed but understandable. Best of luck in the NFL!
A bowl game is a capstone game. Putting in backups for evaluation is a waste of snaps and a waste of game clock. You’ve got the whole off season to evaluate prepare for next year, this is about finishing this year, and wasting minutes to “evaluate your team” is criminal. You play every snap as if it’s your last, you call every play like your life depends on if. That’s what competitors do, and I expect that from them on the 30th.
If nothing else, we get to watch Bama curb stomp ND again. Always a delight.
Make the helmet an all black block M and I’d love it more. Really don’t care for the circle logo helmets.
A head coach leaving for another job would be the most hilarious smack in the face to Texas ever.
Agreed. I always thought Pinkel’s Achilles heel was his inability to adapt or make changes. Yost needed to go and he wouldn’t fire him, and it almost cost him his job. He should probably thank his lucky stars Yost resigned. Good QB coach but had no idea how to run an offense. If someone who just played in high school could figure out what plays he was going to run 60% of the time you know the other team’s D coordinator had him dead to rights.
Dave Christiansen was alright, but otherwise I wholeheartedly agree. Don’t get me started on 3rd and 1, better throw a pass with an empty backfield” Yost. How that man ever was allowed to be an OC is beyond me, and he about took Pinkel down with him.
In defense of Drinkwitz, this website projected him to win exactly 1 game...against Vanderbilt. Which given Odom’s 6 game skid to end the season really wasn’t all that unreasonable. And even with with Arkansas’ recent record they have out recruited our former head coach in all the past years. So Drink didn’t exactly have any luxuries in the raw talent department either.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. This loss is a tough pill to swallow, had hoped to at least keep it within reason. But I’m still convinced we’ve got the right HC and the right staff to get this program back on the right track.
One of my family friends played in that game and I got to see his up close, it was a sweet helmet.
I enjoy the traditional look of block M helmet, these seem to be updated from the past. That and the white helmet with the block M look super sharp. I hope they will still occasionally use the large tiger helmets, but the circle logo can disappear forever as far as I am concerned, never liked that helmet.
I wouldn’t recommend cooperating or self-imposing punishment to please the NCAA, just speaking from prior experience...