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I'd suggest it make a return to Durham, but North Carolina's governor has his head up his ass too.
How did Kyle Trask not get special teams player of the week after his brilliantly executed pooch punt? Since when does one kick not qualify a player for STPotW?
Cold would be pointing out that those numbers would be Trask's third worst as a starter in the Swamp.
That was Franks 3rd best performance in the Swamp, and his best, in Gainesville, versus an SEC opponent.
Why would an elite quarterback prospect go to Georgia, given Kirby Smart's track record of evaluating and managing quarterback talent? It's like Mark Richt left the Faton Bauta playbook in the office, and Kirby thought it was the most brilliant thing he'd ever read.
And a waiver to scholarship limits for those seniors, so as not to screw over underclassmen.
I'm not sure canceling the CWS is warttanted, but I think that it's probably a good idea to postpone competition for a couple of weeks. I hope the NCAA does the right thing, and grants any senior (in any sport) who lost part of their season to this an extra year of eligibility, and a waiver to scholarship limits for those student-athletes.