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The only real question going forward is how Arnett transitions to the HC spot. I think everyone will fully support him and the personnel moves made this week all seem positive. But it does feel like we’re headed for a regression. Some of that is just because ZA is starting in a better position than what Leach had, and we don’t have a good track record of new coaches building off their predecessors. All that said I am excited to see this team next year. Hail State!
So why wouldn't a targeting call in a game qualify for a criminal assault charge? Justice demands these schools hold their athletes accountable for their preposterous behavior after all. In game or not, if they are criminal players they should be severely punished.
Yeah it's only his salary based on presenting the NCAA in a good TV light to make more lucrative TV deals opinion.
I guess disregard and downplay means he didn't eliminate players from their scholarships on the spot to please the cameras. Would be a shame to miss the chance for a strong PR statement just to carry out due diligence. Maybe calling it dumb and wanting to look into the cause of it is the same as justifying it. Making comments about players protecting each other is a ridiculous justification of this episode. Wait was that the other coach that did that?
I'd say Heath needs to grow up. But why do we need to hear everyone air their grievances about how they would do things? If you were running a football program you wouldn't be posting about it here. If the staff had him on the field then they wanted him there (or had no other alternatives) and the responsibility for his actions will fall on them. So what they do about it is their job not some armchair coach or Kirk Herbstreit. In a whole two days the public hasn't seen a punishment come, so they take it upon themselves to dole it out.
Cause Leach is always upfront and honest with everything he tells the media.
"There's always a lot of criticism out there when somebody does something wrong, everybody wants to know how you're going to punish the guy," Saban said, speaking on former Crimson Tide player DJ Pettway. "But there's not enough (support) for 19 and 20-year old kids, people out there saying why don't you give them another chance," Saban said. "Where do you want them to be? You want them to be in the street or do you want them to be here, graduating?"