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If your patience with State runs out after 6 games then you need to find another team.
Why are we bashing Leach for not getting production out of a team with no offensive line, no receivers, and a whole new cast of QBs? With everything teams are dealing with this season? Isn’t a change to Leach’s system something that won’t happen overnight particularly at a place with hardly any QB legacy and no more WR legacy? All the changes and hardly any normal practice should have spelled trouble. I’m very happy to get any win at this point. Is a win not an improvement? He’s dead on about the fans. Leach outta be able to squeeze blood out if a turnip apparently. Give him time. I didn’t want his system, but it’s what we’ve got, and it’s outside the box for the league so for us it’s worth a shot for us and not a quick shot either. I wish we had a Pittman type boring hire like Arky did, but that’s easy to say right now. At the time every State fan wanted a sexy hire. Well here it is, and you better get on board now that reality has set in cause there is nothing absolutely nothing respectable that would take the state job if Leach doesn’t get 4 years.
They said Urban Meyer’s offense wouldn’t work in the SEC too. But he did have Tebow
We’ll find out too how much Leach wants to be here. Here’s the chance to restart the season for both the team and the coaches, but between personnel mismatches, poor offensive line play, and just generally everything going on today it’s easy to see them all distracted and disinterested. Leach will be stubborn, and that’s fine as long as he’s building.
Knee jerk reaction by the AD to realizing Joe wasn’t ready for a head job, and the fan base would never get behind him. The one thing that would have saved Moorhead was beating Florida at home his first year. He had every advantage but blew that game and never showed much development after that. His record could be identical, discipline could have been a bigger problem, and yet he would still be in Starkville now if he’d won that game. A year later the AD realized he would lose his job if he stuck by Moorhead and pulled the plug early as soon as he had an excuse.
They might want to check and see if our line knows how to pass block
Mike Henig had 6 picks in one game, and I doubt Costello can top that. He shows the potential though.
Who needs defense when the air raid is so fun to watch?!
The SEC and it’s officials seem long on philosophy and short on common sense
I should have bought into his development this year. He isn’t greatest of all time or any of that nonsense. But he progressed so well over his time in Baton Rouge, and he distinctly had the best season a college QB has ever had. He’s absolutely NFL ready. I doubted LSU, especially early, in this game, but he absolutely torched a pretty good Clemson defense that I thought would be more up to the challenge on the big stage. But like you said he made throws and quick reads that just amazed me. I thought he and Lawrence would play at a similar level in this matchup, but that was a joke. Congrats to LSU and Coach O. Burrow will be hard to replace, but this one has got to be sweet for LSU.
O’Gara: The cowbell comes from a State vs Ole Miss game where a Jersey (that’s a breed of dairy cow, which is where milk and cheese come from, not the grocery store) wandered onto the field. She had on a cowbell. State came back to win the game. We have rung bells at games since then. What else do you want? Leach to say cowbells were used by pirates?
UT fans get more stuck up the further we get away from the mid-90s. I agree with your take on Leach being more noise than substance. It will get old if he doesn’t win. And I mean win when he shouldn’t. But please leave history out of this. UT is no closer to an SEC title than State is right now. Whether UT has the right “SEC style” or not.
I’d agree. And that’s the best description of Leach I have heard.
Nothing on offense for next year is a known commodity. It doesn’t mean we won’t find success, but it’s not a good sign. Especially with a coach that thrives on slinging the ball around and a roster that lacks both good passers and receivers. Freshmen may be what the staff leans on, but in this league that will not be pretty. KT is by far our best QB, but neither him nor Schrader running the air raid is playing to their strengths. Maybe being in the negative camp is just being a realist.
Ohio State had the best defense in the country. I’m pretty sure Clemson can hang with LSU if they can hang 29 on OSU. It’s not like Clemson’s offense is garbage, and LSU’s defense is scary. Brent venables found a way to stifle an elite talent in Tua. Maybe he can’t stop Burrow, but to think this game is a blowout just because Clemson plays inferior teams compared to LSU is ridiculous. Had Alabama beaten LSU and then won the SEC championship would the Clemson strength of schedule been an issue in a matchup between them?
Agree with your point, but you can only play who you play. Just because Clemson has an easier road to a championship game shouldn’t affect their ability to win or lose in it. Would Dabo fare as well in the SEC? Probably not, but that’s irrelevant. He’s doing a heck of a job, and even if you discount him for his competition, he has still been neck and neck with Nick Saban for the best coach. Who would even be considered third? It’s Nick and Dabo then the rest.
Let UF go 10 years without an East title and say football is only about entertainment.
That means nothing over a multi year stretch. Mullen was a first year HC at state. Maybe we should have passed on him for an experienced HC.
Strategy for success. Do what OM does. No wonder we can’t win the West.
The Kingsbury experiment in the NFL is a joke.
Nick Jr not working out in Athens? Troll somewhere else.