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The same Arky source that thinks Houston Nutt understands their situation and can solve it is probably one of the same Arky boosters that concluded Nutt was the guy they wanted over Malzahn. Does anyone in Fayetteville really think with the team in its current shape that trotting Houston Nutt out on the field against Gus’s Auburn team annually is a good idea?
Mizzou is an equal job to Arkansas except the divisions are not equal. Not bashing the East, it just doesn’t have the mountain that Bama is right now. Mizzou wants a win now coach, but Arky is a safer job for a developing coach. That said why the hail is Houston Nutt’s name being kicked around? You people watch too much Jurassic Park. You can’t resurrect dinosaurs in real life.
No way on Earth should anyone pass on Norvell strictly because he lacks enough experience.
Cohen’s probably under as much fire as Moorhead. Or at least he should be. Took off Cohen’s interim tag, and Moorhead was his guy.
Talent isn’t the problem, but I do think all the turnover of the assistants is either disrupting their continuity or hurting their development.
Ole Miss always prefers splashy coaches. I think this will compare to firing cutcliffe to bring in orgeron, but most likely the guy they hire next will improve on what Luke has done.
Shoop has a UT background. Prevent D isn’t their thing
Just venting at you over Stricklin and Mullen. Mullen to Florida was obvious to me as soon as Urb left, but the Stricklin part is despicable. Maybe the gators will take Cohen and Moorhead off our hands next.
Dykes burnt the bridge with the Mississippi schools a few years ago when he was at LA Tech. Otherwise he would be a good fit. I’m overwhelmed by the job Norvell has done at Memphis, but Ole Miss is highly unlikely to even contact him. But along the Ole Miss/Memphis lines, Ole Miss should look at Justin Fuente. That seems more likely to me than any name on this list aside from Rich Rod. And Fuente would likely keep a chunk of that staff intact. At least he did that at VA Tech.
Matt Luke certainly loves Ole Miss. Hate it for him truthfully because there’s few guys loyal to a school anymore like he is. If the report is true about where he was it’s sad because he deserved a classier departure.
What good is comparing game times? Throwing shade at Ole Miss is not proclaiming the Egg bowl > Iron bowl.
It truly pisses me off that we had great talent over the past couple season with nothing to show for it, but by far I’m more pissed to hear our own “fans” say things like this. I guess I’m settling for mediocrity because I don’t feel entitled to playing for the SEC championship every year. I guess not settling for mediocrity at the very least means we should just pay a buyout we can’t afford to bring in an even more expensive coaching staff to rebuild a team to win the West in two years time or face being replaced after their second year. That way everyone will know we don’t settle for mediocrity. Just plain ignorant.
Yeah, we’re clearly better off without a ten year bowl run.
Firing Odom is going to guarantee Missouri improvement? This is the first ever decade long run state has been in consecutive bowls. Stop complaining. Yes we have regressed, but we’re going to bowls and considering it not good enough. Ten years ago that was a pipe dream. Getting a team to a championship is within reasonable sight now, so support that. We’re better off if we move on from the Mullen and Stricklin years and think of ourselves as such than complaining that we haven’t won the West or finished close to it (which Mullen struggled to do!!!!) Go ahead and jump ship, but you clearly live in a pipe dream. We aren’t a team that will consistently finish atop the conference. We need to catch lightning in a bottle, and despite the disappointment the current staff has yet to post a losing record. So I ask WTH would be an improvement? Name one legitimate, reasonable coaching change that instantly and certainly improves the current staff. If your so disgusted by the last two seasons that you’re not a fan anymore then you must have been born after 2010.
MSU777 please divorce yourself. Heaven forbid you should associate with such a pathetic program.
Great game. Probably is the best rivalry of all, but it’s still not a heated enough rivalry to throw caution to the wind to fake pee on your opponent at the expense of winning the game...then again when you’re not playing for anything else there’s less reason to keep a rivalry classy.
Better team maybe except for where it counts. So what about not getting two teams in. You don’t think our best is better than their best?
“If LSU doesn’t win it all I can’t wait to hear your excuses“ My excuse is that State sux. What is Bama’s excuse?
You paying him to leave? And replacing him at a premium salary with whom?
Why would he? Rutgers can’t pay his current salary without him taking a huge hit on his staff. He’s got more to prove where he is, and he has nothing to gain at this point by leaving other than “cashing in” which Rutgers cannot do for him
Of course Florida is keeping a close eye on what happens in Starkville
Bama is the only school in this league you could say the refs are a tad bit biased towards