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If he could win in Starkville consistently, he’ll be fine in Gainesville.
I think we can be judgmental of an offensive guru whose offense ranked in the bottom of the league with one of the best defenses. His players or not, he had talent last year. I think it’s fair to say he’s not as good a play caller as he touted before last season. He did think Fitz was a Heisman winner...
Transfer quarterbacks don’t work out well in Mississippi. Ole Miss should have proven that by now.
Exactly, I can appreciate what Mullen did, but it was obvious for years he would change programs when his chance came. Florida and State were pretty even teams talent wise at the start of last year, but Mullen improved Florida while Moorehead went into a tailspin. I’m not crying over Mullen departing, I’m pissed that State seems to have wasted the foundation he built. It’s tough to be successful in Starkville, and it sucks to have your head coach publicly admit we’ve always sucked after he came in saying that he wasn’t going to tolerate mediocrity.
The “unrealistic expectations” came from the most talented roster State had in years. Mullen had eliminated the bottom dwelling and brought stability. Stumbling into an average season last year was a massive disappointment because the rest of the west wasn’t deeper or more talented than the roster Moorehead inherited excluding Alabama. More disappointing were the losses to the east schools because that killed any chance of winning the west. The Florida and Kentucky games highlighted Moorehead’s overconfidence in his coaching and his underestimating those teams. It’s a bad look for us that he’s reminding everyone that State has no history, and we should be happy with bowl games and 8 wins. Maybe he learns from his taste of humble pie and improves, but my takeaway from his statements is that he will be looking for a way out of Starkville instead of trying to get State to the level of success he barked about achieving early last season.