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I don’t want to pull against State, but I don’t know whether to pull for Moorhead to improve or not. I don’t know if it would be better to go all-in behind this staff or to let John Cohen make another hire. I don’t think Cohen’s job is in trouble, but I also don’t think he’s the right guy to find a good head coach. Moorhead has to get better or any steps taken forward over the last decade for the program will quickly disappear. I doubt he sees it that way.
Best AD? The guy that left his alma mater to go to another in-conference school then hired away arguably the most successful coach in school history? That guy? He’s on State’s mural of great people? Mullen I could understand making the move. The alum not so much.
I think I may have underestimated Nick Fitz last year. He produced pretty well despite this staff compared to the guy that’s supposed to be the expert in this system. Wish him all the best in the NFL. We miss you Nick!!
Yeah, let’s get a guy that’s obsessed with himself and his system instead of the team he has or the school paying him. Wait, a minute....
Kiffin? The guy that made a dumpster fire out of UT? Why? Why? Oh cause maybe he’ll smack talk Saban before getting his rear end mopped. That’s what we need
Stomped UT? Since State has such an extensive record doing that in Knoxville? This staff mirrors a lot of State’s fans that just expect things to happen. I think the staff is more of a terrible fit in Starkville than they are bad at coaching. Which is also why a successful young head coach at a small school would be a terrible idea. Need a guy with something to prove, not someone looking to move up. Moorhead fit the looking to move up idea
A lot of coaching staffs could have won 10 games with last years roster. But a one loss season is ridiculous to expect
Easy to hate on his tenure but at least Croom was grateful to be State’s coach. Croom’s staff with the talent on the last two years teams would be better than what this staff has done. State is a harder job than most Johnny come lately state fans realize. Cohen’s man has killed Mullen’s build up. Probably would have happened to a lot of guys, but this staff was never a good fit because they underestimated how hard it is to win at MSU.
This was a terrible game to watch. Tennessee fans will take it, but both teams just looked horrible.
No thanks, they’ll be in over their heads just like current staff
And what’s your point? Maybe that Wyo > Arky?
No, it packed up and moved to Gainesville.
I take it KT is still in Starkville but not on this year’s team. Sure seems like this staff has moved on from him.
Lose to K-State at home but win at Auburn with a true freshman QB with two upperclassmen on the bench? Seems like our QB injuries are on par with Notre Dame...very fluid.
It’s easy to say now, but his hiring never made much sense to me. His “turnaround” season at SMU should have ended with a 6-7 record, but Tulane was let down by the officials on a last second no touchdown call that gave SMU an extra win. Even if he is a good recruiter, he’s just the latest in a growing string of poor hires for Arkansas.
It’s not all on the coach. The AD John Cohen should take the blame for a quick hire that may have seemed ok on paper at the time, but so far has proven a terrible fit. This staff will indeed set us back for several years. No, it’s not because they are bad coaches. It’s because they don’t fit with the talent on State’s roster the last two years and are too stubborn to adapt to it. They may be good at scheming, but the evidence so far says they’re lousy at developing players let alone fostering any discipline or preparation.
Tennessee wet the bed. Somebody’s got to clean it up, but it’s probably not going to get the stain out.
Coach O couldn’t stop colonel reb from crying, but he’s an improving coach. He’s great for college football.
If he could win in Starkville consistently, he’ll be fine in Gainesville.
I think we can be judgmental of an offensive guru whose offense ranked in the bottom of the league with one of the best defenses. His players or not, he had talent last year. I think it’s fair to say he’s not as good a play caller as he touted before last season. He did think Fitz was a Heisman winner...
Transfer quarterbacks don’t work out well in Mississippi. Ole Miss should have proven that by now.
Exactly, I can appreciate what Mullen did, but it was obvious for years he would change programs when his chance came. Florida and State were pretty even teams talent wise at the start of last year, but Mullen improved Florida while Moorehead went into a tailspin. I’m not crying over Mullen departing, I’m pissed that State seems to have wasted the foundation he built. It’s tough to be successful in Starkville, and it sucks to have your head coach publicly admit we’ve always sucked after he came in saying that he wasn’t going to tolerate mediocrity.
The “unrealistic expectations” came from the most talented roster State had in years. Mullen had eliminated the bottom dwelling and brought stability. Stumbling into an average season last year was a massive disappointment because the rest of the west wasn’t deeper or more talented than the roster Moorehead inherited excluding Alabama. More disappointing were the losses to the east schools because that killed any chance of winning the west. The Florida and Kentucky games highlighted Moorehead’s overconfidence in his coaching and his underestimating those teams. It’s a bad look for us that he’s reminding everyone that State has no history, and we should be happy with bowl games and 8 wins. Maybe he learns from his taste of humble pie and improves, but my takeaway from his statements is that he will be looking for a way out of Starkville instead of trying to get State to the level of success he barked about achieving early last season.