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Wow, I know the SEC is good at sports that can be played outdoors year round but this level of dominance is pretty insane. Winning the SEC tourney at the end of the year is gonna be a tougher accomplishment than winning the national championship
At this point with UF's top four receivers out I don't think we have much of a chance so I really hope Emory is able to play prolonged meaningful minutes. As much as I love Trask for making Gator football fun to watch for the first time in a decade, I would rather lose and see what next years offense could potentially look like than try and win a somewhat meaningless game with a guy that won't be here next year. Good news is it looks like we got addition be subtraction with Wilson opting out; it will be hard to find another corner that acts lost before every snap and leaves people 10 yds open.
Can't believe UCF/Stanford isn't on the list. Even though Stanford isn't as good as they have been in past years it's arguably the best regular season opponent UCF has played in awhile. On behalf of the rest of the state of Florida I'll be rooting hard for Stanford so we don't have to hear the UCF fantasy bs about deserving a national championship for another four months
My biggest complaint is the ridiculously slow tempo UF has been running the past 7 years. I hoped if anything a faster pace is something Mac would improve upon from the 1950's Muschamp era of football but I guess that was asking too much. There were several games over the weekend in which teams ran more or as close to as many plays in the 1st half as UF did all game. What makes it even more frustrating is UF continued the slow pace even when down two scores in the 2nd half. This coaching staff seems to be under the impression that a short drive looks better on paper if you are able to take up lots of time when in fact it's the absolute worst thing you can do when down. If your offense is gonna suck, it might as well suck fast instead of burning 4 mins gaining 12 yds. Notice how Mich went slow in the 1st and then changed to tempo in the 2nd and completely gassed us; that folks is called coaching through half-time adjustments. Our staff seems to go into every game with one plan and if it doesn't work we essentially accept defeat.
I hear a lot of people today saying that he finally grew a conscience and took his life due to the guilt of his crimes which I think is total BS because this guy is a complete psychopath who most likely capable of such a feeling. As someone who went to UF during the exact time he was there and was aware of all the bad stories about him before the general public years later I wasn't surprised at all when he was convicted of murder. My only surprise was how poorly a career criminal was at covering up his crime. My guess is that he realized that the Odin conviction wasn't getting overturned, and going from the euphoria of beating a double murder trial to realizing that it did absolutely nothing to change the fact he was never going to be a free man was too much to handle. At least now he may have some money left to leave to his daughter, if he hasn't spent it all on lawyers already.
As a Gator fan I never like to bet on their games because it makes it not as fun to watch; plus after the four year offensive dark ages known as the Muschamp Era I'm still happy every time we just win. That being said, I'm seriously considering breaking my rule and betting the house on North Texas vs the spread. I'll be shocked if the Gators score 37 points let alone win by that much since we're bound to slip up on defense once or twice and if we are smart we will sit out our best offensive player in Calloway even if he says he's healthy. As much as everyone always says "we're not looking ahead to next week", we are 100% looking to next week in that I'm sure our play calling will be as mundane as possible so we don't give much on tape for UT; hell, I'd be surprised if we ran a play action. Betting Ohio vs the spread is probably a sure bet as well for pretty much the same reasons, plus if UT doesn't beat us this year I don't see them winning anytime soon.