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Yeah I think you’re wrong. Majority of Bama fans love them both and we don’t debate about it. Even if Hurts beat us in a game this year then I still don’t regret it. Everyone did what was best for them. Roll Tide and Go Jalen!
Hurts sure put the Hurting on uga last year didn’t he?
I’d get rid of my beagle that I adopted from the kill shelter to someone with more room for her to roam and spend more money on her. I have her a better life than she had but I’d love for her to have even more.
Sure wouldn’t be upset by any SEC teams doing it. The only team who has a winning “streak” against us atm is USC, and I know they don’t want Clemson.
He’s a really good coach but the way that he acted at FSU last year and how that team was... he’s nowhere near the best.
I think he killed one bird with one stone. If I’m looking at 2 programs then it’d be Bama and Clemson. I think UGA is similar to Bama since it’s Kirby
Yeah you are wrong for that too. Two women fighting then you don’t hit either one. He’s a huge ass dude and could’ve killed her.
Florida was competing in the weaker east (that’s how they won it with Jim) while LSU was fighting Bama and Auburn plus Florida and the others every year.
I’d love to watch your reactions as you watch your cfb games and see exactly how “excessively emotional” you get.
Maybe it was an ass chewing or maybe it wasn’t. Just hearing one side of the story and he’s trying to get UM fans hyped.
He’s a graduate of ut, what do you expect? That’s the only kind of shot they can get at Bama and even then it’s a pathetic one.
Alabama fan here that isn’t arrogant. Every fan base has every type of fan. Quit acting like you don’t know that.
Correct. We only got him because he took the job at UM and then left UM for us.
You’re stereotyping a whole group of people like that? Seems hypocritical...
Without any unforeseen circumstance coming up I doubt he leaves before Tua, and probably not before Taulia leaves the school. That gives us 3-4 more years for sure. I could see him being 75ish
You’d want to see Ole Miss beat us? You call yourself a state fan?
Depends on how your other wins played out, what your opponents records are, and probably most important the SECcg. WHO is the Champ? Bama/Auburn? Sure you’ll get a little slack. Some one else? Not so much. How much did you lose by? How did the whole game play out? Key players missing for your team and not theirs? Humans are still voting and they are voting for the “best 4”
I think you do. One year anomalies do get a little slack.
They are still using 4 Best teams. So resume alone doesn’t have to be used. That’s why they can look at coaches (Sabans last decade shows he gets preferential treatment until he stops showing he doesn’t earn it). Then they’ll look at a teams talent, they can look at the circumstances of the wins and losses. Osu’s Loss to Iowa last year just put them out of it. So when the playoffs are calling for the four best teams and are using humans to judge, then teams like Bama will get the benefit of the doubt until they start losing.
If that 1 loss of UGA’s was at the beginning and they beat an undefeated Bama in the SECcg, having won every other game by not scraping by then no they wouldn’t be left out.
Hopefully you are a man because if not you just lost all credibility saying that women don’t fuss on here. You’re crying and complaining like crazy