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Without Young or Anderson we would’ve lost 3 at least IMO.
The only reason he’ll be the first QB drafted is Young is a sophomore. Corral is a great QB but Young is better.
Can y’all hire an editor? “are being sued after the monkey they keep at a pet bit a child during a Halloween inciden“
I bet you amazed him with that answer. It’s about the only one that works and yet he couldn’t come up with it. That and it’s been said on here in the comment section several times
1 healthy scholarship RB who just recently had to learn to walk again.
He’s looking out for what’s best for him and his family. He’s doing the same exact thing that every coach who is teaching, coaching, and mentoring him is doing. All of them have left their teams (KIDS THEH MADE PROMISES TO) at one point or another for a better opportunity to advance in life. The same exact thing this KID is doing.
They need to start a daily “SDS staff receives backlash” and start showing these comments since they love to promote negativity.
Not only weekly but weak. It says he faces backlash when only one of them criticized him instead of the refs. I don’t think anybody working for SDS would even make a high enough score in the asvab to join the Army….
I wasn’t really trolling, just making a joke comment. I def wouldn’t want BoB as HC if I were an LSU fan. I doubt I’d want him over any of the coaches in the SEC right now.
They can have him. Aranda would be worrisome, BoB not so much. I’d prefer they hire Golding
That’s one of those stupid comments you make when you’re a loser and have nothing to fell good about.
I think Golding would be a much better fit at UF. I’ll be glad to take Pruitt back.
Sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Alabama and OU can claim him. I don’t think he’s be the player/man that he is without Coach Saban and others around him that helped him coming into adulthood. He certainly progressed more as QB at OU but that’s not the only thing that got him drafted. It’s a good thing that KJ’s thoughts are useless.
Completely agree. If the refs didn’t mess the Mich-St game up then Mich would’ve won. I didn’t want them too, I was rooting for MSU, but if I was tanning then UM is above MSU too.
Exposed for some not good comments but nothing near as horrible as our dear leader, Biden has said. He’s made plenty more R-a-c-i-s-t comments, gestures (and laws) than Gruden has been show to do. Time to cancel him.
Yeah this one is WIDE LEFT, there Dave. “Incredibly offensive remarks” is laughable. What a joke this site is becoming.
A UGA fan having to hope for the refs to hate nick so they have a shot at winning… that’s funny.
That last tweet is stupid. “Why would oklahoma expect respect from peers? The players and coaches didn’t make the decision to leave, but keep being stupid.
“Entering third year” “After 3 years” It can’t be both
Don’t lie to them, Pete Golding deserves it.
You know they have no journalistic integrity here, it’s all click bait titles
I don’t think ESPN made it up though and I despise espn. I remember seeing this rumor on Reddit several years ago.
Having to use A&M to brag isn’t good. However I’m saying y’all played a great game