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UMASS didnt lose to Georgia southern, they beat Georgia southern by 35. If you’re going to bash Mississippi State with snarky comments about their opponent then at least try to get your facts straight.
This time next week Bama will be sharing a delicious slice of that same humble pie that the Aggies, Tigers, and War Eagles have already tasted.
He's right. History will torch MSU's secondary for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns through the air. Tradition will put up 250+ on the ground and the past will hold MSU's offense to less than 100 yards total offense and only 3 points.
This year they'll say LSU is their biggest rival because they'll probably win that one. Years when MSU is down then all of a sudden we're their rival.
MSU made as many mistakes as auburn and still won by 15 points. Don't blame it on the refs. We're a better team than auburn this year.
Don't start trying to make excuses for auburn's loss by pointing at their turnovers. MSU turned the ball over on 4 consecutive possessions and still beat auburn by two touchdowns.
I wrote it down. I'll need it next time I have to take a dump.
Next Monday Auburn will be trying to forget the world-class thrashing they received in Starkville on October 11, 2014. Weak Damn Eagle!
They've been calling it Starkvegas for years. Don't act like it's a new thing.
This time next week you'll be posting something similar making a case for how if a, b, and c had/hadn't happened then Auburn would've totally beaten MSU.