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Coming from an MSU fan, I'd say you're about right unfortunately.
I could be misunderstanding history, but it seems like it's the Legislature that adopted the flag in 1894 without a vote by the people. They didn't have to put flag change to vote in 2001, and didn't have to this time. And just a heads up, I expect no flag to pass with the required votes in November, and eventually we'll see the Legislature pick one out for us. Who cares? All the folks that are so upset about the flag can fly whatever flag they want. I wasn't personally offended by the old flag, but I see no reason to keep something that has caused so much dissension. The Civil War was about slavery (read the second sentence of Mississippi's secession declaration), so there's no reason to keep that symbol on our flag. Granted, removing it won't fix any racial issues that are still around, but keeping it certainly doesn't help.