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Why ESPN and ABC chose to go down this road is puzzling. This may have been the most-watched draft, but it was also the worst draft as far as content. Disney tried to make it like American Idol where every contestant either comes from a broken home, death, suicide, drug addiction, love of trees, birds, whatever. All we cared about was the draft and the players. Not their backstories. We get enough of that from your fact reality shows. I couldn't even watch the second and third days of broadcast. The first round was terrible enough. And why Trey Wingo? Where are the regulars who do the draft?
What would one game do? I think they should do it once a year. Pretty sure Nick is the one that doesn't want to do it.
How many times has Kirby beaten Nick? Yep, that's right.
Stole from Saban? Kinda like Kirby who has yet to beat him? Just remember this, he asked Saban for a coaching position and Saban told him no. So that should tell you how ready he is for the position. LOL, and then he has to use Alabama players to pump up his pride? Why not put together a poster of UGA players he is going to coach this year? Not good enough?
You can't say anything to Frost about his decision here. Who knew Joe was going to go off like he did? No one. He had a great team at LSU and a coaching staff that had one hell of a year. What you can say about Frost is he has been a bust at Nebraska. But that's what happens after winning a mythical national title. Sorry, too soon?
Why is dad the one doing the taking? And which schools are texting dad for the rights to his son's services? Dad finds out son is not expected to play a lot under the new coach so he looks for a reason and got one. Dad and son are snowflakes so I am sure no SEC team will look at him. Pac 12 here he comes.
Just curious, and hopefully not, but she had some health problems and I wonder if they have crept back up and maybe he doesn't have time since he has found fame with the national title. Hope I am wrong, but why would you file for divorce, especially the man, after 23 years together? Sorry to hear it. Sorry to hear it for anyone.
Why are LSU fans here touted Coach O about his PSA when his sorry ass just filed for divorce on his wife? Coach O is better on and off the field? I think you may need to re-think that statement.
And this is coming from a national championship program? I mean, how much money did you spend on those cubic zirconia rings you had made up? Danny White this is embarrassing, even coming from you. I mean your rants against Alabama were embarrassing enough because you would have gotten your asses handed to you. But now this? Resign, you are terrible for football.
But you can report all of the professional players and coaches names who get this virus? Another liberal media outlet lying to everyone.
I was thinking the same thing....and the story is well...nothing that thousands of others are thinking....slow day for sure.
I saw the second half of this game and the coach was sick on the bench the entire half. He needs his ass kicked for not leaving the bench and possibly passing anything that he has to his assistants (who were sitting right next to him), his players and the fans right behind him. Ignorance.
It would have been a good idea to add to your story that Tua is not going to participate in the combine. Or did you not know that?
I bleed Crimson, however, if Cincinnati passes on Joe Burrow then, well, they get what they deserve. That young man is truly going to be tremendous in the NFL, as will Tua. Cincinnati can't be that dumb, can it?
Just not a fan of the conference ties to bowls. Not a shot at UGA fans, however, if Alabama had been in the Sugar Bowl it would have been packed. Bama fans just travel better. However, Baylor was the bad choice here, not UGA. A Bama vs. UGA Sugar Bowl would have been entertaining. But that can't happen because of the conference ties. Although we do get to see that early next year during the 2020 season.
I really do not see where you are coming from. You've seen them handed a playoff ticket during fall practice? When may I ask were those years? And give us more than that moronic statement.
You know one thing Gary won't have to worry about after Saturday. Watching Georgia in the playoffs because they will get whipped Saturday. Georgia has that bridesmaid role down better than any team in the country.
Dear God man, are you on suicide watch? "The run is over"? It will be OK...I mean Bama can't win it every year....relax.
Well, when you are not used to winning at this level you tend to not be able to handle it properly. Coach O is the perfect example.
Would not be surprised to see Tagovailoa's brother play against W. Carolina. Then, who knows.
I should not be surprised by your lack of knowledge because you are a Buffalo fan. However, Alabama beat No 24 Texas A&M earlier this year. Sorry to burst your bubble. Alabama will be the No. 4 ranked team at the end of the season. Deal with it.
I really do not see what the big deal is. For Georgia to make it to the playoffs it has to beat Auburn, A&M, GT and LSU. Not going to happen. For Alabama to make it to the playoffs it has to beat State, W. Carolina and Auburn. Possible. The one thing that can kick Alabama out of the playoffs? An LSU loss. Tide fans need to cheer for LSU to win its last three games and if Alabama's only loss at the end of the regular season is to No. 1 LSU, then the Tide is in.
Is everyone assoicated with Florida jealous of Alabama? I mean, what have the Gators done since Tebow left? Hell Gators, you can't even beat Georgia and Alabama has done it on a yearly basis. Win something then get back to us.
Bayou Tiger, instead of worrying about whether Alabama's QB is going to be OK, I think LSU fans should wonder why the Tigers' offense sputtered against a weak defense like Mississippi State. If that had been the game against Alabama, LSU would have trailed by more than one TD at the half. Smoke and mirrors again for LSU this year. You can't stop Alabama.
Will someone enlighten this man who is supposed to be up to date on what he is talking about? Alabama has slated home-and-home games with Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Wisconsin and South Florida. And is in talks with USC and others. I hate Fox Sports. Ignorance on parade.
Is spelling a class in Arkansas? Because son, you are terrible. But then again, well, you wouldn't understand. LOL It's THEIR players not there.... Why kill trees when we get to play Arkansas every year? Those trees were killed by an idiot, not an Alabama fan. But say as you wish, just don't try to spell it please.