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Well the only thing I see done right in this article is the fact there is no byline. I wouldn’t want anyone knowing I wrote this fluff piece either. Why in God’s name would anyone on the Alabama football team give a DARN what anyone says going into this game? If you need someone from Ohio State to say or do something to motivate you while playing for the national championship, you are playing for the wrong school. SMDH
State was a total embarrassment. From coming out without their shirts on before the game, to the hit-and-run tactics after. During the brawl it looked like the riots we have witnessed on our streets over the past year. Hit someone and run. Hit someone from behind and run. Kick them in the chest and run. Hell if you are going to fight, stand toe-to-toe and fight like a man. These punks did nothing but embarrass the school, the conference and college football itself. Leach should be fired. Period. Players should be kicked out of the sport and a message should be sent that this type of ignorance will not be allowed in college football.
You are actually calling someone out about losing? The way your football team played this year is embarrassing to the conference and now that Kentucky is FINALLY suffering during the early part of the season you want to scream from the Rocky Tops? You show about as much intelligence about sports as a liberal does when it comes time to vote for a candidate. Oh, and you better keep Pruitt, who in the hell would want to come to Tennessee?
Ohio State opponents finished with a 24-24 record. Indiana and Northwestern were the two best opponents. As for A&M, its opponents finished with a combined record of 41-50 including, Alabama at 11-0 and Florida at 8-3. It beat Florida. The Buckeyes played only two teams with winning records. A&M played three teams with a winning record and one team that finished at 5-5. Your writers are well aware playing nine or 10 games in the SEC is a hell of a lot tougher than playing 10 games in the Big Ten. And they didn't. OSU played only six games, including today's game that was pathetic. The Buckeyes do not deserve to be in the CFP, period. You should not get in just because your school's name is Ohio State. Sorry, but I am sure the committee will hit its knees tomorrow and roll out the red carpet for them.
If Clemson or Ohio State loses today and A&M can hammer the Vols, in my opinion the Aggies are in. I don't get the talk of a two-loss Iowa State or a two-loss Oklahoma being elite. Iowa State lost to Louisiana-Lafayette. Oklahoma lost to Kansas State (4-6) and to Iowa State, who lost to Louisiana-Lafayette. Let that sink in. Elite? I don't think so. Just my opinion... Roll Tide!
I don't know what you boys smoked before making these 'predictions' but Bama wins by no less than 27.
Let's see what you think about him after today's game. And as for QBs, I think yours stunk the joint up against an LSU team that Bama beat the hell out of on their home field. Stay in your lane and enjoy the Peach Bowl, or what ever useless bowl they send you guys to.
I like how all of these SDS articles keep talking about stuff giving Florida motivation. Stephen A., saying it won't be close and now this? If Florida needs to try and find motivation just to be able to get up and play for the SEC Title, then it has no business being in Atlanta this weekend. Bama hangs a 60 on these reptiles.
I don't understand why Jake Rill thinks Florida could give Alabama its closest game of the year. Florida's defense in no form or fashion will stop Alabama's offense. And as for Florida's offensive line keeping the Tide defensive front of its QB, not going to happen. Everyone knows Nick does not like to run the score up. But if Alabama's defense gets into the scoring act, the Tide could hang a 60 on the Gators Saturday night.
Bama -32.5 (59-17) UGA -13 (41-20) Vols -15 (31-6) Fla. -23 (55-17) State +6.5 (24-23, MSU)
Why would Ohio State play A&M? The Big Ten will meet Wednesday and crawfish on its own rules about what qualifies for the conference championship. It is going to allow Ohio State to play in the conference title game with only five wins. So it would be dumb for the Buckeyes to risk playing A&M. IF the Big Ten were not to allow the Buckeyes to play in the conference title game, then and only then would it make sense for them to play the Aggies. But I just don't see that happening.
Michigan practiced today, so that idea is out the window. And I don't think A&M wants OSU after the way the Aggies have played the last two weeks.
Why is everyone assuming Bama with a loss, but not Ohio State? Its offense is good, but its defense is not so good. Michigan I don't think will get it done, but Northwestern could show up in the title game. Sounds stupid, right? About as stupid as Alabama losing to a Florida team that throws the ball more than 90% of the time and its defense couldn't stop most teams in the SEC. Clemson will beat Notre Dame like a red-headed step-child, Ohio State wins the Big Ten, Alabama beats Florida and Texas A&M gets in. Bama beats A&M, Clemson beats Ohio State and as much as you hate it.... Bama vs. Clemson
LOL OK. If Nick wanted to be in Austin, Nick would be in Austin. Why go to a school and have to rebuild once again when he has Alabama right where he wants it? Come on now, use your head.
1. Alabama 2. Notre Dame 3. Cincinnati 4. A&M or BYU.... sorry it's 2020 and no B1G in the title game this year if Ohio State can't play its next two games. And if Clemson beats Notre Dame 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Notre Dame 4. A&M or Cincinnati
If Clemson beats Notre Dame, then both will get in so it would be Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Cincinnati or A&M.
The B1G is not allowing makeup game this year. That is where its problem is. If Ohio State does not play this week, even the committee won't take the Buckeyes even at 4-0 or 5-0 (if it gets to play Michigan). Alabama and Cincinnati will be sitting there undefeated. So there goes two spots. If Notre beats Clemson, then the Irish are undefeated and there goes a third spot. Florida will have two losses, as will Clemson. That leaves Cincinnati and A&M. One of these teams would go before Ohio State.
Funny, you don't see all those LSU fans here chirping this year. Coach O has an azzwhipping coming for his statement from last year. I've read some comment below about Bama fans crying? The only crying will come from the swamps of La., after the NCAA is done with the Tigers. Possibility that tremendous season from last year (and it was tremendous) will be stripped from LSU thanks to its lack of institutional control. Look what the NCAA did to Baylor for the same exact infraction. There was no national title to take from Baylor, but if there had been, the NCAA would have taken it. Get ready Baton Rouge, your judgement day is coming and it has nothing to do with that butt-whipping you will tote Saturday night.
The only reason this game was rescheduled is because of $$$$. This game was rescheduled for CBS and the SEC. It will make more money on advertising for this game than any other SEC game this season on CBS. So, it has nothing to do with style points just in case.
Alabama fan here, but OK let's say A&M falls to No. 6 and Florida moves up to No. 5. So what? All A&M has to do is win out. Alabama will beat Florida in the SEC title game, so that eliminates Florida. Ohio State is on the verge of eliminating itself thanks to Covid, and Clemson will lose to Notre Dame again. So, Bama, Notre Dame, A&M and Cincinnati will go to the playoffs. LOL, OK maybe not Cincinnati but I think the Aggies, although they didn't set the world on fire Saturday night only need to win out and wait.
Notre Dame beat a team that has lost to Florida State and Virginia. Notre Dame beat a team that gave up 53 points to Wake Forest and barely beat Boston College and gave up 45 against Virginia Teach. I don't think Kirk knows what complete football is any longer. Notre Dame would not keep Alabama out of the end zone for three quarters. Sorry, Kirk.
Bart Starr won two Super Bowls, Joe Namath won one and Kenny Stabler won one.
I agree. I don't understand why these experts keep putting both the Irish and Clemson in. That would have the two playing each other three times. What if Clemson were to lose to either Pitt or VT, Notre Dame loses to North Carolina and Clemson beats Notre Dame? Neither are in. Northwestern beats Ohio State. Well that puts Northwestern in with Alabama, Texas A&M (if it runs the table) and Cincinnati (also, if it runs the table). I know, far fetched, but so is Notre Dame and Clemson both getting into the playoffs.
If Clemson and Notre Dame win out, play each other in the ACC title game, I do not see the loser getting in. A loss by Clemson would be its second. So, the Tigers are out. However, a loss by Notre Dame in the title game could spell disaster for the Irish, because they had to go to OT to beat Clemson with its backup QB. So, if Bama wins out and A&M wins out, I think the Aggies are in.
So how is Alabama still at the No. 1 seed and Florida comes in at No.4? The only way Florida gets in is if it beats Alabama. It not, the Gators have two losses and will be out. These selections make no sense because if the Gators beat Bama, the Tide will not be the top seed. That's why these guys are not associated with the top conference in the country. And Urban with both of his former schools in the playoffs? Come on man.
Why would the SEC Network not give up Bama and Kentucky for a larger audience?
And before Saban beat Alabama in 2000, the last time LSU beat Bama in Baton Rouge was 1969. So if I were LSU, I would enjoy the title they won last year and just sit down and shut up. When you get to 17 get back to us. They missed an ass whipping today.
Why ESPN and ABC chose to go down this road is puzzling. This may have been the most-watched draft, but it was also the worst draft as far as content. Disney tried to make it like American Idol where every contestant either comes from a broken home, death, suicide, drug addiction, love of trees, birds, whatever. All we cared about was the draft and the players. Not their backstories. We get enough of that from your fact reality shows. I couldn't even watch the second and third days of broadcast. The first round was terrible enough. And why Trey Wingo? Where are the regulars who do the draft?