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We all know it was Miss St. and UGA played like crap on defense, etc. But you're a moron or a troll if you think Stetson Bennett or Dwan Mathis could've done what JT Daniels did just because it was an inferior opponent.
EXACTLY. This can literally be said for Dan Mullen as well. Mullen is a great coach (you're a moron if you don't believe that) and things are looking up in Gainesville. But it is very possible that he won't win a national title because of how hard it truly is to do it, despite what Bama and Clemson have done
Wow! What a remarkable analysis from Joel Klatt here. From watching every minute of their games this year, I never once considered that UGA's biggest obstacle to reaching the playoff was the offense. I guess that's why he's paid the big bucks!
There has to be something seriously wrong with every other QB on the team for Stetson to still be the starter and the one who finishes every game. I would argue Mathis played equally as bad as Bennett has the past two games for those 2 quarters against Arky, but at least he can throw it deep to keep defenses honest. And we now know that Arky has a legitimate defense so I think he should at least get another shot. And I guess we'll just have to assume that Daniels is still too hurt to play because there's no reason other than that he shouldn't be playing. On the plus side, our running game is looking just as good as it did during the Bama game until we stopped running the ball lol
If Stetson Bennett is actually the best option for UGA at QB right now, then this team is just destined for mediocrity this season. Like I understand he may understand the offense better than the other guys, but he literally just does not have the ability to bring that understanding to fruition for this team. He'll be the starter for the Florida game and when UGA is losing 14-0 (or worse) at the half, hopefully we can see what the other guys are made of for the rest of the game
Yeah, I was picturing 28-24 for Bama but that's probably more wishful thinking on my part
I'd agree with that. Like this upcoming game between Bama and UGA aside, letting a team score that many points and have that many yards is a slippery slope. A Saban (Golding as well but Saban is the head coach) defense that gives up more yards and points than a bad UF defense and an overrated Kentucky defense is definitely something to be wary of. That being said, this year is a lot different than year's past, so maybe Bama's defense just needs some more time
Joe, the reason UGA fans aren't confident in facing Bama is because we've had great teams these past few years and had a lot of hope of finally winning another championship but Bama has been the reason why it didn't happen. Yes, LSU last year destroyed us in the SECCG but that was a historic team that even Bama couldn't overcome. Saban and Bama is the thorn in Kirby and UGA's side that has stopped the best UGA teams I've seen from getting over the hump and winning a championship
Exactly, any sane person can see that Tennessee is on a strong upward trend. If they put in the work, they will be a dangerous team for years to come. I think Jeremy Pruitt is doing a great job with that team, even though I really don't want him to
Honestly, trolls posted some nasty stuff leading up to the game. Most UT fans were pretty sensible with what this game was gonna be, with some hope that their team could make it a game. Which they did lol
To all the actual Tennessee fans and not the idiotic trolls, that is a good team who can only get better. The next five years for that football team is gonna be interesting because they can easily become a consistent top-10 team again. Right now though, it’s just too early for them in the Jeremy Pruitt era to contend for all four quarters against a team that is (hopefully) a playoff caliber team. Kudos to what they’ve already become and what they’re fighting to be in the future. A couple more top-10 recruiting classes and I think Tennessee will be back to their former glory.
I honestly feel for the Gators. They have an elite offense that can score 30+ points on pretty much anyone, but Grantham has turned that defense into an undisciplined unit that can't finish against average offenses. Literally look at the 3rd down stats for this game and it shows that Grantham's "aggressive" take on how to call plays on 3rd down is killing this defense. The Gators are a very good team with a defensive play-calling coach that is hurting their team overall
While I don't agree with your take that the Gators defense is gonna flip a switch and hold the Aggies to 17 or less, I seriously can't believe the line for this game is -7. I'm thinking a final score along the lines of 45-28 for the Gators. I'm not a betting man either so obviously I could be totally wrong but this line and the o/u just seem wrong
Definitely, but it wasn't like UGA's offense was going 3 and out every possession of the second half. Chewed a bunch of clock and drove down the field, which is what you do with a decent lead
Auburn is still a good team, but they're nowhere near as good as everyone thought they were which is why I commented that they're overrated
Seth Williams isn't overrated tbh, I'm just being dramatic. He's the next Amari Cooper in my opinion
Auburn overrated. Bo Nix overrated. Seth Williams overrated.