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It's good to see this old series temporarily renewed. Personally, I like the idea of playing Tulsa at Fayetteville every year. The brief renewal of the Oklahoma State series should be interesting.Stillwater is 170 miles from Fayetteville. That's a close trip for the fans.
As much as we need a win, I wouldn't take chances with Ty Storey. He took some vicious shots against Ole Miss. Connor Noland could get a "free look."
I liked the UT uniforms the Vols wore when Johnny Majors was head coach.
I also think Ole Miss has some of the coolest uniforms in college football. Not those white uniforms they wore last week against Arkansas! But the Blue helmets and gray pants. Alternating red and blue jerseys is a unique touch.
I agree. LSU has a great traditional uniform. Simply classic! Personally, I detest U K's current uniform. Looks like an arena team! I would love to see the Cats go back to their 1977 uniforms they wore when Curci was here. Those uniforms were simply classy.
I don't think you can improve upon perfection. L.S.U. should stay with their traditional uniforms. But I do like the purple jerseys.
Recruiting disadvantages. A five million dollar loss for every game played at LR. An old, dingy stadium that is an embarrassment. All points are pertinent. To me, it's about Razorback Stadium. Not only does it boast 77,000 seats(War Memorial has 54,000), but it's positively beautiful! Next year, they will switch back to Natural grass. Without question,the setting is the SEC's most beautiful. It also represents a tangible home field advantage. It has the highest elevation(1400 ft. above see level) in the SEC. It is known for wild weather,extreme temperatures, tricky winds and blinding sun positions. I have personally witnessed many 90 degree games and sub-20 degree games there. I have seen snow fall so fast that the yard markers were not visible.Warm weather teams like LSU dread playing at Fayetteville. Conversely, October has fall color that rivals Asheville, North Carolina. The stadium was built on the side of a hill, casting a panoramic view of the Boston mountains to tne south. In short, Razorback stadium is simply an awesome venue for college football. Politicians need to recognize this. It's time for the Razorbacks to bid War Memorial Stadium adieu!It's done!
Without question, Arkansas will be one up on the rest, if they consider Les Miles for Head Coach. He has the everything going for him. Except that he is 64 years old.But, he is a "young 64." This aside, he has better credentials than any of the candidates. Starting with a winning record against SEC West opposition. In fact, with the exception of Alabama, Les Miles enjoys a winning record against every SEC team. These up and comers such as Morris and Norvell, may look like flashy hires. In truth, both are highly risky. Neither has won, or even coached at this level. Bret Bielema learned quickly that even the Big 10 competition is no match for what he saw in the SEC West! The point is, why take chances? Miles has won, and won big. And, he is the strongest in the areas where Arkansas must recruit: "Louisiana and East Texas." Yeah, there are those who want Mike Leach. I had a whole lot of fun watching Leach perform as Offensive Coordinator at Kentucky. Leach will sell a lot of tickets, while beating all of the teams that he is supposed to beat. But, to win big in the SEC, you must have a stout defense and a dominant running game. Leach would consistently win seven or eight games. Getting past that hump would be another thing. Leach has coached against stellar competition, however. This is more than I can saw about either Morris or Norvell. The West Virginia coach is an unknown entity in Arkansas. I like Charlie Strong. But, I doubt Hog fans are going to be enthusiastic about hiring as guy who bombed at Texas. Brent Venable would likely make a great head coach. But will he leave with Clemson fighting to repeat as national champion? Lane Kiffin? I haven't heard that many bad things about him, other than the fact that he's got some enemies. Certainly more at Tennessee than Arkansas. Besides, he has seen some serious competition. I would be quicker to go with him than any of these options. With the exception of Les Miles. Miles will bring stability to the Arkansas program. And, best of all, this will be his last job. Les would be perfectly content to coach eight or ten years and retire in Fayetteville. Before he calls it quits, I think that he has another SEC championship in him. And maybe more! With what we have seen from the last two coaching hires especially, wouldn't it be fun to see?
I do like the six-team format. The top two teams get byes. Six slots insures that nobody who might belong gets left out. Strength of schedule should always be a consideration. Yet even this is difficult to determine due to how a team might be playing at a given time during the season. When Florida State lost to Alabama, most assumed the Tide had taken out a top five team. It's doubtful that F.S.U. was a top 50 team by years end, despite a convincing win over Florida. When the Gators eeked by Kentucky in September, it was concluded that the Wildcats had almost pulled a major upset. Now it looks like they blew a winnable game. There really is no easy answer! An argument could be made that Alabama deserves to be in the play-off because the SEC West is still the toughest collection of teams in the country. You can look at a 4-8 Arkansas team, that might have been 7-5, if they had played Kentucky's schedule. Or, an Auburn team that lost only to Clemson and L.S.U., but beat Alabama, Georgia and the rest of the S.E.C. West. Yet they must win Saturday to have any chance of being included.
NW Arkansas is "home" for Gus and his wife. He has many friends there. He will recruit the state as well as anyone. He will also do extremely well in Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana. Not to mention the Memphis area...The job will carry a certain level of satisfaction unknown to outsiders. He might be there ten years, which is a rarity these days in college football. Auburn fans will expect a little more; ten wins versus nine wins. I think Arkansas' administration would leave Gus Malzhan alone and let him do his job.
Arkansas was selected first. Then F.S.U. was asked but Bobby Bowden surprisingly, unilaterally turn it down! Then South Carolina was asked and immediately accepted.