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i have to disagree on Wharton. he was a backup, transferred and may be a starter but his stats are very weak. but i dont know if any of the guys that left really had a huge chance to break the starting line up. i think what it does say is that our recruiting classes are primarily sub par players with a few really good ones sprinkled in which overall is unacceptable if you are competing in the SEC.
"Later in the game, Tennessee linebacker Jaylen Reeves-Maybin appeared to direct a shot toward the back of Georgia tackle John Theus’ left knee." this is THE WORST reporting I've ever seen. if you'd take 30 seconds to watch video of this clip, maybin was diving for the ball. THE END. sure you can watch the video from directly behind and it looks suspect but if you actually watch the play, you'd see he is clearly going for the ball. so pathetic. as for the "stomping" it wasn't hardly stomping. it definitely shouldn't have happened but it was not "stomping". it was stepping on the guy, there is a distinct difference.