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The more I kept reading this article, the more I realized what a coneited piece of click-bait this was. I question Kiffin's maturity level, but honoring the commitment of a player recruited before him and hiring a coach who has to our knowledge done nothing wrong (but is guilty by association according to John Christ) is the furthest thing from evidence of immaturity. This article is garbage and in the words of the author himself, "it isn't a good look" for Christ.
When Land Kiffin was the head coach of Tennessee in 2009, but Saturday Down South becomes itself and disregards proofreading.
I think the real reason he wants to keep the South Alabama game is not because fans or a city deserves it. I think that this is a result of continued financial pressures on LSU that we saw going on this spring and summer. Alleva wants that revenue stream that comes with having a home game, even at the expense of the other 13 teams. Play on November 19th. Cancel those dates and possibly have those two teams play each other. Then play a neutral site game and split the revenue to help make up for each team losing a home game. If you can, have the two teams who were cancelled on play in the same spot the night before. Legion Field is 5:45 from Tiger Stadium and 6:44 from Gainesville. It has no regular tenant for this year and is thus open to be played in.
Allow me to debunk the Alabama Privelege myth. The Tide were flagged for 7 penalties Saturday for 86 yards. Arkansas was flagged for 6 and a total of 60 yards. Advantage Alabama, right?
"What a kind act of solidarity, especially after Ole Miss' heartbreaking 48-43 loss." I'm amazed at the ignorance of SDS. How do you botch the timing of the events this bad? Or did you try to sneak it by us to make it seem more valiant in that it seemed like a post-game ordeal? Who hires the people that run this site?
What a classy way to wrap up that comment.
This is an awkward opinion to read, in part because much of Alabama's success is due in part to respecting and meticulously studying each opponent, regardless of W/L records or prestige in the court of public opinion. Corey writes as if other teams are up the creek without a paddle when compared with Alabama. That's just not true. I think there's incredible depth and strategy that's allowed the Tide to outdo its opposition a high percentage of the time.
Virginia Tech's uniforms hit a peak in the 2010 game against Boise State. They've been an absolute train wreck since then. Kudos to Tennessee for giving gimmick uniforms that make our eyes bleed a huge stiff-arm.
You said this was an exciting list and then gave some pretty average breweries. Creature Comforts is great, but you missed out on Copper Creek in Athens. It's also a non-starter that so many breweries in Georgia are open for such a narrow window of time each day.
This t-shirt contest reminds me of that one time when Notre Dame were certain they'd beat the Tide.
You know, I had a feeling that this "article" was going to turn out this way. I clicked anyways just to make sure. It's really pathetic what Saturday Down South has stooped to. I used to talk so highly about this site, it's just low level click-bait these days. I'll stay on SDS, but only to trash the so-called writers that run this laughing stock of a website. There's no talent or class at this company anymore.
This is my favorite opinion to date on this issue.
What's the State of the Union over at Westboro Baptist?
The AP calls this the Top 100 programs of all time, yet only take into consideration 1936 and onward. They also only use their own Top 25 polls, and factor in rankings throughout each season. This means that an Alabama team that started at #3 in 2000, and a Tennessee team that started at #2 in 2005 get credit for those rankings, even though both teams finished with losing records. A more accurate system would only consider a team's final ranking each year, through multiple polls, and count all claimed national championships since the birth of the Rose Bowl.
Because pre-season rankings are never wrong, right?
Not sure why you'd want to use football players for an NBA logo, but good job on another round of time-sucking, pointless click-bait!
Not sure how Alabama's fight song references "Sewanee" (not Suwanee). I could say it references UGA, Mississippi State, or heck, Louisiana Tech (and every other school with the Bulldogs nickname) more than Sewanee. Also, are these really the best links you could find for each team's fight song? If so, the research done here is subpar.
But did he himself steal the firearm? All we know is that at some point in the past it had been stolen. It's things like this and the revelation of the marijuana being 1/2 oz. that further reinforce my belief that jumping to conclusions is an absolute waste of time until the details come out. Seriously though, what does half an ounce even do?
Proud to be an alumnus of the Evil Lipstick-Trophy-Wielding Empire
I like ESPN's choice here. One small detail that I like about LSU's uniforms today is the new numbering on the jerseys. It's a little taller and narrower, and adds a bit of a French Quarter look to everything. We've seen Florida tweak it too, and in the case of total rebrands with UGA, Texas A&M, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and even Mississippi State. I'd like to see some minor touch-ups at Arkansas and Mizzou, but I think it's otherwise been for the good.
It's usually a no-no to put highlights in from a game where you were beaten to a pulp, or to call it "Your Year" which a lot of teams do every year. The song choice of Don't Let Me Down probably does nothing but remind UGA fans of the countless times that they have been let down.
I think the headlines are so misleading that we can't help but click to see how bad of a mismatch it is. For instance, I know every last one of SDS' uniform concepts are hideous, but that's part of the draw. SDS is the clown car of media for the SEC, and they're doing a fine job of it too.
This is about as abominable as Derek Dooley's career at UT.
My favorite parts of this letter are "by any means necessary" and "Power". A great choice of words if you want to sound like a prospective terrorist.
I'm a huge fan of the Alabama redesign on here.
I kept fairly quiet with the first round of charges from the NCAA, as they seemed pretty minor. Ole Miss fans, however pompous they may be, had a point when noting that other SEC fans jumped on them for such minuscule things. However, that overconfidence has now bitten the most extreme Rebel fans right where it hurts the most, and I'd be lying if I said I had much sympathy for them.
That secondary logo is almost as bad as putting the checkerboard on the shoulders. Kentucky needs to go back to the drawing board here.