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JG biggest fault is that he truly cares too much and he becomes emotionally involved when problem issues start to happen even when it is not his fault...then when it is his fault he cannot forget about it and move on to the next play.. not good when the card board people placed in the seats are booing you and your team mates don't even want to look at you much less stand beside you..someone a player or a coach give that boy a hug and tell him everything is still going to be Ok..god love him.!!
Not cool to public call him out like that..JG is one tuff guy that gas taken many beat downs and still got back issue with that is everyone knows that "this season doesn't really count" as far as college year goes...with that said hell JG could actually come back for another senior season..that would make him the only red shirt 6 year senior..just
I'm just glad to see that someone on the staff finally explained to CJP that his mask and/or gator neck needed to cover the front and not the back of his head for it to work properly..hell that cost UT a cool 1 million at the end of the year..paid out of all of the SEC vs ACC bowl games in December/January timeframe..that $$ could had brought it coach John Chief Chavis as a part time DC for the rest of this year..apparently we need all the help good money can
Dude is now sitting at home with momma playing xBox football while his $54,500 mthly pay check is direct deposit in his account up until January 2022. Not bad work for only on staff for 9 to 10 months even during this crazy 2020 Covid year..well not to include the 30 to 45 says that UT completely shut down for Covid related days during this past summer..then he walks away with also 830,000..hell sign me.!!
So much hatred between Gatorboy14 VoLs..why.? UT will still win out enough games this year to go to a 2021 bowl game..just watch!! while Gators wouldn't win out enough games this year..which is 5 wins to be bowl eligible in covid2020..just watch!!
CJP may had jumped the gun on this because now who gets to take blame after Bama beats us this Saturday by at less 4 touchdowns..?? Well unless CNS has mercy on CJP and puts in most of his 3rd or 4th string players starting the second half..yep
So if Jimmy Brumbaugh was getting $320,000 yearly..then how much is his bye-out to walk away today after only 4 games..?
If he comply with SEC Medical Guidance Covid 19 Task Force Requirements..then he will also not coach at Tn on Oct.24th as that is his Day 10 for isolation then 4 more days for his re-acclimation period..go google it to verify.!!