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These Bama guys all love to get Saban's goat when they can. When you work as hard as they do and have so much demanded of them it helps to have a sense of humor.
I gotta go with Garrett on this one. He don't have to talk to anybody he doesn't want to talk to. Even in the NFL. Booger is a joke. Roll Tide.
I know this young man as a student. He was always a very respectful, nice, intelligent, young man with a smile that would light up the darkest room. Even took a lot of crap from me concerning his Auburn tattoo. Everybody loves Reuban Foster. Something tells me there is more to this story.
So Arkansas kissed this guy's ass and got a pass? Something tells me that Alabama (or anyone else for that matter) will be better off by not having to deal with this guy.
Reading all these dudes who somehow think Saban will read their posts and move to the pros in order to prove them wrong are pretty entertaining. Anything to get him to leave Bama, right?
This guy is more than just a little sexually confused. I mean, the guy grooms his beard to resemble a 1970s era pornstar's vagina.
This guy can come up with more excuses than a pregnant teenage crackhead.
Yea, let's make Alabama and Auburn play each other two weekends in a row. That makes sense.
(Sarcasm intended) Its plain and simple. No suspension warranted, no foul. If women demand they be treated as equals, which they certainly are, then it shouldn't matter if a man defends himself against a woman just the same as he would against a man. It might be harsh, but would anybody be crying foul if the person in question had a penis?
I am a Bama fan also, but let me just go on record saying that this guy isn't delusional, he's nuts. In today's game, the chances of going undefeated are very slim. It is unbelievably difficult to win a National Championship, and although Bama has been really good (if not great), they have experienced their fair share of lucky turns. Sometimes the stars just line up, or you just experience that perfect storm- who knows? Saban has done a remarkable job of bringing it all together, but to think he can accomplish the impossible is just plain crazy. That's why some idiots will cry, piss, and moan when we lose two games. Time for a reality check.
Sorry, the guy's name is Hurd, right? Gotta learn to separate my winners from my losers.
Okay, you want to start an argument whether Bateman and Hurts are comparable? Sorry, we have more important matters to discuss, like the playoffs. It really must suck being a Tennessee fan.
As a Bama fan, all I can really say is that wherever he goes, he will do a great job. Hope it isn't LSU, but I won't hate on him if he ends up there. Being an assistant under Saban isn't the easiest gig a coach can endure for an extended period. Learn and go. Its almost the circle of life.
So the SEC is down. Maybe, but I'm still gonna bet on Auburn, LSU, and Kentucky in the bowls, whoever they play. We'll see how weak the SEC is when we get some matchups against the mighty PAC and Whatever they call the Southwest Conference now, "The Big Littles?"
Bag man? You mean like John Miller or Barney Farrar? What is it about Ole Miss fans and payoff conspiracies?
I sorta agree, but that is three titles for Saban at Alabama, not two.