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UGA definitely got owned by Bama for sure. Pretty much was garbage time at the end of the third quarter. But Chubb did run for more yards that a good bit of the teams that Bama played this year.
20 attempts 146 yards 1 td av 7.3 per carry but yes....non-existent. And 83 yards one TD run. UGA was mostly non-existent in that game, but Chubb wasn't.
The UGA one is definitely not shocking with the quarterback play as it was. Our offense was atrocious after Chubb got hurt. Well even before then but he was a bulldozer who could get things done.
I was thinking that exact same thing honestly.
Georgia and Mizzou should probably be 'to be determined' vs losers. I disagree with you thinking they have to be losers before they prove themselves. Smart has been apart of a great winning program and knows what needs to be done to win. Time will only tell but I personally feel he would be a great hire. Remember, he and Richt both have won the same amount of National Champions as head coaches. Mizzou, i cant really comment much on that but the new head coach worked under one of the best coaches Pinkel. He knows what needs to be done to make a decent program. Like I said, should probably put them into a 'to be determined' list vs a loser list till they 'prove' themselves.
“Maybe I should just call Kirby and we should just exchange cities, make it a lot easier,” Bielema said. But we don't want you....just your talented staff hahaaha
Im going to have to agree with the Bama fan. Most places would kill for that record. But you are in the SEC and have one of the best recruiting pools in the nation and you are coming up waaaaaay too short. I understand both sides of the argument.
Everyone is forgetting, Richt's first headcoaching job was UGA. I don't think UGA will have an issue hiring a less experienced candidate. I mean, Richt was a pretty damn good hire. He just could never get over that hump. And other people saying something about job security. Obviously UGA has patience, but there comes a certain time when that patience is gone.
I would say Miami>South Carolina>vt/mizzou honestly. Miami has the best recruits available and with what spurrier has built in SC if they can keep that momentum, it should be a good place. VT i think will have a huge fall off. Mizzou is currently having a crisis in their state so I would honestly put that job very last in the list. Hawaii would be awesome just because its Hawaii.
1.alabama 2. fla the rest. no rank needed. meh
Yah the game was really competitive until they put the other QB in. I wonder if Johnson was hurt or something. Didn't look like it but that is definitely what killed yalls offensive momentum.
Biggest defensive stand is where we caused the fumble and recovered on the goal line. UGA has 2 more non-conference opponents. I dont think auburn is the bottom of the sec west and UGA is definitely not the bottom of the SEC east, so that comparison is weak....just like your articles.
Yah!!! you get a cookie....but you still have a horrible field.
Heh....that's pretty funny...especially since it's true.
*queue* Cue is the white ball used in pool.
We had Chubb then and for some reason the heaven's shined down upon Lambert that day. Only reason why we won haha
Alright folks, so here's my theory okay...check it: 1. Spurrier lost to us this year and retired right? He wanted to go out on a high note but that didnt happen. 2. Spurrier Coached shotty when he was at...FLA right? 3. So in order for Spurrier to get the last laugh, he put a mole in the UGA association and it was of course Shotty. Now the mole is there....hes waited for the right time to strike and kill the morale of the UGA faithful. Well played Spurrier, well played indeed. Game, Set, Match.
As always Murf, spot on. Bama came and whooped some ass. I always kept telling my buds that it was a fluke that ole miss won. 5 turn overs and only losing by a possession? fluke but ole miss won that game. Bama came in and does what Bama does best, Win. As much as i love Richt, he choked in the big game once again. They looked loss man. Good game Bama folks, good game indeed.
Thats if you believe in the Jebus think auburn's new qb in a system he hasnt played against an SEC opponent being locked out of the endzone is a surprise?? Really.....comon man, everyone knew that was a highly probable outcome.
oh man, UGA gets Verned 2 weeks in a row.....ahhhhh kill me
I almost feel that is from Beavis and Butthead vs king of the hill. In fact im sure it is.