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Not a huge Bryant fan but this stinks. He still won 4 games for the team, and was an integral part of their perfect season.
Don't always take the expected road. Hopefully more candidates emerge.
Maybe we didn't win as much as we wanted, but he ran the program with class and honor. We never had to worry about NCAA or FBI investigations.
I'm very pleased with the outstanding effort all the Razorback coaches have put in. I believe we found a diamond in the rough coach who will bring Arkansas back to relevancy, and beyond. Woo pig sooie!
Chad Morris has us moving in the right direction. We got rid of a lot of Bielema's dead weight.
I hope it works out for him, and that he saved all the 5 million he received. Not that my opinion matters, but I think he's making a mistake. Should've chose baseball. Better for his health and money making ability long term.
He was a grades risk, Ark wasn't going to take him.
People wondering how we got such a good class? Our coaches are busting a**!
FYI Connor Noland did start one game, the Tulsa game.
Thought Tenn had other options they liked better. Regardless if Ark gets him, I'm thrilled. LB (and grad QB) are our biggest needs left in 2019 class.
Unbelievable that they put him back in. Inconceivable!!
That's a great thing for Irsay to do for Tyler. All the feels
Can I assume Danny Kanell is turtleneck guy?