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A man sitting there with no apparent reaction is the "perfect reaction" and a meme? Uh whut?
I am talking about the opinion in the article, not any commenter down here.
Typical opinion of someone who doesn't watch the team closely. He gets a pass on talent on overall W/L, but he doesn't get a pass on the horrific coaching that lost the Colorado State game and led to a home blowout against North Texas State. Bad talent, new system, and bad coaching are a horrible mix. The third part of that equation is present, though, and you can't ignore it.
Re: Georgia stopping Drew Lock. I was at the game, and the #1 reason (not mentioned by your writer) that Georgia "stopped" Lock is that Kirby Smart has brought the Alabama DB technique with him from Bama DC to Georgia HC. The technique -- only allowed by the elite teams, for all others these are penalties -- are for the highly athletic DBs to lock onto the WR up near the line of scrimmage, then hold them/be locked onto them all throughout the pattern, all the way down the field. In this way by the time the ball gets there, it appears it's just "two players tussling" instead of the DB interfering with the WR. In truth this is PI and I saw about 5-6-7 uncalled ones. So Lock had to hold the ball a lot longer (sacks, fumbles, scrambles) because his receivers are being held. Kudos to Kirby, as long as they're not going to call it, I guess.
True....but the guys publishing an SEC website should know what happened. Heck, just the box score showing Kelley getting a series in the 4th should tell you that Storey playing most of the game over Kelley was not due to injury.
Ty Storey did not replace Cole Kelley (Arkansas) due to injury. Storey played one play in the first series due to helmet coming off. Kelley came back in and played 3 full series, all busts. Storey came in for the 4th series and stayed in because he's better. Kelley got one more series late in the 4th quarter and led a TD drive.