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Dont worry Coach Jones, I'm going to make a 2020 season statement in Columbia next week. I'll be wiping stomped chicken schitt off my cleats for a week. By the way, I hear Tanner has approached you for the Head Coaching job after Carolina can finally afford to buy Muschamp out. Any truth to that?
Me and Guarantano got a little sump sump going on this year we'd hoped might have worked out a little better last year......... just sit back, buckle up and hang the heck on. Its gonna be a glorious ride. Tennessee is screaming back. Anyone that can't see that clearly isn't paying attention or has their head up their arse. My name is Jeremy Pruitt and I approve this message.
Hoosier Daddy? LOL I got paid, thats all I know
Kiffin is a joke. Why he gets any attention at all is beyond me. Now coach Duggs, he's the real deal
10 wins counting the Bowl. Mark it down. Take it to the Bank. Bet the farm. I got this, alright? Jeremy
I've been telling you guys I got this. Believe me, I got this. I know what has to be done, and I'm doing it. There are always going to be critics and naysayers, but step back from the tree, pull your head out of your arses, and look at the forest. I got this. Just wait and see. Big things happening at Tennessee
Neyland is Tradition, History, Storied, Humbling, Triumphant, Revered, Feared, Magical, Prideful, Honorable, Substantial, Distinguished, Imposing, Celebrated, Noteworthy, Admirable, Eminent, Fabled, Legendary, Mythical,,,,,, but above all Neyland is a hallowed piece of ground where legends are born and weak men die like dogs. Go Big Orange Erector set my big old hairy arse. The Road back to Greatness at Neyland has begun. Sit down, buckle up, and hang on....Its gonna be a great ride Thanks for all the suppport Jeremy
Mike Griffith needs a position on my staff, perhaps a head position on my staff. Yeah, thats it. What a blowhard.
You are just saying that because you are a quitter. I gave you a position on my staff, and you choked. Once again. You are mad, but come on back to Knoxville and I will be happy to put you back on the top of my staff again where you no doubt will be happy and content just like before. Biotch
One day in the very near future 5 star recruits will line up at UT's door like they did before the dark times as I like calling that period. Dooley, Kiffin, Jones, and the regretful combination of poor decisions by Dave Hart and John Currie as AD's led us down a bleak path indeed. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Mark my words, bet the farm, take it to the bank, and go all in boys,,,,,,things on Rocky Top are looking up. Thanks for all the kind words. Go Big Orange
Of this I am certain,,,,,You cant spell Quit without UT. Drunken Sot had a few good years and a few good one liners. He left Cooter U in shambles after a lucky few year run, and honestly the Cocks have never recovered. They still see themselves as if those days were just yesterday. Sad indeed. It says a lot about a school(s) that idolize him, puts up statues in his likeness, and names buildings after him.
We are working on a lot of different possibilities for the upcoming season, Daniels is just a bird in the bush for now........lets concentrate on the birds in hand. Go Big Orange
Yo Craig, don't let my office door hit you where the good Lord split you. Just wait until you see who my replacement S&C coach is gonna be. I got this, aight? Go Big Orange
Sometimes you can take the player out of the hood, but it seems like it's always is harder to take the hood out of the player. Nurture vs Nature It always has been an elephant in the room throughout college football.
I recently gave ol' billy bellycheek a position on my staff. True story.
Everybodys job around here depends on production. Everybody's. That starts with the boy washing towels and skivies and ends with me and coach fulmer. it's just the way it is it's the way it has been in the past it's the way it will be in the future As Well It Should Be Go Big Orange
You can't make chicken salad out of chicken schitt. This is a known fact. I finally have something to work with, from the ground up this time. I'll get him coached up good boys, just you wait and see. I got this, aight?
Now you are spewing facts and making sense. I'm honestly looking forward to USC being relevant in the SEC east, no kidding. I just never thought he was the right fit in Columbia. He did alright until he had to depend on the guys he personally recruited and coached, but then things went the way the stock market went today. My first indication was when Florida schitcanned him. What was yours?
For your insolence along with your poor choice of both username and favorite team I promise to lay 35+ points on your yankeepig arse's team the last day in October in this very year. I promise.
Where are you getting these facts. His dad is a life long member of law enforcement and says his son always hated guns, never wanted to shoot or learn to shoot, and never owned a single gun in his lifetime. Every single person who knows this young man from his sunday school teacher to the old lady's he helps across the street on his way to church every sunday knows this to be fact. So anyway, your facts Mattchew are Fake News. You and lardarse Bellycheck go sit in the corner until you learn how to research facts and not spread fake bs. Thanks, Your friend Jeremy
You talking about Drinkwitz? If not, he pretty much fits your description too.
The fact is this young man is an upstanding member of the mighty Volunteer football program in good standing. He has done nothing wrong whatsoever. If he were to be found guilty of carrying a gun into a bar and shooting it he should be severely punished no doubt..... but if not I think all those instigators, fake news gullets, and people who take their news strictly from the pages of SDS should admit they are dipshi*ts pretending to know their arses from holes in the ground. Facts are facts. I know they hurt sometimes, but nonetheless. Go Big Orange
I think I'm going to wait and see what that loudmouth Billycheck has to say now. I don't reply to him any longer, that seems to be working as he has almost stopped following me around and crying like a wounded biotch,,,,, besides the chunk of his psyche I already own can't be housed in the rent free space I occupy in his head. Facts are facts.
Wow, so fresh and original, you are really a funny guy, never heard that one before. LOL. Ever think of taking all that talent on the road? Really, you should consider hitting the road, give you some time to work on your deep thought provoking one liners. Be sure and write.