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I still believe in my boys in orange so let's go beat byu and get this season turned around everyone has ugly losses but it's only one game and it only determines one game on the record GBO JustPruitt
Also of the 3 straight losses to vandy only one falls on Pruitt and that is last years. Make no mistake that's an embarrassment in every sense of the word, but I trust Pruitt I think he knows what it is going to take to get us back to are historical spot in the SEC.
Well when Mullen has been a head coach in the SEC for a decade he should not be losing to Kentucky in the swamp, a team Florida has owned and a team mullen should know seeing as he coached against them every year he has been a head coach.
The biggest disadvantage Pruitt had is he was a first time head coach and Dan Mullen has been head coach in the SEC
Recruiting to USC is difficult because EVERYONE in America recruits California same with Texas Florida and Georgia. Georgia fans have become so annoying beating their chest about what a near miss NC. Its funny that Georgia has recruited better than us and their most recent NC is 1980. 1998 is more recent if you didn't know.
I think moving the Georgia game to November is going to help us alot and I believe CJP knew it needed to be done.
AU Alum who said schedule tweaks weren't a normal way of life and why do you care about my search history. All I was saying was Tennessee fans could complain about having to play UGA and UA just as much as Auburn fans.
Yeah but Tennessee will still have to play UGA and UA in a three week span... But Auburn is going to have to play Lsu or Texas A&M within three weeks of Georgia
Since 2014 Tennessee has had to play UGA and UA in a three week span why not move the Auburn vs Georgia to the same spot as UT vs UGA and put UGA vs UT the final weekend of the season... that way Tennessee plays one rival(Florida Alabama Georgia) a month
When division winner Florida played Michigan(which finished 3rd in the their division) Michigan destroyed Florida 41-7... If you're talking about when we beat Northwestern and Nebraska that's far from powerhouse.
When a team with 4 losses and an offense ranked in the 120s wins the division yes it is the worst division in the power 5... Before CKS second season average teams were winning the division and getting exposed in the SEC championship. The SEC East lost 8 straight conference championship. In that 8 year stretch the SEC East had an overall losing record to the SEC West. I would say that made us the worst division in the power 5.
The SEC East is done being the worst division in the power 5... We can thank Georgia and CKS for that. Them hiring CKS made Florida hire a proven head coach instead of hiring another joke. Also made Tennessee hire CJP which will eventually become the greatest coach in Tennessee history. Thanks Georgia for getting this division to respect itself once again.
CJP continues to lay the foundation for the future and I know it will take time but I cannot wait to we are back to beating teams we should beat and competing with the best. GBO
The reason you lost to LSU is because your defense managed to become one of the three conference teams to surrender more than 27 points, the other two were Ole Miss and Texas A&M. Conference teams that held them to 27 or less are Auburn, Florida, Mississippi St., Alabama, and ARKANSAS. The reason you lost to Texas is because your defense surrendered more points to them than Kansas State, Baylor, Iowa State, and KANSAS. Tulsa and Georgia held Texas to 28.
Going blue and purple watching Michigan in a top 10 match up...Aight!
Have fun losing to someone(Iowa,Purdue) you should beat...Aight!