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This young man is being led astray. All colleges over-commit to recruits just in case they have a last-minute flip-flopper to another program. It is quite likely that Georgia will pull their offer once they have all the 4 and 5 star commits they actually wanted. He runs the risk of schools like Ole Miss moving on from him and not having a spot for him later on. He might have to play his first or second year without a scholarship.
There are tons of three or four star recruits on defense, just wasting away as backups or starting at some small college in a GO5 conference. Kiffin should start recruiting them immediately. He can easily improve the defense year over year through recruiting. We dont have to go after the top tier recruits right off the bat. I think the biggest thing is finding a good to great defensive coordinator. As a life long Ole Miss fan, I have learned NOT to ever get my hopes up. Every year we start making some noise, we just flame out. And Kiffin is just as likely to use three years at Ole Miss as a stepping stone to his next coaching job. The rug has been pulled out from under us a million times. Young Ole Miss fans just dont understand the misery.
In order for it to be intentional grounding you have to first admit that it was a pass. By their own admission, the refs said it was a pass. Cant be intentional grounding without being a pass. The fact that it is a pass is not in question. So then you have to look if it was backwards pass. If the pass was backwards then it is the same as a toss or handoff. There is no way that pass was not backwards. The SEC came out with some lame technical B.S. excuse that made no sense, to cover the refs. I get it, the SEC is in damage control over this. You dont want to admit a mistake because it makes the league look bad. Better to act like it was the right call. But I guarantee there will be some serious meetings in the near furture. Arkansas got robbed. What no one is talking about is how improved Arkansas is. They are a pretty decent team. Not the bottom feeders some predicted.
Momentum. If Kiffin turns Ole Miss around, then big name coaches will feel much more at ease taking over the program. If we just get three great years out of Kiffin we are more than pleased. Programs like Ole Miss, Arkansas, Vandy, etc are going to find it near impossible to get a big name coach who wants to coach at a pitiful program. Memphis got very lucky that the coach who turned them around left and then they were able to hire another coach to keep the momentum going.
Kiffin is a very good coach and to say otherwise is just being contrarian. The Vols wanted to keep him desperately; he had success at Alabama and FAU. The only negative stuff you can mention are in his private life. I get that there tons of reasons not to like him personally, but out on that field we should all give him respect. College Football is all about momentum. Ole Miss lost it when Freeze left. Look at MSU replacing Mullen and now floundering. If you want to be a top program you have to make bold moves and not just hope that you will catch fire with middle-of-the-road coaches.
And now Auburn will be stuck with Gus for another season of mediocrity.
We screwed ourselves by running a terrible rushing play for just a couple yards. You don't run in that situation. We could have used those six seconds. And on the last play you either just spoke it or quickly get out of the pocket and throw it out the back of the endzone. Not really Plumlee's fault though, being a rookie.
Exactly. With Saban's pedigree, he can demand total and absolute control over the entire organization. I think there are plenty of bottom-dweller teams like the Browns who would be happy to give it to him. But I don't think he would be interested. I can see Saban taking over in New England if Belichick ever retires.
Bielma stated it when he went to Arkansas from Wisconsin. It just isn't about head coaches any more. You have to have the resources to hire strong coordinators. SEC schools get that. Bielma said at Wisconsin he could never get the administration to see past the head coach. I am sure something similar happened at FSU. You have invest in the facilities and ALL coaching staff if you want win titles. For a lot of coaches, coming to the SEC is a no-brainer because we understand that you need to pay all your coaching staff very well.
He may not be guilty of a crime, but he is guilty of being a terrible human being. If I saw some kid getting molested I would do way more than just report it. I would go the police, the media, whoever I had to go to. And then you get into the stories from his time in Tampa Bay. The guy is just an all around lousy human being and shouldn't be rewarded with the top spot at Tennessee.
This is a great hire for Florida. Mullen is a proven head coach. If he can take MSU to the top position, then he will have Florida in the playoffs most years.
Florida wasn't Florida until coaches came along and turned it into a power house. Same with LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia and Alabama. I am an Ole Miss fan myself, but Mullen's legacy is in creating a program from nothing. Why go to some other school with an established legacy that you are just feeding? Stay at State and create your own legacy.
Ole Miss is a publicly funded college. The state funds the college so I can see where the state would have a say-so in matters.
Saban has been treating Kiffin poorly. Kiffin is tired of taking Saban's crap and he doesn't feel respected. Kiffin isn't staying at Alabama. Now if he can find a decent HC position at a reputable college he takes it. But I am not sure he gets high profile offers. So he is probably stuck in the #2 position. If he is stuck at the coordinator level why not hookup with your buddy?
I don't understand. The narrative has always been that we pay players to come to Ole Miss. That they are in no way swayed by an exciting up and coming program with a fiery head coach. Wins and losses shouldn't matter at all as long as the checks clear, right?
Orgeron is quite possibly the top recruiter in the country. You give him the head coach position to keep him onboard. This season is lost at this point so you aren't wasting a season. If orgeron wins them you keep him as coach. If he doesn't you ask him to stay on as an assistant. The timing with all of this was just to placate Orgeron and keep him in the fold.
I would be pretty pissed at a ref grabbing my jersey. You shouldn't attempt to man handle athletes.
I don't think he was attempting a pass, but his arm was definitely going forward when the ball came out. It meants the definition of an attempted pass.
Please watch the video. He never admits to anything. At best, he says something that could be construed to be an admission. But he never says "I got paid to play at Ole Miss."
Tunsil never said that. Anyone who watches the video will come away realizing that Tunsil NEVER says he got paid to play. He was asked two questions together in a noisy reporter room to a distracted player. All he said was "I would say that." That is different from "I was paid to play at Ole Miss." You can over semantics, but a lot of people are connecting dots. Your interpretation of what he is saying isn't the evidence.
Tunsil never said "I got paid." Never happened. He said "I would say so" to two questions asked together in a noisy reporter room to a player who was distracted. It has NEVER been established that he heard the question correctly.
Every program admits to violations every year. That isn't news worthy. Again, the NCAA rules are so wide and complicated that you are going to violate regulations without knowing it.
You can't verify that Tunsil was the one who sent the texts, only that they came from his phone. How are you going to prove he typed them?
Laremy Tunsil never said "I got paid to play at Ole Miss." He was asked two questions in quick succession and said "I would say that." That is all he ever said. It was never clarified if he heard the question correctly. There was no follow up question to clarify his statement. There is no smoking gun, just a miscommunication between a busy reporter room and a distracted player.
It seems to me the NCAA is begging anyone to step forward so they can nail something on Ole Miss. If the NCAA closes the investigation with next to nothing to show for it, it will make the NCAA look weak. The public has already made its mind up that Ole Miss cheats. The NCAA not pinning something on Ole Miss is going to just make the public think the NCAA is corrupt and help Ole Miss cover it up. But I think the truth is going to be that Ole Miss didn't break any major rules so nothing drastic is going to happen. Maybe lose a couple scholarships over minor infractions.
If you look hard enough at any program, you will find something simply because the NCAA rules are so wide and complicated. I just wonder why the NCAA is focused on Ole Miss and not other programs. I think there is some politiking going on. I wouldn't be surprised if SEC rivals are pressuring the NCAA to do something.
Every report? I haven't hear one report that has been true.
When Saban got to town, he sure turned Alabama recruiting around. How come Saban can turn around Alabama recruiting on the up-and-up but Freeze can't? How come Dan Mullen pulls in top recruits down at Miss State and no one says anything? How did Steve Spurrier go to South Carolina and pull in top recruits? Everyone is acting like the only way it can it done is through money. That would mean that Dan Mullens, Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier must have done it with money too.
I interpret this as they were unable to find much of anything so they have widened the net. The NCAA wants to find anything they can use simply because the public perception is that Ole Miss is a bunch of cheats. The NCAA doesn't want to walk away with a bunch of minor infractions and some slaps on the wrist. It would weaken the perception of the NCAA. Laremy Tunsil never admitted to a room full of reporters that he was paid by Ole Miss. If you watch the full video, Laremy was asked two questions in rapid succession and I believe he simply got confused and was naturally nervous and distracted. Even if you confess to something, you need some proof to back it up.