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Let them join the Pac 14... we don't need them.
Saban is the best coach in the history of college football. Hoping the Gators can knock them off in week 3... Guess I am the only one that thinks Gators will beat them?
God bless you coach. Only the best for you and your family. Even us Gators appreciate your class and appreciate all the competition over the years. Peace.
So many Georgia cocky posts... No national titles in over 41 years but you win the "run your mouth" title hands down... Kirby is Mark Richt 2.0... will follow up 5 great years (no titles) with 10 years of average football. I think within a few years it will be TN and FL at the top again... Kirby throws away 5-star talent and pretty soon he won't have the most talent. When it comes to coaching and developing... he sucks. Florida takes a 3-star Kadarious Toney and 4-star Kyle Pitts and 2-star Kyle Trask and develops them into #1 and #2 draft picks. Georgia takes a bunch of 5-star talents and develops then down to 4-star talents... and their talent, not development, gets them drafted. Bulldogs suck and why does Kirby always looked like a stuffed sausage?
Georgia fans are delusional... and cocky after no NCAA championships in over 41 years... Kirby is Mark Richt 2.0... he will follow up a few years of great teams (no national titles) with 10 years of mediocrity...
You still have not won a title in 41 years... That is all I hear is how "loaded" you are... every year... It gets old. You will be losing for the next 10 years to FL as long as Mullen is the coach. He is just a far superior coach to KS. UGA has more 5-star talent, but Florida wins 42-28. Now we have more talent... you will be taking beat downs like the Spurrier years. Good advice: Learn to lose.
Been a long time since 1980... UGA trolling out insults with their fata$$ mouths. Go away.
I agree with Simms that Mac Jones will make a great NFL QB. I would like to get his opinion on Kyle Trask? I think Mac Jones and Kyle Trask are going to be 2 of the 3 QB's that make it big in the NFL from this upcoming draft. Not sold on Fields, Wilson, or North Dakota dude. Lawrence, Jones, Trask are going to be NFL starters, and good ones, within a few years from now...
Best of luck to you. You are going to be a star one day. You learned a lot playing for Alabama and that great coaching will serve you well. Again, best of luck! See you in the NFL one day... work hard!
Excellent! You must have put in a lot of work combined with incredible talent. Wishing you the best!
Dumb hillbillies come from UGA. Last time I checked Tennessee won a National Championship in the 2000's... got to go back to 1970's or close to find the UGA true hillbillies won a Title. Maybe you UGA people should clean up your fraudulent State before you troll an NCAA article. Georgia sucks.
Hang in there Tennessee... you guys will be back in a couple years. Saw UCF doing well with Heupel... he is a great coach. Finding out you really need offensive coaches these days... except if you are almost an NCAA god like Saban... he can win anywhere.
Shut up Negan the brainless... you are making a bigger fool of yourself than the average UGA leg humper... which is hard for UGA fans because spewing foolish nonsense is what everyone expects. 41-years without a National Title makes you a little whacky I guess?
This Negan dude is just a plain fool. He will sign with Alabama and get to play Tennessee each year so they can atleast watch him play. When is the last time Georgia won a National Title? Someone told me 41 years ago? That does no seem possible as much as they run their mouths... Can someone verify?
As a Florida Gator fan since 1975... have to admit, have lot's of respect for LSU. I remember back in the day watching LSU versus Florida and the games were so hard-hitting. There used to be like 10 injuries on each side. Florida was always beat up going into the next game after playing LSU. I pull for LSU, Alabama, even TN... when not playing FL... but I can't every pull for UGA (last championship was 41 years ago and counting) because they are such loud mouth trolls. So I will end as all posts from everyone in the SEC should end their post... UGA sucks.
Shut up Balkwyll... I guess no one is perfect but you right? Cam Newton was an amazing player also. So lucky to have seen so many SEC players with exceptional talent. Don't comment on Cam Newton when you certainly don't know the whole story! Cam Newton and Percy Harvin were both beasts!
Percy Harvin is a true Gator great and part of Gator History. Wishing him the best... heard he is in Gainesville. Hey coach Mullen... get him on your staff as an coaching analyst? He is one of us forever! Help him get a new coaching career launched?
Troll somewhere else you Georgia swine. I agree with Chris... watching Percy Harvin play was a blast. His acceleration and speed were amazing. If I were Coach Meyer... I would bring him in as a coaching analyst or whatever those new postions are. He has been hanging around Gainesville and it would be great to bring him aboard in some capacity. I love Percy Harvin, he is a true great Gator and a part of our History. As far as Georgia, you swine have not won a National Title in over 41 years but could win many "running your mouths" titles. Swine!
Agree with this assessment. I am thinking we will be playing at 360# and we turn 3-stars into 4.5-5.0 stars. UGA takes 5 stars and develops them into 3.5 stars that can't win National Titles... just saying...
Negan is another delusional bulldog fan reading every UF article and thinking anyone cares about his BS. Get a job... you probably think UGA is going to win a National Title after 41 years of utter failure... how may of those stupid fle-ridden dogs have died waiting to a Nationa Title?
Hang in there! Your time will come. Just take care of that foot and you have so much talent that it will be show-cased when you are 100%. Prayers are with you, work hard and concentrate on school-work, re-hab and we will see you tear it up in the fall!
Rarely do you see a LSU troll... they are better than that. Apparently there is one toothless trailer trash whom got his internet turned back on until the next bill comes. As for UGA... you troll because you have not one a National Title in 41 years... probably most 3 times the age of the UGA fools trolling. All the UGA trollers sound like 12 year olds that did not take a nap. Don't worry about Emory Jones... he will be a beast. Copland replaces Toney, Shorter replaces Grimes, The new LSU TE replaces Pitts, and the running game will be much improved. We will be giving Georgia a beat down for the next 10 years and they know it and why they are such desperate trolls waiting for every Gator article to read, breath in, memorize, and day dream back to 1980... and Ronald Reagan's first term. Also, Georgia is a bunch of rotten cheating communists. LSU comes from are Patriots. Floridians are Patriots. Fix yourselves before you TROLL you Troll's...
He will win a National Title before Georgia... of course this is any team... been 41 years since bulldogs held up a Natty trophy... almost 15,000 days... Florida is going to beat you for the next 10 years and YOU know it because bulldogs are not coached smart... pun... keep winning recruiting titles because you will NEVER win another National Title as long as Mullen is at Florida. Your days are OVER!! 42-28
Honestly I think Mac Jones and Kyle Trask are going to have the best NFL careers. They both have great "accuracy" and the "it" factor. The both played in SEC... and Trask had grandfather that played in old AFL so he has good NFL bloodlines. Maybe I can be labeled a SEC Homer, but in 4 years looking back... Trask & Jones will starting in NFL. Just take a look at Jalen Hurts (playing in SEC) compared to Donald/Wentz/Mayfield... I would take Hurts over all three!
Wishing you the best luck and success at Purdue! Thanks for your time at Florida... I will be watching the Purdue games now and they will be my favorite Big Ten school. God bless you young man... Please get your degree and remember all Gator fans are rooting for you.
Mullen can recruit better than Georgia can win National Titles... whats it been... 41 years since Georgia won a Title? Not recruiting titles mind you... you recruit the best but don't seem to do much with them...
Florida beats Georgia this year regardless. Face it trolls... Gators own you again... think 1990 to 2008 type own... He is playing for Gators because his mom was not born the last time Georgia won a National Championship...
Florida will beat Georgia this year... you can bank on it. This is why the little bulldogs troll all Gator articles. They know their little run is over. Back to beating them 9 out of 10 games like from 1990 to 2008... we even pinned 52 on them in Athens one year... suck it GA!
Not win anything important? His mom was not even born the last time Georgia won a National Championship! He does want to win... that is why he chose the MIGHTY GATORS! Suck it GA.