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Are you NOT entertained?? 19-18 with only 8 minutes to go... You must hate the NFL because there are mostly NFL players in this game... Did you like how exciting Michigan looked against GA, how exciting Bearcats looked against AL? Don't understand how you could not love this game? Go Bama!
Boring? This game is incredible!! Go Bama (up 18-13)... keep 1980 sacred...
Smart should hire Saban... Go Alabama!
Thank you Kaiir! You represented our University well... looking forward to watching you drafted in first round and having a great NFL future. Go Gators! You, and Pierce and Carter were fun to watch and will all make it in the NFL. God bless.
Great hire. Slight improvement from our OL will go a long way and he has to recruit better than previous coach.
Only because of classless legdumper... Go Alabama! Roll Tide! Keep 1980 sacred...
Excellent hire. Looks like Muschamp gave him a chance. When it comes to GA there is only two things to like. Muschamp and Walker... Muschamp is one of the best DC's ever. Walker is one of the best RB's ever. Other then those two... UGA stinks. Go Crimson Tide!
Better get a "legdumper 1980" tatoo because you will not beat Alabama.
Maybe the NFL should start a minor league and college football should go back to no transfer portal, not paying players, and a more innocent time. This corruption and firing coaches is absurd. Watched LSU playing KSU and it was great to see a WR playing QB. The whole team played with so much heart and passion. Was hoping to LSU to win, but one of the more enjoyable games to watch. They even had a second string kicker and he made a TD saving tackle! Get back to the basics... how about all walk-ons?
Take the $1,000,000 and play at EWU! The NFL will find you if you have the talent. I would take the money everytime!
If the guy wants to transfer to the SEC and has the talent... good for him. Unemployed trailer park legdumper and his 4 roomates, living in a 2-bedroom single wide, are throwing a party to watch Alabama beat them again on his 30" screen TV.
Hoping Alabama crushes GA again just for legdumpers sake. Bring in Percy Harvin as the WR off field coach? I like the idea of bringing in more ex-Gator players that love and/or are loyal to the program. Hey legdumper... are you all throwing a big shin dig at your trailer park to watch Alabama beat up on the little puppies?
Great rentention hire! VB is a great person and all of our players are better off being able to count on him. I have always wondered why Tim Tebow has not been hired as an QB coach? Could you imagine Tebow recruiting? Any mother would trust their son with him because he would always keep his word. Hopefully Tebow will cut his teeth as an assistant with the Gators one day.
@legdumper... You should lecture no one on "integrity" being the most classless poster in the history of posting. Go Bama. Keep 1980 rolling.
Brian Kelly is an excellent coach and the SEC is getting LOADED with Great Coaches. To be honest... Tennessee, South Carolina, Arkansas, Ole Miss., Mississippi State, LSU, Missouri and Florida have all recently added very good if not great coaches. SEC is becoming like NFL with close games each week. Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M all have proven winners. Only question marks are Vandy and Auburn. Check back in 5-years... Either LSU and/or Florida will have a National Championship... maybe both. You can't win a National Championship at Kentucky, South Carolina, Missouri or Tennessee... and Georgia will find a way to s c r e w up and keep 1980 sacred. 42 years will become 47 years without a National Championship for the bullhumpdogs..
Congrats to UGA on their 17 recruiting National Titles! Michigan will make sure you have ZERO National Titles in 42 years in REAL football. UF 3, UGA 0 (National Titles in the past 42 years)...
BREAKING NEWS TO ALL UGA POSTERS: Being ranked #1 in recruiting is not the same as winning a National Title. Georgia has been #1 in recruiting and/or in the top 10 about 90% of the time... but NO national titles in 42 years (soon to be 43 after Wolverines pound you into the ground). It is much better to be a Gator in a red state then a sorry bulldog in the ONLY Blue state in the SEC. The problem with playing for Georgia is that you have to LIVE IN GA. Who wants to live in that s-hole? The only good thing to come out of GA is Herschal Walker! Now... stay of Gator posts... stop obsessing with the school that will be kicking your arse on a regular basis in the very near future...
Good pick up for Oklahoma. Wishing him the best. The whole situation was not fair to him, the recruits, or the players. Hopefully we have some stability over the next 10 years. I don't want to go 42 years inbetween National Titles like little bull-pups...
Don't dispair... 1980 will remain sacred. Go Michigan!! Go hu-mp yourselves for another 41 years...
First time ever posting on a Miami article... But Manny is a great coach. Cristobol is a used car salesman... guess that is what you want. Check out is record at FIU... what were the Utah versus Oregon scores? The U has no honor, no loyalty, and the best used car salesman money can buy as a coach. Good luck.
Great point. He should have kept the 10 committments and then gotten 10 of his own. Starting at zero on 12/8 when signing is on 12/15 is foolish.
This is a huge disappointment! We should have kept Mullen, Hired Manny Diaz as Defensive Coordinator, Never have fired assistants in the middle of a season, and simply let go any assistants that were not good recruiters. If Mullen can't recruit... simply hire 10 great recruiting assistants. Why pay $12M to fire the best offensive coach in NCAA? Our recruiting class is now 70? Below Tulane? What the heck did Napier say to the one guy we needed to hold this class (Evers) together? How does pissing off our best recruits make Napier a great recruiter? This stinks.
Best of Luck Eddy! Gator Nation is rooting for you... Go Jets!!
What a disaster. Hoping he finds some stability somewhere. Good luck.
I think that Brewster and Gonzalez should have been retained. Brewster is a recruiting machine and good luck replacing him. Somebody is going to pick up Brewster and increase their recruiting prowess. Good luck Coach Brewster and Thanks for all your hard work. Gator Nation appreciates you and wishes you the best.
Hopefully we will be back to Florida versus Alabama in the SEC championship games again. Thanks to AL for driving the bulldogs into the ground and getting the leghumper poster to keep his loud low-class mouth shut. Go Michigan, beat GA. Go AL... then beat Michigan. I want SEC to win National Title... just not GA.
This new S&C guy was at Alabama. Alabama just took little bulldogs behind the wood-shed for a great SEC beat down. Wolverines to keep 1980 sacred... Go Michigan! leg hump GA has no class... you all lost because you waste so much time on UF and not on yourselves... 1980 was a great year and will remain the greatest in bullhumperdog history...
Best wishes to Coach McGriff. You are a great coach and will end up with a great job somewhere. If Napier is only going to keep one coach... it should be Brewster. If he is keeping two... Brewster and Gonzalez. If he is keeping three... Brewster, Gonzalez, Turner. Maybe he decides to clean house? Maybe keeps a few as analyists?
I would keep Savage, Brewster, Gonzalaz, Turner. Not sure how many he should retain? Maybe he could bring Manny Diaz over as a DC since Miami just axed him. Best of luck to Montimar whom did a great job and he should land on his feet with a good job somewhere. I like Coach Knox also. Hiring Napier looks good... we will see... but I would have retained Mullen if we knew Manny Diaz would have been available to get the DC opening. I think we only needed a great DC (Diaz) and recruiter (Diaz). With that said... you can't change the past... so I am 100% in with Napier and the more I read... the more he makes sense. Good to to on a UF post and not have any GA fans. Leg hump GA guy was making me ill with his lack of class. Hopefully AL sent them away for awhile with their tails between their legs. Go Wolverines... keep 1980 sacred.
Can't wait to watch this game. It has become a TG day tradition to sit back, relax, and watch this game. Good to be in the SEC... great games every week... not just one Saturday a year (OSU - Mich.)...