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And how exactly should they be "penalized" Joel? Leave the winner of Alabama-Georgia out of the playoff? Pack it up guys, SEC Championship means nothing this year!
Dear Mr. Bratton, Mississippi State's mascot is not the "Hail States." That would be like calling Alabama the "Roll Tides," or Auburn the "War Eagles." Sincerely, Someone bothered by this
Oklahoma?? The key to beating Alabama is having a strong defense to slow down Tua and those nasty receivers. Miss. St. just gave Alabama fits last week with their defense. Oklahoma doesn't know the definition of defense. Their offense is strong enough to put points on the board against Bama, but not nearly enough against Alabama's D. Clemson remains the only real contender (on paper, anyway) that seems like they could upend Bama, with the POSSIBLE exception of Michigan. But I'm still not quite believing in their offense.
I would love to see Les Miles in Lawrence. It would be interesting to see what he can do with that team.
How long before kickoff were these pictures taken? No players on the field or sidelines.
Exactly what I was thinking as I read this article. Without the linebacker injuries last year, Bama would likely have gone undefeated. However that is part of the game, and things worked out in the end anyway.
Quite literally laughed out loud when I saw the rankings. I felt like Captain Holt in Brooklyn Nine Nine screaming "VINDICATIOOOOOOON!!"
His true Heisman moment was the CFP Championship Game last year. That performance bought him the hype that has carried throughout this season. If it weren't for that he wouldn't have near the coverage in the media that he's had.
They have a superiority complex. I lived in Ohio for two years, and as soon as women found out I wasn't from Ohio they were all over me, lol.
Nice observation. They're all wearing OSU shirts, so it's likely impossible to tell what game that was.
He's saying LSU has no offense against Alabama. Not in general.
Crmsontide69 - prerogative* BamaRulesSEC - graduate does not need to be in quotes. You are not quoting me in your post, you are simply pointing out something that I said. Now, to address your concerns on what you claim is classlessness in my post. I have family members that love in trailers, and there is nothing wrong with that. But as most people know, when someone is told to "crawl back to their trailer," it is a reference to the fact that they are being trashy and ignorant. Take from that what you will. And I pointed out that I'm a graduate of UA for the simple reason of showing that I'm a true fan, not one of the bandwagon variety that will disappear as soon as Alabama's dominance is over. Now, Crmsontide69, where are these facts that you claim to speak? Because the only thing I've seen you post are opinions. And not even well informed opinions at that. Oh, and BamaRulesSEC, you have my sincerest thanks for stepping aside so the smart people can have the floor. We appreciate it more than we can say.
I'm a graduate of the University of Alabama that watches all of their games, as well as most of the other SEC games. I've seen plenty of both teams, including LSU's demolition of UGA. They are quite clearly the #2 team in the SEC, and anyone that says otherwise is simply too biased to admit it. Go crawl back into your trailer. We don't want, nor need, fans like you in Tuscaloosa.
LSU played one hell of a game, definitely the best effort and most talent Alabama has seen yet this year. I personally felt that LSU was one big play away from being back in the game until Alabama scored that last touchdown. LSU is doing just fine, easily the second best team in the SEC.
Joel Klatt is one of my favorite television personalities. He's unbiased, straightforward, and not afraid to piss people off with his opinion. He needs his own show.
This clown lost all credibility when he said Louisville would beat Alabama in week 1.
Not gonna lie, I wanted Ohio State to win out and meet Bama in the Playoff. It would've been fun to watch Urban have more "health issues."
Buddy, don't be butthurt. I'm an Alabama fan and a former football official. That was not targeting. Not even close.
"No one is scared of Alabama," and "I would be much more nervous if we were going in undefeated." Sorry, but I call BS on both statements.
Odd, because none of us can remember Tennessee fans EVER having class.
That was a damn good win for LSU. We should be in for a good game Nov. 3rd. Both teams will be coming off a bye week, so hopefully both are healthy and ready to play.
Can't complain about the fans not staying this week.
Nice video. And hopefully Alabama doesn't get caught sleeping in this one. Mizzou isn't a team to overlook.
Easy answer. Ohio State. They owe them a beatdown because of their last meeting, plus Urban Meyer is primed and ready for another "medical emergency" when he faces Saban again.
I get the feeling that these plays (or something similar) are already in the playbook and have been worked on in practice, but Saban is holding on to them for a bigger game. Maybe LSU, Auburn, or a potential SECCG against UGA? He may even hang onto them for the playoff.
"Alabama celebrates the first time that something positive happened when it was lined up in a field goal formation." Dead