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So many times, national championships are based on the coach's whining ability to the media and refs. Rating Luke Doty as not SEC caliber is laughable. He was considered a top 100 player in the country as a senior in HS.
And Bama should thank Spurrier for leaving FL and FL for being dumb enough to not hire him back.
NFL coaches look for receivers to block and play special teams as well. You can't just be fast, a good router runner and have good hands to make it. Maybe Spurrier Jr. will him attain more pass/run balance. His dad once knocked his player, Fred Taylor, for having issues with blocking. It's a team game.
Not really. There are five OL on a team and only one QB. QB position is way overrated if the QB cannot run. It is still overrated if he can. Brady was lucky enough to have his first OL coach in the NFL predate the coach at the Patriots.
At UF, Charley Pell comes to mind. It is just one of the millions of stories as to why cheating is not cheating unless you get caught. UF did not seem to do due diligence with him. He cheated a lot at Clemson and did the same at UF.
Brady had light years more support than Grossman. The year after he went to the SB, Rex had the oldest OL in the league. His best receiver barely saw the field with Favre in MN. But the Bears offense was the 2nd most improved in the NFL that SB year, behind the Saints and some guy name Brees and a new coach named Payton. The Patriots OL coach was probably the best ever and pre-dated Belichek.
He was benched for an elite QB. It was like benching Jalen for Tua in Bama. His stats are elite. He will have help too.
Team of the decade? ROTFL. The #1 priority to ensure that is to bribe the people who decide who makes it to the playoffs. College football and politics: a tradition like no other.
Spurrier beat Saban with Stephen Garcia. Saban is not God. Rather be lucky than good.
Spurrier recorded 12 late hits in that game that were not called and showed it to the Sugar Bowl refs. Thus, 52-20.
They look quite solid at the receiver/TE position next year. They should do well if they can find RBs who can block and catch out of the backfield.
With the same talent, Spurrier was better than both Saban and Smart. National championships are still based on politics, whether four teams or two. Alabama won the NC in 1992, barely beating FL in AL. Spurriers third team was probably the 2nd best in the country on a neutral field by year end ... and that teaam was 2 years off of probation. Who is GAs instate rival? Tech? ROTFL. Spurrier had FSU and the U.
Rattlers career stats are good, very solid. Riley is a great recruiter and apparently found someone better in Wallace.
UC did not belong there. They are following the Miami model of creampuff scheduling. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
What about the almighty Peach Bowl does the writer not understand?
Clemson won once on a play that should be illegal.
Their big win was beating ND, who did not belong last year. College football is still a joke. Teams still get rewarded for playing cream puff schedules. The Miami model is alive and well.
Gerri Spurrier echoed these sentiments many years ago. Spurrier made SEC football much more exciting.
The headline is comical. I would trust Spurriers rating for most QBs over any recruiting service. Alshon Jeffery was a 4 star recruit in a year when only 3 WRs, all SEC commits, were 5 stars. Alshon went on to shred highly rated DBs like Dre Kirkpatrick to shreds. He also recruited Connor Mitch, who broke NC QB state records held by Chris Leak.
Oh please. If Bruce goes down like JT went down, what will the AL offense look like?
I do not get the JT hype. Bama was very lucky to beat Auburn and it seems GA actually took them lightly as a result. It just did not seem to be their night with that Bryce fumble they did not recover etc.
Why didn't UF show Kelly the magic? Did Muschamp, McIlwain and Mullin (sounds like a law firm) break their budget?
I'm sorry, but GA hasn't don't much yet. That may change next week, but Muschamp probably helped to boost the GA defense. The Swamp is like a kitchen. If you can't take the heat ... Spurrier was a rare breed who could take the heat. I don't know anything about Napier but Louisiana ain't that hot.
But he's done something at the college level. What has Gruden done?