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Where's Melvin Ingram? Three consecutive Pro Bowls with a bad team. Deebo is probably on this list if his coach knew how to coach in a big game with a lead.
Spurrier went 5 and 2 against Dabo and 2 and 1 against Saban. He probably would have beaten Saban with a decent QB the one time he lost. He beats Meyer in 2006 if his now long-time NFL kicker doesn't have the worst day of his college career. Put him at Alabama and you would have had to change the rules to make it competitive.
I think it's Danny Wuerrffel. UF's scoring offense finished in the top 4 all four of his years, including 1st during his senior year. Tebow peaked his junior year. Manning never beat Danny. UF's schedule included the dominant teams of the nineties on a regular basis.
Spurrier getting honorable mention is lame. Football was different back then. I think free agent rules were different and he was behind a very good QB in Brodie for many years. Wasn't he in the NFL for 10, largely as a punter. Bob Griese thought he got the luck of the draw with Miami, relative to Spurrier.
Someone should write an article about ripped off SEC teams with retro computer calculation on SOS etc. The '84 Gators were stacked and probably would have smacked BYU on the field.
Refs cheat in the NBA. Refs cheat in the tourney, where a double dribble is not one.
Rex Grossman threw a higher % of TD passes vs. total passes his first two years before Spurrier left. He would be the record holder with two more years with Spurrier. His sophomore year was insane.
Jesse Owens and Jack Niclaus went to tOSU.
Off of roids, I think LT was overrated. He played on some really good defenses with Bellichek. National: Jesse Owens and Jack Nicklaus (game, set, match) Bernard King and Peyton Manning
SC was the best in the East in 2013. They had a flukey loss against TN on the road, but in that same year beat #10 UCF on the road, beat Clemson, and beat MO on the road. Shaw threw his only INT for the year against TN and left that close game late due to an injury.
What about Emmitt. Can you imagine if he stuck around for is sr. year with Spurrier what his numbers would have been? They would have had to change the rules to get the offense off the field.
Clemson fans are just mad he didn't bring any recruits with him.
USC shouldn't have been there. They cheated beyond comprehension. What a stupid article.
This is very selective outrage. Rex Grossman must be laughing somewhere.
Spurrier was way bigger than Meyer. Meyer doesn't go to FL if Spurrier didn't lay the groundwork. Spurrier changed the SEC.
Not really. Injuries matter. Lots of players come back for the bowl games that were hurt earlier in the year.
They could change conferences if they were serious. Why did Miami and FSU join the ACC?
SOS leads to rampant injuries. Even the NFL knows that.
They are just following the creampuff model firmly established by Bobby Bowden at FSU and others at the U. Why schedule tough OOC opponents when you are almost guaranteed a spot in the playoffs when there are just 5 so-called power conferences. College football remains a beauty contest.
I'm not sure I'd call Tua the greatest QB ever at Bama. Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Ken Stabler ring bells? The SEC had a nice run for a number of years with Grossman, Eli, Russell, Campbell and Cutler.
IMO, Spurrier's SC teams were underrated during the 2010 to 2013 run. They had a lot of bad luck with injuries and schedule. They beat Clemson with a backup QB at Clemson.
Enjoy the moment, but why do we have the GOAT every year? They won the NC in their backyard.
Maybe he'll make Spurrier Sr. his OC since Jr. will likely be joining him. What a division. Wow!
I've seen worse in the SEC not called, especially against the home team.
Marginal, but the refs should be trusted on the field for that one. Wentz should have slid.
The team needs leaders and the OL, which I believe has 4 starters back, needs to develop.
This list is a bit lame. Connor Shaw should get his own headline. His senior year was amazing.
College football has regressed. It's like the days of Miami. Play a creampuff schedule and get in the playoffs. I doubt Clemson wins last night if they played an SEC schedule, especially in the West. Their toughest game before last night was probably TAM. They hardly have any injuries.