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USC shouldn't have been there. They cheated beyond comprehension. What a stupid article.
This is very selective outrage. Rex Grossman must be laughing somewhere.
Spurrier was way bigger than Meyer. Meyer doesn't go to FL if Spurrier didn't lay the groundwork. Spurrier changed the SEC.
Not really. Injuries matter. Lots of players come back for the bowl games that were hurt earlier in the year.
They could change conferences if they were serious. Why did Miami and FSU join the ACC?
SOS leads to rampant injuries. Even the NFL knows that.
They are just following the creampuff model firmly established by Bobby Bowden at FSU and others at the U. Why schedule tough OOC opponents when you are almost guaranteed a spot in the playoffs when there are just 5 so-called power conferences. College football remains a beauty contest.
I'm not sure I'd call Tua the greatest QB ever at Bama. Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Ken Stabler ring bells? The SEC had a nice run for a number of years with Grossman, Eli, Russell, Campbell and Cutler.
IMO, Spurrier's SC teams were underrated during the 2010 to 2013 run. They had a lot of bad luck with injuries and schedule. They beat Clemson with a backup QB at Clemson.
Enjoy the moment, but why do we have the GOAT every year? They won the NC in their backyard.
Maybe he'll make Spurrier Sr. his OC since Jr. will likely be joining him. What a division. Wow!
I've seen worse in the SEC not called, especially against the home team.
Marginal, but the refs should be trusted on the field for that one. Wentz should have slid.
The team needs leaders and the OL, which I believe has 4 starters back, needs to develop.
This list is a bit lame. Connor Shaw should get his own headline. His senior year was amazing.
College football has regressed. It's like the days of Miami. Play a creampuff schedule and get in the playoffs. I doubt Clemson wins last night if they played an SEC schedule, especially in the West. Their toughest game before last night was probably TAM. They hardly have any injuries.
It seems to be LSU's year. Last year, Clemson had the extreme fortune of playing ND in the semifinals. ND was not a team that required much prep to beat. Vandy almost beat them at ND.
No wonder the SEC is known for its defenses. Wow, Spurrier left a big hole.
Where's A.J. Green and Connor Shaw? Shaw threw his only INT for the year against UT, a game he got hurt in the 4th quarter and they lost on a last-second FG. His SC teams were really good despite bad luck with injuries and tough schedules.
This should not decide a game. Football has so many silly rules Defense should be given time to set. Gus does this all the time.
I've seen similar celebrations not penalized in the NFL. I wonder if the refs throw the flag if Ole Miss is the home teams. Having watched SEC football for 30 years, I highly doubt it.
Why the Spurrier bashing? Bryan Edwards gave his commitment to SC in March 2015, when Spurrier was the HC.
What are the odds of 1 holding call against Bama with Tua back/hurt?
SC - FL 2006 - Spurrier's return to the swamp. Future pro kicker had possibly his worst game ever, including game ending block by UF. I know it's not really a rivalry, but Spurrier won twice in the Swamp while with SC.
I've been watching SEC football for 30 years and can't recall one time when a big program got a bad, decisive call late in a game while playing a little SEC program. Muschamp is right. Logo matters. It's been obvious for a very long time.
I've been watching SEC football for 30+ years and I cannot honestly recall ONE big call that favored a lesser team and decided a game. As Mucschap said, log matters. Bribery is alive and well in the SEC.