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What are the odds of 1 holding call against Bama with Tua back/hurt?
SC - FL 2006 - Spurrier's return to the swamp. Future pro kicker had possibly his worst game ever, including game ending block by UF. I know it's not really a rivalry, but Spurrier won twice in the Swamp while with SC.
I've been watching SEC football for 30 years and can't recall one time when a big program got a bad, decisive call late in a game while playing a little SEC program. Muschamp is right. Logo matters. It's been obvious for a very long time.
I've been watching SEC football for 30+ years and I cannot honestly recall ONE big call that favored a lesser team and decided a game. As Mucschap said, log matters. Bribery is alive and well in the SEC.
Lots of teams would be in the final four if they were in the ACC last year. Dabo is just following Bowden and UM's creampuff schedule script from the 80s.
Of course they could. If you put his best FL offense and his best SC defense on one team, they could probably beat a few NFL teams. Football is way too QB oriented. It takes a team to win most games.
Spurrier beat Saban with Garcia. And it wasn't a fluke. Amazing coach.
All Dabo is doing is following the Jimmy Johnson formula at UM and the Bowden formula at FSU. Schedule matters. Clemson started preparing for Bama before they played ND last year. ND should have never been in the final four. GA showed that AL was quite beatable last year.
Bowl games invite flukey performances. UF lost in Tally to FSU by 3 in 1996 and destroyed them in the Sugar Bowl for their first NC. Clemson played ND in the semi-finals. ND had no business being there. Clemson said they were preparing for AL before the ND game.
SC had a lot of bad luck with injuries to QBs and Lattimore. Their schedule out of division during their run was also tougher than GA's, which made it harder to go to Atlanta. In 2012, they faced GA, LSU and FL, all top 10 teams, on consecutive Saturdays. They blew out GA at home, but then lost their only two games to LSU and FL on the road.
Alabama wasn't bad that year. The SEC West was stacked. They lost 3 games, including by 3 to LSU on the road and by 1 to Auburn, the eventual national champion.
He made some bad hires, but I though it was shortsighed of Muschamp not to take the DC job at SC. Even though recruiting suffered, the overall program was definitely in better shape than what he inherited. SC was a notch above Vandy, and a small one at that.
Translation: The ACC always gets the calls. It's been very obvious this tourney. You think that foul is call if Zion is defending him? Dream on. They were lucky the supposed foul on him wasn't called since they would have had even less time to get off a good shot. So all three calls/noncalls in the last 6 seconds actually went VA's way. Just like the Duke-UCF game.
The double dribbler says he was held just before it happened. It appears Auburn had a foul to give, which would have made it nearly impossible to win the game at that point. The two non-calls both helped VA.
This is why I rarely watch basketball anymore. The refs have way too much control of the game. When was the last time a big call went against an ACC team in this tourney? That call is not made if Zion is the defender.
Somehow that's a foul, but Zion's charge is not. And someone how the last play in the Auburn-FL game is not a foul either. Basketball refs must be lawyers on the side. They cherry pick the rules. I thought the refs were supposed to swallow the whistle at the very end of the game. Basketball = WWE. The NCAA is taking notes from the NBA.
A writer on SDS recently compared Muschamp to Spurrier in terms of number of wins over his first three years. SEC East was tougher back then with Tebow, Meyer etc.
Spurrier inspired the booster program unlike any football coach before him there. The program was definitely better when he left. He made a bad DL hire and may others on the D side toward the end of his tenure. He also didn't recruit that well, especially at DB and DL. He should have left after his last bowl game, as he has stated. I like Muschamp, but he's not close to Spurrier's level yet.
He felt he was in the way. Only Richt was at a school longer if memory serves. Rather have him "quit" then stay too long a la Bowden at FSU.
Bell to Nattiel after the goal line stand was the best ever IMO.
I take Spurrier over anyone if you want a clean program. Plus he had in-state rivals in Clemson and FSU ... and sometimes the U.