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Joe Biden, the Borker in Chief, and Tara Reade. Enough said. Hypocrisy beyond measure.
I really don't understand why they would fear the Dawgs. SC was competitive against virtually every consistent foe when he was last in Columbia. Wasn't SC the last SEC East team to be Bama. I think Beamer was on the field then.
It wasn't a real season this year. Not even close. I would put an asterisk next to Alabama. Many ranked teams wouldn't be there if it wasn't for COVID.
They probably couldn't afford Stephen Davis and he didn't last much longer after Spurrier left the NFL. He was past him prime and had trouble holding onto the ball in key spots during Spurrier's last year.
Titles that are shared should not be equated with those that are not. Saban's LSU shared the title with USC.
Dabo really should know better in this era of media brainwashing and the sound byte.
Dabo is the Les Myles of the ACC. He wins with a ton of talent and minimal competition in his state. Head coaches in CFB are like politicians, they have tons of money to work with and bloated staffs to make them look good.
You make it sound like football is brain surgery. You throw the ball where they aren't with big strong and fast players. It's really not that hard when you have big strong and fast players given all of the rules that favor the offense in football.
Yet another horrible playoff selection. ND obviously didn't belong there ... again. FL played AL tougher. Who did Clemson beat this year in retrospect? They should have had an expanded playoff with a short season for many teams. But, as usual, politics reigns in college football. In the words of Howard Cosell, college football has become "a colossal bore."
The playoff should have been expanded this year. But, as always, politics reigns in college football. OK deserved the playoffs as much as OSU or ND. The playoff is a joke ... again.
Why is this on an SEC website? If I want politics, I'll visit the Weather Channel or ESPN.
All of SC's proceeds will be going towards the final payment of Muschamp's buyout.
That's the funniest post I've ever read on this board. ND appears to be on loan.
They should just cancel the playoffs this year. Too many games have been missed.
FL is better than ND and OSU. They lost to the defending national champs and the #5 team by an FG late.
Anyone who writes "End of discussion" in a headline is likely a journalism major. Politics and college football: Perfect together.
Dr. Saban avoiding a major outbreak is more about luck than anything else. Rather be lucky than good ... every single time.
Have you seen Alabama's football budget? Have you seen Clemson's recruiting budget? Saban has one NC without even winning his conference. Politics reigns in college football.
Spurrier changed the SEC. Mullin hasn't faced Saban yet All of Spurrier's losses his first three years were outside the Swamp and against teams that finished ranked in the top 25, including Syracuse in the Carrier Dome. When was the last time UF went into an environment like that? He lost twice to Bowden, once to Holtz and also the eventual National Champion Alabama by 7 in AL. National championships require a lot of luck. Spurrier got lucky in 1996, but unlucky in 2001 when he clearly had the 2nd best team in the country.
Do you honestly think Muschamp's heart was in it the last few weeks, giving up about 50 points a game?
I can't even imagine someone using Pelosi and Spurrier in the same sentence. SICK!
Since when has he liked running backs? Felix Jones was also very good so maybe it just wasn't McFadden.
This doesn't really come across as a zinger. I think he wishes he had his agent.
Get real. He's coached less than a season of any football since. He felt he was "getting in the way." ESPN made a documentary of him about a year before he quit and he was way beyond his prime.
Where's Melvin Ingram? Three consecutive Pro Bowls with a bad team. Deebo is probably on this list if his coach knew how to coach in a big game with a lead.
Spurrier went 5 and 2 against Dabo and 2 and 1 against Saban. He probably would have beaten Saban with a decent QB the one time he lost. He beats Meyer in 2006 if his now long-time NFL kicker doesn't have the worst day of his college career. Put him at Alabama and you would have had to change the rules to make it competitive.
I think it's Danny Wuerrffel. UF's scoring offense finished in the top 4 all four of his years, including 1st during his senior year. Tebow peaked his junior year. Manning never beat Danny. UF's schedule included the dominant teams of the nineties on a regular basis.
Spurrier getting honorable mention is lame. Football was different back then. I think free agent rules were different and he was behind a very good QB in Brodie for many years. Wasn't he in the NFL for 10, largely as a punter. Bob Griese thought he got the luck of the draw with Miami, relative to Spurrier.