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Great game Rebs. You guys are representing the SEC with class and dignity. Bring it home!
Great response by the Hogs! WPS!! Congrats to Auburn…. Helluva season after such a dismal preseason pick. Now back to Ole Miss… two days n a row!
SEC regular season champs- tremendous accomplishment. SEC tourney champs- tremendous accomplishment. #1 practically the entire year- tremendous accomplishment. #1 seed in NCAA tourney- tremendous accomplishment. Eliminated in Super Regionals- heartbreaking. Funny thing is, you guys didnt think those same tremendous accomplishments were so tremendous last year when the Razorbacks checked those same boxes. Now you know how it feels UT. Sucks right? So enjoy the regular season titles because they were well earned... just remember that applies to every SEC champ every year.
Great pick-up. A concern will be keeping Briles if he was integral in the recruiting. But bottom line, is the kids are coming here to play for Coach Sam Pittman. Our future is bright!
yes your record is what it is... against who you play. We like to say the SEC is the toughest, strongest conference in CFB. Well- are we or not? I think everyone here feels we are. So a 4-4 conference record playing in the SEC West, is not the same as being 4-4 in the Big10 or 12, ACC, or PAC12. Hardly mediocre...
Love this coach and so proud of this team. WPS!!
Duke was just better. Several times Im thinking "great D, good positioning, good..." and they still hit the shot. Yeah, maybe Duke got a little more leeway with the whistles, but not enough to have changed the outcome. Congrats to Duke. Outstanding season Hogs! WPS! Final 4 next year!
and Toney and Wade were HUGE tonite... JW his usual beast self.
Muss is going to win at least one natty for the Hogs soon... maybe more. WPS! And it is good to the some SEC love here.
hahahahaha!! I love that! I'll pay you back with a "war eagle" at the next opportunity.... (then I might need to puke).
Smothering defense! And I love the props that Muss gave Toney in locker room after the W. That was a "How to get guys to play tough D-101 class" right there!
UV being no better than a "middle of the pack SEC team"? Our mid-pack SEC teams are very good teams, as were the Catamounts. So, your point being Glenn? I dont why I continue to read this stuff. Get the 'W' and move on... this aint about style points.
I'll take it. UV is a very solid and dangerous team, and those kinds of teams come to the tournament motivated and with nothing to lose. It's not a beauty contest...
No one I would rather have as our AD. Congrats to Hunter and WPS!
I was going to complain about the Hogs getting shipped up to Buffalo as a #4 seed in the "West"... which is a screw job (Michigan going to Indy as a 7 seed?!?!?!?). But the fact that TAMU got frozen out is a joke.
Congrats Vols! well earned Championship. Congrats to Aggies for a great run too! Hopefully it is enough to get you into the dance.
I am sure Muss will turn this into a learning opportunity for them. May be a blessing in disguise... still, congrats Aggies.
Congrats to TAMU! They smoked us today, no doubt. I will be pulling for you tomorrow, even tho I really like Rick Barnes. But UT is fine, and don't need the win. I want TAMU to get into the dance. Respect Aggies.
And this. UK is class all the way. Hopefully we see you in the tourney finals! Go Hogs WPS!
Little and McClard were both amazing. However, they had the advantage of kicking FGs off of a tee. These kids are straight off the ground... incredible strength.
Really happy to see this. Bodes well for KJ for next year.
After Drew Sanders transferred in, this was bound to happen. I wish Parker would have stayed as a LB corps of Poole, Sanders, Paul, and Parker would have been pretty formidable, and he would have gotten significant playing time. But if he wants to leave, the Hogs upgraded with Sanders 1:1.
The only way I am happier with this CFP outcome is if the Razorbacks had won it. Congrats Dawgs!