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Wish him the best. This is a good sign for the RB room though....
As a lifelong Razorback AND Giants fan, all I can say is “ugghhh”
Still, in 2018 with Briles he threw for 3000 yards and 36 TDs. I'd bet Mike and the Trey's wouldn't minded splitting those numbers up.
I am sorry to hear that. But having had close family members and other friends that battle depression, I know it is no joke. Hopefully he gets back close to family and a strong support network and finds himself. I wish him all the best.
That was Gunter saying UTSA is getting a "great one" as far as a coach in Barry Lunney Jr. I think he is in a good position to make that statement, being that he played for the man... and tight end has been arguably the most productive position for the Razorbacks during the past 7 years with Lunney coaching that position.
Beat me to it.... I was thinking the exact same thing. 6-2 200 is not a great starting point for an SEC linebacker... I was a little surprised that he was being recruited to even buy the Morris staff.
Agreed, but second chances and redemption are due anyone. I am sure Coach Pittman addressed it to his satisfaction.
Another big "get" for Coach Pitt! Love it!
Wait.... Bama and UGA might have strong recruiting classes?!?! What??!!
Good luck Nick- wish it had turned out better for you here.
that's awesome! That was my exact thought when I heard about it initially. Keep those horses on the farm!
me too! thing are shaping up nicely...
I wish him the best, but the faster that DBackfield is turned over the better.
“I think”.... not “I did see”... Stupid mobile phone voice commands.
I did see Coach Pittman is two for two so far and his assistant hires. I like the Brad Davis move and I really like this move... It shows he recognizes how critical this corps of young receivers is going to be for the immediate future of the offense. I think it also sheds a little light on his offensive mindset as well.... I like it.
Day-umm!! I'm ready to drop 35 years and go suit up! Might take awhile, but good times are ahead. WPS
I love it. When former players line up to run through walls for you, something good is going to happen.
Sam Pittman is not BB. Any of you idiots that think he is are... well, idiots. Look at the BB numbers when Pittman was there, and after he left. O-lines are needed for an elite passing game too you know- it ain't just run blocking. This is going to take a little longer than a flashy hire like Leach or Kiffin, but I think this will have longer staying power.
Apparently it is who they are. Maybe it is not who Luke wants them to be, but that is his fault as HC. You are responsible for establishing the culture of your program. If you do not teach and demand respect of themselves and others, don't be surprised when your kids don't show it.
Agree... as a Hog fan, I didn't take exception to Ed's remark. He was just stating fact and honestly don't think he wanted to pour anymore salt into our open wounds. I hope LSU wins it all this year. Geaux Tigers!(til next year...)
Hey Little Rock and all Hog fans!!! PACK War Memorial for this game!! If nothing else, do it for Barry. The guy is 100% Razorback. But show these kids what being a Razorback can be like as far as playing for a great fanbase. If I weren't 1800 miles away, I'd be there. Lots of old memories in that place, from HS games to my earliest Hog memories. Treat it like a 1-game season Hog fans.. get out and support Barry and these kids!
I hope Treylon Burks sticks around to be a star with the Razorbacks. That is job #1 of the new coach.