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Its weird its almost like the tharticle is about players being drafted and not undrafted free agents that sign on somewhere....
I call Bs on this "Player first mentality" if tennesse didnt have players giving it all for the team and picking each other up theres no way in hell we would have rallied vs georgia, vtech, florida and A&M with the adversity and injuries weve had. You can call a lot of things into question about this team but effort, heart and team play (with the exception of yesterday) arent one of em.
id like to say its hard to claim we were only lucky. Anyone who watched the A&M game will tell you that we thoroughly dismantled their offense and without half those turnovers we would have ran them off the field. Thats no disrespect to A&M. They won and deserved it because turnovers are a controllable part of a game and we didnt control our chances but have you ever seen a team have 7 turnovers and still get 680+ yards of offense, score 35 points, come back from 21 down and take the #8 team in the nation to double OT? especially in an SEC matchup? Weve got a lot of heart and talent, neither of which was present vs the tide yesterday.
Would be the first time ever our storied programs had the chance to meet in atlanta. Historic opportunity for sure.
Florida is a good team but i think LSU hands it to them. Guice, williams and Fournette are as good of a trio as ive seen in football since mcfadden, felix jones and peyton hillis. And are playing much more inspired football under orgeron. If the ball bounces right and the football gods shine down upon them they could have a chance, a tiny tiny one, at giving bama an L
Im right here and stuffed from my plate of crow. I honestly thought this game would be highly competitive but it was the most embarrassing thing ive witnessed in a long time as a Vol fan. Coming into this game we hadnt lost by more than a TD in over a year and a half so i definitely thought we stood a chance but damn was i wrong. I really wish i could blame something, injuries, penalties, refs but no, this was a good ole fashioned statement game by Bama. Maybe it was blind faith, maybe ignorance or maybe homerism but i truly thought yall were overrated. Dead wrong. Thats as complete of a team as ive ever seen yall have. Yalls wrs took our DBs to the front row and bought them drinks and hotdogs on blocking and your lines absolutely demolished us. If we didnt have derek barnett, who was the only vol who looked like he belonged out there yesterday, it may have been a 60 point win. It breaks my heart to say it but Saban is the greatest College coach in history, his system, his demand for excellence and his coaching hires have built a dynasty that i dont see anyone overtaking for as long as he wants to coach. And as much as i hate kiffin the man is as good of an OC as there is in the nation. If ive learned one thing from football this year its to NEVER doubt Saban or Bill Belichek. You'll look like a fool if you do.
its not bare. They have more upperclassmen and more talent, on paper than UT according to recruiting the past 4 years. Theyre in a transition year obviously but Eason is a perfect fit for chaney, hes like a tyler bray with more upside and bray had phenomenal numbers under chaney. And that big Oline will be scary good soon with pittman at the helm. Combine that with their always deep stable of backs and theyll be a force next year and the years after. They just need to develop their system and get players bought in and build a little more quality depth. Depth is the most important thing in the SEC, just look at the Vols game yesterday, half the defense out with injuries, bama could still survive that but we obviously couldnt.
Hes actually better than Garret in SEC play and its not even close in 18 SEC games apiece here are the stats. Barnett 21 sacks 32.5 TFL Garret 11 sacks 17 tfl Garret is amazing no doubt, and probably has more of the typical "NFL Frame" that scouts rave about but when it comes to being clutch and playing big against SEC foes and drive and motor Barnett crushes him.
youre absolutely insane. Barnett is very likely going to go down as the 2nd best DE to ever play at TN. Vereen is a solid player and has great hustle but when Barnett is motivated hes nearly unstoppable. 4 sacks and a forced fumble in our two SEC games this year and hes the unquestioned leader of the defense.
theres no way to tell, maybe the guys who were so crucial to the win like barnett, todd kelly jr and tuttle wouldnt have stepped up as big knowing they had JRM, kirkland and sutton behind them to pick up slack. Maybe because of that its just a defensive slugout and butch and debord dont feel the pressure to open up the offense and we lose on a field goal. butterfly effect
i think we beat georgia handily, squeak one out vs A&M and lose a heart breaker to Bama to set up the first ever meeting between Bama and Tennessee in Atlanta and maybe, just maybe we can be the better team that day and get some redemption. Also another crazy thing to consider. If bama goes into that 12-0 and #1 in the nation and lets say tennessee is 11-1 and around 4th-5th and some other teams get upset along the way(highly possible given the weakness at the top in the big 12, stanford being the only good team in the Pac 12 and the ACC possbily having three 11-1 teams with FSU, louisville and Clemson possibly swapping losses) and tennessee finds a way to win theres a tiny chance we could get two teams in and face bama 3 times. Would be an absolutely insane year.
im a big believer, or at least i was before appy state, in the tn defense and dline in particular this season but chubb is a freaking monster. gurley and moreno were imposing but this kid is a while 'nother animal. speed, power, balance smh. i hope to god we can get an early lead and make the freshman beat us with his arm and try to neutralize chubb and the ground game. also pittman is a hell of an oline coach, biggest coaching loss for UT in our last 8 years or so. perfect pairing with him and chubb.
the delusional vol fan in here is making the rest of us look like idiots, smh. was i happy to get a win? definitely, was that a gritty and disciplined appy state team? yes, 100%. should we have won by 3 tds? hell yeah. my gf of 3 months bought me tickets and took me to the game, id warned her before we even dated that i get pretty upset about tn football but still she wasnt too happy when she and the rest of our fans were clapping and screaming after the overtime 4th down stop and she looks at me, standing there arms crossed and cussing and says "why are you mad? we just won!" and all i say is "won?!?! how the f*** are we supposed to beat bama??" and stormed out. its early but unless our oline and qb get going we wont sniff double digit wins this year
Kida surprised kamara didnt crack the list. Hes had a lot of success in every way theyve gotten him the ball. Punt return, rushing and receiving. I know he doesnt get a ton of touches but in a limited role last year i think he had around 1000 yards and 8-10 tds
How is the third saturday in october not on this list? Last year was a hell of a game and next year only looks to be better. Smh
Prescott and dobbs are both very similar, not burners by any means but have a great combo of strength and elusiveness. They both run very very well in the open field and know their cutback lanes and find holes extremely well. I hope prescott kills it at the next level, huge amount of respect for him and his game
Say what yall want but a last weekend of the recruiting cycle visit to UT with 4 other big time recruits has to give the Vols a decent shot. There's usually a decent reason a recruit gives that very important weekend to a set of coaches and don't forget the dead period starts right after he leaves... just sayin don't count the orange out
better than Kentucky where there is 0 hope, thank god its basketball season right?
Arian foster had 4 or 5 100 yard games as a freshman and i think 4 or 5 more his soph season. Hardesty had 5 in 2009... Neal had 5 in 2013. 0 research was done on this topic.
Cornwell will be a monster at bama. Kids hihschool film looked like a young matt stafford when he came out. Really wish hed have come to UT over bama because i think hes going to be special
Notre dame too high, geogia too low, ole miss too high. Other than that pretty spot on. I hate that my Vols arent on there but we still have a lot to prove. Also i hope miss st has a nice run and puts the doubters in their place .
With what they have and what theyre replacing 10-3 is the absolute ceiling. Im a bit biased but i think yall will be in the 8-4, 9-3 boat with my Vols. But if we dont win the east i hope its yall again. Hard to root against pinkel and what hes done as a coach. Very, very underrated.
You guys realize these are school records not NCAA records right? Tee martins was an ncaa record til the kid from east carolina broke it, fosters is nowhere near the ncaa record and kellen moore has a much better season int record at .70.
*Upperclassmen* from the dooley era
Our last two classes both had 30 kids in them. Even with attrition we have about 55 underclassmen on the roster. Talented underclassmen held over from the dooley years are few and far between. Yes we have a lot of talent and potential but we lack "experienced" depth. That may be a better way to put it. Just because weve got a lot of 4 and 5 stars doesnt mean theyre ready to step on the field as freshmen against teams like mizzou with their upperclassmen laden lines.
Yeah kinda weird that yall actually gave them a home game as well. Thats usually reserved for power 5 teams. Could help recruiting and brand recognition in the north east though i guess.
Fournette is just a media darling. Is he a really good running back? Yes, definitely. But at this point chubb has the #'s to prove hes better. The fournette hype from his recruitment still hasnt worn off and many writers are still holding onto their "could be the best ever" type statements.
These next two years are going to be awesome to watch with barnett and garrett battling it out for de supremacy. Two amazing players with the opportunity to rewrite the record books at their schools.
Football is cyclical. Before saban the Vols had their own hot streak against the tide, i think we won 6-7 straight while they had their versions of dooley and kiffin at the helm.