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I too served 6 years in Germany at Spangdahlem AB. Retired after 21 years of service to the best country in the world.
Don't know for sure, but I think he's making a big mistake. One year under a real coaching staff would have made a big difference. He may sign somewhere, but I doubt he gets drafted at all.
Why is TN vs Miami of 1985 not on this list? They we're #1 in the country, got off the plane in camo and we're handed their heads in a 35 to 7 beating. Next day the headlines read... Vols blacken the eye of the hurricanes. Go figure though. It a positive for the TN Volunteers so nothing said about it of course
Nope, not retarded, just uninformed. 20+ years of military service is not an easy accomplishment. From one retiree to another, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! VFFL USAF RETIRED! GO VOLS!
Nope not retarded. 20 plus years of military service is no EASY accomplishment. RET will always stand for retirement. From one retiree to another, Thank you for your service. VFFL USAF RETIRED!
Exactly! Haslem had him a "Yes" man until the chancellor had the nerve to fire him regardless of what the old fart said. Glad that we fans were able to control of our university with a solid uniting. Go Big Orange and Welcome Coach Pruitt.
Same us some front row seats you one toothed flippen Bama punk
LMAO! Glad we could piss off a kitty cat.
Gruden is a done deal. He'll be announce very soon.
Fire him already. We're going to lose every recruit out there the longer we keep this moron on the sidelines. When he was first hired, I think he was the 6th choice or something like that. Open up the wallets fellas. It's time. Win or lose tomorrow, HE NEEDS TO GO FIRST THING SUNDAY!!!!
Agree. Would rather have a proven winner. He won a super bowl with Grundy's team.
I would love to see both in the backfield together giving the defense serious concerns, but I bet nothing changes. Not even the coaching staff.
Even if they were last in the country, they will find a way to have the game of their lives. But, GO BIG ORANGE!!!
Hope he goes somewhere else. QBs go to Cleveland to die.
Got that right. Hell, he make Satan the serpent look like an earthworm.
What TN team are you following? Historically, backups usually have a filed day when they play my Vols. Hell, we even lost to a KY team when they ran out of QBs and played a wide receiver as QB. In my opinion, this plays right into the hands of Nebraska. I hope I'm wrong, but history says otherwise.