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The title says Week 9 and the article says next weekend's game. But yes, I see what you are saying.
That's what I was thinking. We play Auburn, bye, Florida, then LSU on Nov. 12. Several games in between there.
This is probably going to be one of those low scoring, close games. Hope it will go in our favor...Go Hogs!
I could watch this over and over...just doesn't get old. Ready for this weekends game. Woo Pig!
I love the Hogs. I do. Yes , this was a terrible call. But did it cost us the game? No way. It just cost us four points. The refs made bad calls both ways.
I agree with you. I'm not surprised that they have A&M ahead of the Vols, just due to the fact that y'all start so slow. That being said, if the Vols play the whole game the same way they play the 4th quarter, then I think you can pull off the win. And as much as I would love for us to beat Alabama, I don't think it will happen. But I also didn't think they would be favored by that much. Good luck this weekend, should be some good games to watch! And your one eyed QB comment gave me a good laugh this morning.
Can't wait for tomorrow. It should be a great game...WPS!
Definitely agree with you that Georgia should be ahead of Tennessee.
Agreed. Looks like a great day of football. Can't wait to cheer on my Hogs in Jerry's World!