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Hey Bandaid it's okay, some Florida fans never knew life before the Ole ball coach. They don't remember when Florida was an average team and had few successes before the run and gun offense. Florida fans are mostly bandwagoners from the Myer days
seatonda do you ever think about what you write on a forum? You sound like the most ignorant UT fan alive. Good thing you don't speak for Vol nation or not even Dooley would come back to coach. Pruitt is a solid hire. You can go jump on the Kentucky or Vanderbilt train because no one wants your ignorant negative attitude around Rocky Top.
I guess you haven't remembered much history between Tennessee and UGA, but until recent years, the series was heavily 1 sided in the UT favor who holds the overall head to head record. The longest winning streak UGA has over the vols is 5 wins in a row, and that was the Kiffin/Dooley era mostly. 23-22-2 is the current record, and most of that ground has been made up since 2010 when you went on a streak of 5 games and currently 7-3 in the last 10 years.