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Just look at Miss State crashing to earth after surprising LSU at home in the opener. These young players start reading the press clipping and begin thinking they are better than they actually are. It takes time for these rebuilding teams.
Can’t have it both ways. You can’t be cutting one slack while trashing another. Must be consistent.
It takes a REAL man to admit when they are wrong and apologize. Good for you, Herbstreit.
Talent or not, what NFL team wants a potential cancer on their team?
Just another "entitled" bama player thinking he is above it all. Hey rookie, you are just another number who has now been pushed toward the back of the line.
I could not disagree with you more. A four-team playoff is ideal because you have the top four teams that are at least in the same neighborhood, with regard to season-long achievement, settling it on the field. Isn't this what we have all been clamoring for for decades. No more "mythical" champions. Let the four best prove it on the field. It doesn't water-down the true champion. It further solidifies which team is truly #1. I just fail to see your argument.
LSU will make a HUGE mistake if they dismiss Coach Orgeron. He is the Louisiana-bred heart and soul of this team, who can return the Tigers to glory.
Tre' White on the TD punt return officially 60 yards. Technically 102. Sometimes bad turns into good.
Excuse me? They were a double digit favorite with far more talent than Wisconsin, and the Badgers were not ranked on the day they played. Les did not have this offense ready to roll after having all off season to get them ready. It is the same old Miles with his archaic, stone aged offense, despite promises of "change".
Perhaps he is catching that same bama bug that Trent Richardson has been suffering from. I believe they are calling it Nflsuckitis.
While seeing that your Aggies have yet to beat the Tigers since arriving in the SEC, I can certainly understand your negativity toward LSU. Naturally, your fans and all others throughout the conference are just wonderful.
SCBAMA, I normally don't have much to agree with when come to Bama fans, but you hit the nail on the head here. I happen to think LSU has the best tailgating, but I am biased and it is simply my opinion. A Bama or Ole Miss fan can have an equally valid take on the matter, and who am I, or anyone else, to argue. It is all purely subjective and based on one's individual experience. They are all fun and provide a unique taste of how that particular university has a good time in preparation for the game.
Obviously vehemon, it is not my opinion. This unbiased publication is the one who put LSU at the top in the SEC. I just happen to strongly agree. Not everyone will agree, but it seems that most do.
My point, genius, is that col reb mistakenly stated that LSU's tailgating occurred in a "parking lot". Hardly the case. I have been to UT in Knoxville and I find it hard to believe you are criticizing BR based on what I saw there. LSU has been considered the top tailgating location in the SEC for years. Deal with it.
Wrong answer, col reb. Every square foot of LSU's beautiful campus is just one huge tailgating phenomena. Been to many LSU games, and to the Grove as well. Ole Miss has a very unique thing going there, one to be proud of, but it falls just a tad short of the experience enjoyed leading up to an electric game on a Fall Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.
Well, at least Auburn is #1 in something.
Hahahaha haha hahahahaha. Dr Larry, you are just too funny.
Beautiful and cutting edge. Unfortunately for the Falcons, unlike a number of teams that will be visiting each year, they will not be allowed into their own "Champions Lounge".
Absolutely meaningless and useless study/article. Most of the top players in the draft go in the early rounds to teams not in the playoffs, presently. A more meaningful study would examine which schools have the most players in the ENTIRE NFL!
Guess they poured their lucky charms upon that decision.
These officials need to be made accountable to the public, in instances like this, so that they can explain WHY they made the call that they did. The paying public is what makes college football possible, as well as all other sports, and we deserve much better.
It is moments like this where you really just begin to lose all faith in the CFB officiating system. Even with the unmistakable mashup video evidence, clearly showing that the ball crossed the line before his knee hit, they STILL refused to reverse it. This sort of travesty cannot continue!
Something to be said for those midwestern girls...Missouri is in the midwest, right? I get so confused with all of this conference reshuffling and realignments. Missouri in the southeast? Hmmm.
Oldest trick in the book. Level an insulting statement against a group of people, and then laughingly proclaim "I'm just kidding". We all see the true intent. I imagine LSU is not very popular in Commodore/Volunteer country, nor are they with Patrick. But, I also imagine those LSU fans are coming with money to spend, and should be welcomed with the same graciousness that was afforded the Irish fans. Believe me, we often have to suck it up and smile when the Tide comes a calling in New Orleans. It ain't easy.
I guess if 40 lbs overweight with a muffin top and a couple of missing teeth is your idea of a 10, I hear ya buddy.:)
That doesn't look like any bama girl I have ever seen, LOL.
I am certainly not an OC, but is just seems that Cameron had some difficulty in making the transition from pro-style Mett to read-option Jennings/Harris. Yes there was some adjustment but there was maybe a little too much of trying to fit that proverbial square peg in the round hole going on. Play to you strengths and adjust to your talents accordingly.